Standby Generators and Custom Generators for Sale and Rent

Every household should own a backup power generator. You will have peace of mind when you know that if the power goes out, you have an ace in your sleeve, a back generator. It will assure you that none of your appliances will go off, and you won’t have to worry about the lighting as well.

The numerous advantages of these standby generators are making them more and more popular each day. For starters, it will keep your home safe in case of power outages. Your security cameras and every electronic device will continue working, allowing you to feel comfortable even when there is no power in the whole neighborhood block.

But you mustn’t rush into this decision and take your time to choose the right generator for your household. Sometimes people rush into buying this device when the news reports an upcoming storm. To avoid being cornered and buy the first one you see, spend some time researching and locating the right device for you.

Why does the power go out?

To understand the importance of having a standby generator, you will need to know why outages occur in the first place. The most common reason for this occurrence is terrible weather. This means that if there are severe weather occurrences like rain, lighting, etc., the equipment is put to risk and probably will fail.

There are many other reasons that could cause power outages, such as malfunctioning equipment or even overload. But at the end of the day, the reason is not that important. The important part is to protect yourself no matter the cause. A couple of years ago, it was estimated that millions and millions of households were victims of these outages. The best way to protect yourself is with a generator.

How does a standby generator help me?


To understand the answer, you need to imagine a blackout. You are home, you don’t have lights, and probably you haven’t bought enough candles for the whole blackout. But even if you have enough candles, it has shown to be risky because they can cause a fire.

You don’t know in the moment of the outage how long it’s going to last. So, if it is winter, after an hour or two, it will start getting chilly. Your phone battery will discharge, and there will be not much left to do. Not to mention the food in the refrigerator.

A backup generator will help you stay safe, comfortable, and cozy in these situations. It will power your home and will allow you to use every appliance in your home as if there were no outages at all. This is why you need to do a little research and see how many devices you have at home. From there, conclude how much power you need, and finally, choose your generator.

Furthermore, this backup generator automatically starts providing power in case of a blackout. So, in about 20 seconds, you will have the power you need. An additional option allows you to connect the device to power only specific appliances at your house. Some households prefer to connect the device to the natural gas source or propane lines to allow the generator’s working as much as they need. How to pick the right generator for you?


As mentioned above, you will need to figure out how much power you will need if the power goes out. Identify the type of fuel first and then see what this means. In general, a backup generator that has 22kW or less, run on LP, liquid propane, or NG, natural gas.

There is also a generator that uses diesel as a fuel and is the right choice for many families. Anyway, whatever generator you choose, be sure to install it the right way. You can find everything you need in the manual, but it is better to call the contractor and ask for advice if you have trouble.



After you have finished deciding which fuels are the best ones for your household, the next thing is determining the power outcome. Some customers want their whole house to function during a blackout, and that’s why they need bigger devices. But there are more affordable options for those who need only the most essential appliances working.

Keep in mind that HVAC equipment uses the most power, and if you want this equipment to work during an outage, you need to get a bigger generator. Generators are divided by their power, respectively, to the kilowatt (kW). You can always consult an expert to help you decide which one is the best one for you.

Will this protect your home?

The answer to this question is absolute, undeniable, yes. As mentioned above, your security cameras, and every device that keeps your home safe will continue working. But even more to that, in ice-cold winters, if the heating is off, the pipes can freeze and crack.

Having constant power today means the ultimate comfort. There is no more cost-effective device than this one. Replacing burst pipes from your home is a costly process and not to mention a very long one. So, you can protect your pipes and your budget at the same time.

Furthermore, you will not rely on candles and safety hazards. You can relax and keep your day going normal. If you work from home, you know that constant power is the key to success. The backup generator will provide you this commodity.

In cases of blackouts that happen during a natural disaster, an outage can last for days. This means that you will not have a place to keep your food. Additionally, the one you had will spoil, and you will have to throw out everything. The refrigerator is one of the most important things to keep on when there is a high probability of a lack of power for days.