Basic Accessories Every Golfer Must Have

Every golfer knows that one must have several accessories before going golfing. These accessories can help golfers step up their game and make golf more fun and easy-peasy. However, it is difficult to find all the equipment and accessories you need in the golf club. You would not want to be caught on the golf course without having these accessories in your bag. So, here are some accessories every golfer must own. 

Golf Bag

A golf bag is probably one of the most important items you should have when golfing. Golf bags are great investments in your golf equipment. One must choose a bag that depends on how you move on the golf course. If you ride golf carts, a large golf bag that offers plenty of storage for your gears and accessories is a must-have. However, when you like to walk, you should get a lightweight golf bag with lesser storage. 

Golf Distance Finders

This is a must-have accessory for all the golfers out there. With the help of this accessory, you will get the exact yardage to the hole. Distance finders look similar to a binocular. To use this, one must look through the distance finder and center it on the golf hole. This accessory will help you distinguish the accurate distance to the golf hole faster. 


Rain gloves

Not every golfer uses gloves when playing in a normal condition. However, having a pair of rain gloves could be very helpful when the weather gets rainy. You cannot entirely rely on your grips alone when it starts to rain. High-quality rain gloves have better grips as it gets wetter. So, you will not worry about slipping golf clubs and missing your shot. 

Retractable Club Brushes

This is essential to have inside your golf bag. Using clubs regularly could make them dirty and eventually rusty. Club brushes help in keeping them clean. Your club brush must have two bristles- hard and soft bristles. Use the firm bristles to remove the rust on your clubs. On the other hand, use soft bristles to clean the surface of your club that has dirt or to clean with water. It is good to clean the dirt off your clubs after your shot or at least after each round. Frequently washing your clubs will help them stay in good shape longer. 


Pitchforks will help you make pitch marks and also repair the marks you made. It is a lightweight golf accessory that can help golfers fix the damage they put in the healthy greens faster and easier. They get easily misplaced, so it is advisable to bring extra pitchforks inside your golf bag. 

Extra Golf Balls

It is crucial to carry around new and used golf balls inside your bag. Used balls are good for practice on the course, so it is alright if they get messed up after hitting. New golf balls are also essential because they will help you make sure that you can perform a nice shot on the course. 


Owning a golf umbrella has a lot of benefits to a golfer. Umbrellas keep everything dry when an unexpected shower occurs. It is not good to get one’s hands, grips, gloves, towels, and other accessories wet when playing. Aside from that, umbrellas also protect golfers from the extreme heat of the sun. One must make sure to get a high-quality golf umbrella that is wind-resistant that would serve its purpose correctly. 

Golf towels

Golf towel is essential when you go golfing. They help keep a golfer’s hands and face dry when playing either in hot or wet weather. Aside from that, people use golf towels to clean the golf balls and golf clubs. It is good to keep several clean golf towels inside your golf bag to ensure that you have a backup in unfortunate situations. 

Golf tees

These accessories are essential in helping a golfer improve his or her game. Buying high-quality golf tees will help you get your golf ball teed to any height that you want easier and faster. If you are a beginner at golf, some options can aid in determining the exact position for your golf tee. 

Golf hats

Golf hats are essential, especially during hot and sunny weather. They help in protecting a golfer from the harmful UV rays and can help keep him chill. Aside from that, golf hats keep the hair from flying away due to the wind. Plus, they also give that distinct look as a golfer. 

Medicine and water

This is essential to bring when golfing. Having some medications could help when you start to feel pain and dizziness while playing. It can help you avoid feeling worse and passing out on the golf course. One must also bring water to keep hydrated while playing. These can boost your energy and step up your game.