The Best Mountain Golf Courses

One of the best benefits of playing golf is allowing you to explore the outdoors and witness awe-inspiring natural sights. Some golf courses are carved beside forests, deserts, lakesides, beaches, or near volcanoes, but all bestow a distinct yet amazing ambiance. However, one thing you shouldn’t miss is playing in the mountains.

Mountain golf entails seeing the ball soar in verdant peaks whilst seeing elks or deers munching nearby. Plus, you get to breathe the fresh mountain air and relax with cooler temperatures. If you don’t know where to get that yet, don’t fret! Have a look at some of the best golf courses that will give you a supreme mountain golfing experience.

Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course (Utah)

Located in Midway, Utah, Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course provides every golfer a genuine mountain adventure. The 18-hole course covers about two miles of mountain, which offers impressive elevation changes. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy the picturesque view of Heber Valley as you hit your golf shots. Of course, be on the lookout for moose, wild turkeys, and other wildlife roaming around the area.

The Old White TPC (West Virginia)

Initially opened in 1914 and designed by Charles Blair Macdonald, The Old White TPC is located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The legendary golf course underwent various renovations throughout the years but preserved its character and glamor. Today, it still boasts a scenic view of the Appalachian Mountains, proving that mountain golf courses aren’t only a specialty of the West. A regular part of the PGA tour, it’s a home of professionals but still welcomes average and scratch golfers looking for a great experience outdoors.

The Yellowstone Club (Montana)

Yellowstone Club is a private golf and ski community. In its heart lies a Tom Weiskopf-designed championship-caliber 18-hole mountain golf course that lets golfers witness the unflinching beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Blessed with great elevation changes, terrain, slopes, playing bestows a feel like your skiing, making you enjoy each swing from every tee box.

Sunday River Golf Club (Maine)

A brainchild of one the best modern gold designers in the world, Robert Trent Jones, Jr., you’ll most likely know what to expect in the Sunday River Golf Club. Situated at the foot of Mahoosuc range, the golf masterpiece offers exciting elevation changes, ingenious routing, striking mountainside views, and a dazzling panorama of surrounding forests. So, if you’re looking for a perfect Sunday golf getaway, you now know one of the places where you should be.

Cliffs at Glassy (South Carolina)

Regarded as the only true mountain golf course in the Palmetto State, “Cliffs at Glassy” is also one of the most beautiful and most-acclaimed in South Carolina. Sitting over 3,000 feet above sea level, it is yet another must-play for any golfer looking for breathtaking views from the peaks. Boasting undulating greens, challenging slopes, tight fairways, the golf course blends incredible playability with a unique mountain golf experience.

Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club (Idaho)

Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club is an 18-hole course designed by Tom Fazio built around the magnificent Lake Coeur d’Alene and offers a sweeping view of the hills and mountains that encompasses it. Adding the challenging landscape that perfectly blends with the natural surroundings, every round of golf in this course won’t be forgotten.

Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club (Colorado)

Capping this list is Colorado’s Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club. Though it only opened in 2004, which is pretty young compared to other legendary golf courses, the experience it provides to any golfer is as memorable. A gem from James Engh, some of its best features include significant elevation changes and fantastic views of the Rocky Mountains. Just a short drive away from Aspen, New Castle, it’s one of the many mountain golf courses you should visit in the Centennial State.