The Benefits of Playing Golf

Are you looking for a new sport or hobby to dive into? Perhaps you want to have a new activity to do with your son? Whatever your reason is, have you considered playing golf? Now, before you get intimidated by the sport, let us tell you something: in 2015, nearly 2.2 million people took their golf clubs and hit the course for the first time. This data only means that more and more people are shifting to this beneficial sport.

In this article, we listed some reasons as to why you should start hitting the course, too. So, get ready to know more about how this sport can benefit you as an individual. Make sure to read further!

Golf is more than a sport—it is a social activity

While golf can be an individual sport, playing with your colleagues, your son, or even your wife can take the sport to new heights. The great thing about playing golf is that it’s a social activity, especially when you are out and about with your friends or family. It connects all generations, genders, and levels of golfers—you will never feel left out.

Golf is a good form of exercise

Golf involves a lot of walking and warm-up stretching, so you are bound to get your body moving! Not only you get to spend a lot of time on your feet, but you can also expect to walk at least 4 miles throughout the whole session. Take this walking session as a great time to catch-up with friends you have not seen in a long time.

Golf allows you to be with nature

Unlike indoor sports, golf allows you to be one with nature. You get to enjoy your time outside, bask in the sunlight, and enjoy the fresh air! Just make sure you apply sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of sun exposure. Other benefits of being outdoors are it reduces anxiety, sleep problems, depression, lowers blood pressure, and boosts creativity.

Golf allows you to make new friends

Do you want an individual sport, but you’re an extrovert? Fret no more—no doubt that golf is the perfect fit for you. On a golf course, you are bound to meet fellow golfers, no matter their levels and expertise. Just inform the clubhouse that you are willing to join other groups of golfers, and they will be more than willing to set you up with other welcoming groups. And before you know it, you will meet your business partner on the golf course!

Golf builds an individual’s character

One thing that is sure about golf is that you are bound to feel frustrated, whether your ball land in the sand trap or miss a putt by a few inches. While it may sound discouraging, it sounds like a great opportunity to build your character and enhance your patience. You can decide to get upset and quit the game, or you can take a breather and accept that life doesn’t go well as planned—that challenges are vital to your success. Once you have mastered controlling your own emotions in the field, you can do it too during a stressful day at work, a miscommunication at home, and in any frustrating situation you are in.

Golf improves business relationships

As many people know, golf is a businessman’s sport. It should be no surprise that business deals were sealed on the field. So, if you are trying to win a deal with a prospect, or if you are looking for ways to take out your boss out for a round, you can do it over golf. The sport allows you to enjoy each other’s company and provides a beautiful location wherein you can talk about anything under the sun.

Golf allows you to relax

Quit binge-watching your favorite series during weekends. Instead, spend it under the sun and beneath the green field, even if it’s just you, your club, and your ball. It gives you that me-time—letting your body and mind work together. When you have problems, golf is a great way to reflect on them and to put your worries into perspective. After your golfing session, you can go home with a lighter heart and refreshed mind, ready to take action to your responsibilities and worries.