Tips for Increasing Your Drone Flight Time

Drones are pretty amazing. They allow us to have our recreation time and even help in creating some of the coolest videos as well. However, one problem that all drone users have faced unanimously is that the drones have a low battery timing. Many users are unable to enjoy a long flight due to this reason. However, despite the limited battery power, there are various ways in which you can increase the drone flight time.

How to Increase Drone Flight Time?

Remove Any Extra Weight From the Drone

The more your drone weighs, the more power its engine will have to put in to stay in the air. The more power the engine puts in, the faster your battery drains. Decreasing your drone’s weight is the best tip for increasing flight time. There are a lot of things you can do to decrease the weight of your drone. The best, and most obvious one is to remove the camera of your drone.

Of course, this is impossible if you’re intending to take aerial images, but otherwise, tossing the camera is always a good choice. Some cameras are powered by the battery of your drone, which further decreases flight time. After the camera, you can remove skins, stickers and anything else you feel is a weight you can decrease.

You can also remove the prop guards of your drone. The prop guards protect your drone during flight, however, if you are an experienced flyer, the prop guards aren’t really necessary. You just need to fly safely to avoid any damage to your drone.


Avoid Flying in Turbulent Conditions

The engine of the drone has to propel the drone into the air. The harsher the winds are, the more power the engine has to exert to keep the drone moving. This depletes the battery extremely fast. Also, only exceptionally high-quality drones are waterproof.

Avoid any stormy or cloudy weather, because if it rains, the drone might get damaged. Snow and freezing conditions are also another red flag.  The best time to fly is when the sky is clear, and there is very little, to no wind. Also choose days with warm, but not extremely hot temperatures. Hot temperatures can overheat the engine, and cause the drone to burst.

There are several ways to protect your drone from damage.


Avoid Flying Too Fast

The more speed your drone has to maintain, the faster its battery drains. Flying your drone at a moderate speed will significantly increase flight time. The faster your drone is, the more air pressure it encounters, and the more power the propellers have to create. The propellers use the drone’s battery to provide this power.

Besides, there are certain drone flight kits that should be avoided. This is because they would not only have limited timing but would also underperform.

Upgrade Your Battery

Most drones come with a standard battery. However, this battery isn’t enough to give you a good flight time, and you can buy a better battery for your drone. Doing so will allow your drone to stay in the air longer. When buying a battery for your drone, you should look for one that has a high mAH. Buying a battery with a larger mAH is the perfect answer to how you can increase your drone’s flight time.

In contrast, the voltage of the battery should be the same as the one your drone originally used. A battery with a different voltage than the one your drone needs, won’t work. Using a battery with a higher voltage can burn the system.

Voltage and mAH aren’t the only concerns when buying a battery either. The weight of the battery is another big issue. If your battery is extremely heavy, it’s best not to buy it, even if it has a high mAH value. A heavy battery will increase the weight of your drone, which will increase flight time. That would make the new battery damaging, rather than beneficial.


Take Care of Your Battery

Upgrading your battery isn’t the only thing you can do to increase your drone’s flight time. Taking good care of your existing battery can also make a huge difference. Here are some things you can do to make sure your battery stays in optimum condition. The easiest thing to do is to avoid letting your battery completely drain. Charge it before that point arrives. You should also not leave the battery on charging for long periods. Remove it as soon as it is fully charged.

Never leave a fully charged battery, fit inside the drone, and store your battery in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from liquid, or fires, and other such things. While it is perfectly okay to store your battery, fully charge it about every 2 months. Don’t bend, scratch or damage the battery in any way. If your battery looks damaged or deformed, it is best not to use it.

Another concern is if your batteries are rechargeable. If the battery has less than 3 volts per cell, it is not a rechargeable battery. Charging such a battery could have disastrous consequences.


Use the Battery Right After Charging

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use the battery or not. The moment you disconnect the battery from the charger, it starts to lose charging. The longer you don’t use it, the more charging it loses. It is best to charge the battery right before you are about to use it. Since leaving the battery connected to the charger for too long can damage it, charge the battery and use it immediately.

Upgrade to a Lithium Powered Battery

Lithium-powered batteries offer more flight time, as they have more charging capacity. Upgrade to a lithium battery if you want to increase your drone’s flying time. They charge easier, and deplete slowly, and can be charged and used 300-500 times before you have to replace them. However, be sure to charge them when their charging comes between 40-80%.

Charge your battery in a cool area, as battery life decreases more if you charge it at room temperature.


Upgrade to Bigger Propellers

Once you are confident in your ability to fly your drones, you can switch to bigger propellers. Bigger propellers will generate more thrust due to their size and will stay in the air easily. This means the propellers won’t put a strain on the battery. We recommend you switch to larger propellers when you are using your camera. If your drone isn’t carrying a camera, smaller propellers will do.

You can also switch the drone motors for better options. However, make sure you are a skilled technician or are having a professional replace them for you.


If you have been worried about your drone running out of charge real quick, these tips would help you out in prolonging the charge. Keep in mind that regular service and maintenance are essential for a drone to run efficiently. Besides, the drone flight time can be extended by having a spare battery with you at all times. This will make sure that you don’t have to remove any of the extra accessories.