Top Ways To Protect Your Drone From Damage

Wouldn’t it be really unfortunate if something were to happen to your drone so as to render it useless? That would be pitiful indeed, especially after having eked out your wallet for the drone that you paid an arm and leg for, only to lose it due to negligence. Heck, even if you are an experienced tech enthusiast, you could still have a moment of weakness that could lead to your drone’s downfall (quite literally!). Let us look at some ways you can take care of your drone to keep it safe, lest you attract a vicious nagging from an angry spouse for ruining their Christmas present.

What can we do while we are assembling our drone or during pre-flights? Well, one would be to check eagerly with a hawk eye every time you handle your drone. Make sure there are no random wires sticking out unless you want a dangling drone from a tree. If you are assembling your own drone from a DIY kit or individual components that you bought, make sure you have excellent wire management. Not only do they reduce the risk of any mishaps, but it also makes routine maintenance a lot easier. Zip ties are your friend. At the same time, it should be pretty obvious to consider the importance of good soldering of the frames and proper tightening of nuts and screws. As an added precaution, one can also look for waterproofing their rigs, should you wish to fly in less than ideal conditions.

Perhaps you have already taken care of the above, or maybe you are not that big into DIY kits and have bought a ready to fly drone instead. What else could you do to minimize accidental setbacks? Why not look into additional accessories, for instance, protective bumpers? If you are a terrible driver that constantly gets angry gestures from fellow motorists, it is not entirely unreasonable to suggest that small piece of advice, now is it? I kid! No matter how great your flying prowess is, it’s simply a good practice to have protective gears in place such as bumpers and landing pads at your disposal. You never know when that unseen gust of wind will send your drone reeling into a bunch of tree branches.

Speaking of good practices, what exactly are the things that can be considered as such? If you answered not crashing, you are halfway through completing aviation academy. Not only is it extremely rude to fly in crowded space, but you will also (unwantedly) invite a rowdy crowd to hurl stones and bullets at your drone. Don’t fly it near congested groups of people. This advice can be extended to flying indoors. Very rarely is it appropriate to fly inside your apartment where you will knock into your kids’ heads. Furthermore, as exciting as it may seem, don’t fly into a hurricane, or into a tornado, or a storm…in fact, don’t fly in any bad weather at all.

Say you are a traveler who loves to bring along his/her UAV everywhere they go. I mean, after all, we have been familiar about how camera drones are the perfect object to capture the beauty of Mother Nature, so it would only seem fair that you bring along that bad boy everywhere you go, right? But remember to take a look at specialized backpacks offered for drones. They are convenient not only because they will fasten your drone properly, but they also tend to maximize baggage efficiency for all the necessities you might require for your travel.

For the safety and longevity of your drone, we hope you heed the pieces of advice laid out here. Chances are, you have spent a quite a fortune on that piece of device, and it would be painful to just throw it all away due to blatant negligence. Believe it or not, you will soon come to build a connection with your drone, and you definitely wouldn’t want to mistreat it.