Avoid These Drone Build Kits

Purchasing a drone could be one of the most difficult tasks to do because of the complications that are involved. There is a vast variety of models, build types, options, features, and components which have to be considered before buying a particular one. It makes you feel like you have entered a candy shop – you want to buy everything but don’t have enough money.

Nonetheless, there are some drone kits which you can purchase and have an ultimate flying experience like never before. In the article below, we will summarize a few of the best drone build kits that you can purchase along with a buying guide to help you out with the features that you should consider. We also mentioned a few models which you should not be buying as they do not have very positive customer reviews nor having a solid build quality.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Drone Kit

A kit has added complexities because you have to build it yourself and arrange certain required parts from outside as they do not come with the package. In addition to that, there are many companies offering different types of components and you might not know which one to buy.  The following things should be considered when buying your own drone.

Type of Kit Required

One of the main things that has to be considered is the type of kit as there are two major ones which are commonly purchased by the customers. Firstly, there are racing drones and secondly, there are aerial photography drones. It is now the choice of the customer to make his decision on the basis of what he has to buy. The aerial photography drones are usually equipped with a high-quality camera and are made for cinematic shootings of different types of events.

On the other hand, the racing drones are usually made for fun purpose and the users can have a competition amongst them for the racing of these drones. One should always keep in mind that the engine and motor related factors are a much more important decision when it comes to the racing drones while the aerial photography drones do not require any high-tech engine or motor.



Arguably one of the most important aspects to be considered when getting a drone kit is the battery that is required. Smaller batteries are common for the racing drones mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, they require a lower charging time as they are not holding as much juice for  a long flight. They can hardly stay up in the air for 10 minutes while a drone race could end up in as low as 3 to 4 minutes. Secondly, the smaller batteries are much lighter in weight which allows the drone to capture the maximum speed as well as maintain the momentum of the drone.

Users can get a battery between 1000mAh and 2200mAh which can be bought from anywhere including Amazon.com. Make sure you get the right one as per your kit requirements.


The lighter the frame, the easier would be the maneuverability factor as well as the flight will take off in the air for a longer time too. This means that getting the lightest possible frame is essential for the drone build kit. Most commonly, carbon fiber frame structures are present which are one of the most lightweight ones and durable too. Carbon glass options are also available but the strongest of all is the carbon fiber itself which can resist multiple crashes that could be possibly made.


Transmitters are devices which are used to connect the drone to the remote control. With an antenna sticking out of a transmitter, it sends out radio signals to the remote control. In most of the drone build kits, there is a VTX Transmitter which is relatively an expensive part of the entire drone. It is our suggestion that you consider using a pigtail so that even if the drone crashes, the pigtail is only what breaks while the rest of your drone stays in its one piece.

Avoid These Drone Build Kits

The last but one of the most important points in our buying guide is to avoid certain drone build kits as they are not the ones that will last long. It is a general rule to check out for warranty claims as well as the country of origin of the drone. For example, certain Chinese drones are not the right build and just break down so easily without even resisting the minimal damage. On the other hand, drones made in the USA are usually of the superfine quality and come with a solid construction ensuring you an ideal experience.

Needless to say, no one would want to buy a transmitter with the kit that does not last for long. A true enthusiast would want the drone to fly to the maximum distance so that he can truly experience flying. Low quality transmitters don’t allow signal fetching from a distant place. Moreover, these transmitters just lose all their power and signal strength after a few weeks.

Here is a list of drone build kits that you shouldn’t buy. We also checked them on Amazon.com and the reviews weren’t too good.

  1. Holy Stone HS100 2K GPS Drone with Spare Parts Kit
  2. FPVKing Johnny 5inch 220mm FPV Drone Frame
  3. Kitables DIY Mini Drone, Quadcopter Kit
  4. Sea Jump Model Helicopter Battery

Also, look for options below which we have reviewed. These are some of the best drone build kits that you can get for an amazing price right away from Amazon.com


Where to Buy
DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Kit with Starter Accessory Bundle, Includes: 3X Protective Battery Bags, Landing Gear, and More
FIMI X8 SE 2020 Foldable Desgin Drone Kit 8km Range 4K Camera UHD 100Mbp HDR Video 70mins Flight Time FlyCam Quadcopter UAV GPS Tracking Smart Remote Controller, W Carry Bag & Dual Batteries (White)
Contixo F16 FPV Drone with Camera 1080P HD RC Quadcopter 6 Axis Gyro, Optical Flow, Follow Me Mode, WiFi, Altitude Hold, Gesture Control, Headless Mode 2.4G drone for kids & adults, Batteries Included
Ryze Tech Tello - Mini Drone Quadcopter UAV for Kids Beginners 5MP Camera HD720 Video 13min Flight Time Education Scratch Programming Toy Selfies, powered by DJI, White

1. DJI Mavic 2 Fly More Kit with Starter Accessory Bundle

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of buying each item individually, then this one is the right option for you as it is a complete bundle with all the required accessories essential for your flying experience.

The DJI Mavic 2 is a drone for casual entertainment as well as it can be used for entertainment purposes. There are 2 intelligent flight batteries which report the battery status in real time.

The accessories coming with this bundle includes batteries, battery safety bags, landing gear, car charger for batteries, low noise propellers, and a shoulder bag as well to accommodate all these accessories and the drone in one piece. If you are looking for a top-quality recommendation, this is it.

2. FIMI X8 SE 2020 Foldable Design Drone Kit

A very rare and exclusive drone kit that usually runs out of stock in only a few days after it gets back. It’s all great FIMI X8 Foldable Design Drone Kit which has more than the essential features for an ideal drone. Coming with a transmitter and remote control which allow for a radio connection for as long as 8 kilometers, this one is surely a masterpiece for the enthusiasts.

The bundle comes with a 4K UHD Camera as well so that you can record the different types of videos in their true colors. Once fully charged, it has the capability to run for up to 70 minutes.

The features that are in this drone are usually not found in other ones. It has a Rain-Proof Design, Return Home Mode, Automatically Hover in Place When Approaching A No-Fly Zone, Wind Warning, Excessive Power Warning, and others as well to ensure you have a safe flying experience.

3. Contixo F16 FPV Drone with Camera

Another great item in our recommendations is the F16 FPV Drone by Contixo. The supercool camera it comes with has the capability to record full HD 1080p videos. Record your wonderful moments in their true colors with maximum stability. This drone is foldable which makes it so compact that you can easily carry it anywhere and fits in a small bag as well.

There is an optical flow and altitude hold option as well which means it offers advanced controls. With the gesture sensors, it really works your way and adapts to the different gestures. There are other interesting features as well including follow me mode, one-key takeoff, and landing functions. For those who have a smaller budget, this is the ideal choice for them

4. Ryze Tech Tello – Mini Drone Quadcopter UAV for Kids Beginners

If you have a young enthusiast at your home, this UAV for beginners is what he needs to take off. The Tello drone is capable of shooting some fine videos and taking pictures with the fast image processor. Over 1500 customers have already purchased it and are satisfied.

There is a 5-megapixel camera which can record videos at 720 pixels. The maximum flight time is 13 minutes on a full charge. For additional support on the radio, there are two antennas which allow for a better connectivity between the remote and the drone. Let the young enthusiast have some fun with his drone.



In conclusion, we can say that there are all types of drone kits out there. While some may be poor in the quality and not stay up to the mark, there are others too which gives the user a realistic flying experience with the best controls and a top-quality frame. The above-mentioned options are few of the best ones that we found out. We hope you have a great flying experience with your personal drone.

Please make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the latest FAA Regulations before flying your drone. We have listed these laws at our page of Latest FAA Rules for Tracking Drones.