Tips For Enjoying Tea While Golfing

People who play sports, either professionally or amateur, generally drink energy drinks or sports drinks to keep themselves hydrated and energized. But drinking tea while playing sports, like golf, is a first for many. Whenever one thinks of the word “Tea,” they immediately think of something hot, something one drinks for relaxation. But that is not the case.

For sports like golf, where there is not much hectic activity, tea is a perfect beverage to drink. According to research, it keeps one hydrated and has moderate caffeine to keep the player

stimulated and energized. As golfers choose specific apparel for the game, their diet is also customized, which is a must. 

Abstain From Picking Fresh Tea Leaves


Tea leaves, stored for about a month before use, are of good quality and have an even amount of caffeine. Golf players need their constant boost of caffeine, so older tea leaves and freshly picked ones won’t help them.

Research also shows an increase in other chemicals if you store the leaves, and these chemicals help the player’s nervous system keep them calm. And feeling calm while playing golf is

essential. It helps reduce the pressure and enables one to concentrate on the game.

This way, the player can enjoy his tea while playing golf; it will neither get one too energized due to moderate caffeine nor lessen his concentration towards the game.

Drink Light Tea


The player would like to drink something light when playing golf, as heavy drinks have vast amounts of caffeine that will physically upset the player. Rich drinks also make you sleepy, and a weary head while playing a game is not good. So to relax and enjoy tea, make it very light, so the player can drink that in-between his shots to feel relaxed. 

That is one of the features of gourmet tea; it is naturally very light and gives one just that correct quantity of caffeine that the player needs to concentrate. And light tea is also not dangerous to the health of the player.

Avoid Hot Tea

This is the primary concern with tea and golf; golf is a sport that is played in an open field, i.e., outdoors. And in summers especially, it will make the player thirsty and hot. That is why iced teas exist. Iced tea is not a traditional tea but has that same amount of caffeine that the player needs to boost himself. It helps the players with their thirst, keeping them hydrated. 

In winter, the temperature of the tea should not be that high also. Keep it moderate, enjoy the perfect blend of tea and golf. 

Quantity Of Tea

Before playing a game of golf, the player should take a considerate amount of tea, as too much tea can cause drowsiness, even if it is light tea. Even during the game, drinking an excessive amount of tea will be bad for the player’s health.

Drinking too much caffeine can make the player lose concentration towards the game, and if it is a competitive game, they should drink a moderate amount.

Drinking too much also makes the tea tasteless. So, to fully enjoy the tea, do not drink massive amounts of it, instead take a small quantity from time to time. This will make the player

enjoy the tea.

Add Different Ingredients 


Mixing the tea with other ingredients will make it more exciting and enjoyable to drink. While playing golf, it can get boring sometimes, especially if it’s a large field. So to make it exciting, the player can introduce different blends into the tea. 

Some people use lemon blends in their tea, and some use honey to make it sweet. The player can use whatever they like, according to their tastes. Chocolate is becoming famous right now around the world, people drink chocolate tea globally, and the players can choose to drink that while playing. 

Depending upon their needs and the caffeine level, the player can blend almost anything. Blends are available in the form of packets, so players don’t have to put in the work themselves. They can buy the packs and use them. 

Gourmet tea has various blends available to use, and the player can choose what he needs and choose accordingly. This makes the tea exciting, and one can enjoy it while playing. 

Having Fun While Playing

Golf doesn’t have to be competitive; one can play with their friends in their free time and have fun with it. And tea helps with that. It can increase the player’s dopamine level, allowing them to have fun while playing.

The players can choose to play Russian roulette-style; every time someone misses a shot or doesn’t make it into the hole, the other person has to put something in their tea to make it weird, and vice versa. This way, one can have fun with their friends while playing and doing something creative with the tea.

Players can choose various games to play with golf this way while drinking tea on the side. This is an excellent way to spend leisurely time with friends. And tea helps with that big-time by increasing one’s dopamine levels.

Snacks Along With Tea


Even though tea is a liquid, one can drink it with other stuff, like bread or scones. The players can get hungry during the play as golf can be very long, and snacks with tea help a lot. Some people dislike drinking tea without anything with it, so this can solve their problems.

One can choose any bread and eat it with tea, as it is a versatile drink. Players can bring biscuits with them to the game, as biscuits go great along with tea. Players can enjoy their tea this way without worrying about the taste of tea. They can play golf, come and eat snacks and drink their tea with ease. 

Final Word

Tea is an all-rounder; it goes well with the majority of things. So, consider drinking tea while playing more often. Especially Gourmet Tea, as it is a natural blend of ingredients. It’s beneficial to one’s health and mind. It eases the player and keeps him calm throughout the game, and keeps his stress levels to a minimum. And these things are necessary while you are playing a round of golf.