Golf Apparel Guide for Males and Females

We can all agree that most people know what golf apparel looks like when we see one; if you don’t live under a rock, that is. Golf Apparel has been around as long as we can remember, but did you know it wasn’t all that golf shirts, shorts, and caps at the start? Golf first originated in Scotland during the 15th Century, and the weather there was freezing at that time, so Golfers were wearing heavy tweed jackets paired with knickerbockers to protect them from the freezing weather. The 1900s came, and the fashion for Golfers changed. A well-dressed golfer should be wearing a single-breasted jacket and waistcoat, paired with long socks and a golf cap. As golf became more popular, the fashion trend continued to change. The golf apparel started to gear toward to a lightweight when the 1930s came. They left the knickerbockers and started looking for more mobile and lightweight clothing.

Importance of Proper Attire

Golf, like any other sport, always requires you to be at your most efficient level. For you to attain that kind of efficiency, you need to prepare yourself, your gear, and of course, your attire. Proper attire can help you get to that A game of yours, even if you’re just starting out or playing professionally. Preparing the correct attire could be tricky for some, so we’ll be making a list of what you can wear from top to bottom (including accessories)

Proper Attire (For Men)


 A collared golf shirt will always be the best choice for a golfer. You can choose from different styles and materials that will fit your day-to-day game.

Always choose a lighter color when planning to play. It will help a lot to cool you down when the sun is out there.

For colder weather, it will be advisable to wear a pullover or a quarter zipper so it could not interfere with your swing.

Don’t be swayed with the golf sweatshirts; it not the best choice when playing, plus it’s not officially approved yet.


The rule of thumb is, stay away from jeans and athletic type of pants. 

Athletic pants may sound logical since they may be more mobile and breathable, but golf is where it’s not acceptable.

When choosing what pants to wear, they should be khaki without any cargo pockets on them.

The same goes for shorts, they shouldn’t contain any cargo pocket, and they should be knee-length.

The majority of golf courses require these prerequisites before you can enter the field.


For first-time players, golf shoes are not necessary. Sneakers are already acceptable. Make sure to choose a breathable type of sneaker and have a neutral color on it.


Wearing a hat and applying sunscreen is always a choice since you’ll be playing under the sun for hours. It could help to cool you down and prevent sunburns afterward. Sunglasses could also help you see from afar without hurting your eyes too much. Gloves can help you get that grip on your clubs and serve as protection for your hands.

Proper Attire (For Women)


Attire for women is a bit lenient since the dress code is quite wide for women.

Women can wear either a collared shirt or a sleeved shirt without a collar. So, you just have to make sure you’ll have a good swing when you’re on the field. Same with men, they can wear sweaters or jackets during the cold weather. Just make sure it won’t interfere with your swing.


Women can wear golf shorts, pants, and a golf skirt.

Men and women have the same criteria for the pants and shorts, plus the women can have their short and skirts above the knee, but cannot be short shorts and/or skirts


It’s not necessary to have golfer shoes if you’re new to the game.

Same with men, they can wear sneakers, but the athletic type of shoes. So the rule of thumb, make sure it’s comfortable, and you’ll be able to swing properly. Always check your stability when choosing a shoe; it’ll help you throughout the course.


Most women don’t want to wear golf hats, but if you want, a visor is a choice. It’ll help to block the rays of the sun, plus it won’t affect your vision too much.

Gloves are much recommended since blisters are well know for golfers. Make sure to grab one before you head out.

Golf and have fun

These are tips you can follow so you’ll make the most out of the game. Overall, what’s most important is to remember to enjoy and have fun. Everything will be useless if you’re not interested and not having fun with it.