Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is a well-known sport worldwide. Many people engage in this sports as it also gives many benefits for the human body, besides being a fun activity. It provides a mental challenge while nurturing one’s physical aspect. 

People of varying ages can play this sport. The estimated age of golfers ranges from 5 to 85 years old. It shows that golfing benefits people of all ages. 

Golfing gives a lot of benefits to the human body. They make people at lower risk of developing chronic health diseases and other harmful conditions. The following are the health benefits of playing golf.

It is a good source of Vitamin D

Golfing is an outdoor activity, which means that you can acquire Vitamin D from direct sunlight. Vitamin D helps your body in so many ways. It helps strengthen your immune system and keep your bones and muscles strong and healthy. However, never forget to put on your sunscreen because you will be surprised to see how much sun exposure you get from playing golf. 

Playing golf is good for your heart


According to studies, a person who walks an average of 2.5 hours every day is at a lower risk of heart attack by 30 to 40 percent. Playing in a course with a round of 18 holes requires a person more than 10,000 steps. It estimates approximately 8 kilometers and over 2 hours of walking. Just enough cardio, road to a healthy heart! 

It is a low-risk sport

Golf is known to be a low-risk sport compared to other sports out there. You can play this sport at your own pace and for an extended period, which is why it only causes less stress on one’s joints. The chances of being injured while playing golf are considerably lower than in other sports. 

Golf is good for your mental development


This sport does require not only physical activity but also a lot of critical thinking. Ninety percent of golf is mental, so when you play in an 18-hole golf course, you are probably engaging in a long mental exercise. This sport makes you think carefully and focus very well, and aside from that, it helps ease stress and anxiety. 

It helps you meet new friends

Golf is a social sport. Another benefit of playing this sport is meeting new people and making new friends. With golfing, you can run into your fellow players and share common interests and other knowledge with each other. It will be an excellent way to boost your self-esteem and improve your social skills. 

Playing golf allows you to stay fit

Golf is a good exercise since it requires a lot of swinging and walking. An average game of 18 holes could help you burn approximately 1,200 calories. Golfing engages your back, chest, shoulders, abdomen, arms, and legs in physical activity, so it technically is a full-body workout. So golfing would undoubtedly help you burn calories and allow you to be fit and healthy. 

Improves one’s vision

Playing golf also helps improve your eye vision. It helps train your eyesight to be fast and focus. It is essential to track your ball using your eyes to know where your ball will land when playing the game, so you must be focused and have clear eyesight to aim and hit the golf ball perfectly.  

It helps you challenge yourself

Golfing is more like a personal sport. You set a record, and you try to beat it with a higher one. In this game, you play against yourself, so you try to do better for yourself. This game will help you build your character. You may sometimes feel upset and beat yourself up when you can’t hit your goal, but it’s what makes you do better. Playing golf helps you challenge yourself and develop a better character. 

Golf makes a good family activity 

Playing golf is one way to keep the bond of your family tighter. Since people of different ages can play this sport, you can bring your whole family to the course and treat golf as a new family bonding. You can train your younger kids and help them out in choosing their golf clubs. Allow your whole family to benefit from playing golf and develop a good bond in the process. 

It helps you sleep better

Golfing is an excellent remedy for those who are suffering from insomnia. It might be a low-impact sport, but it still requires a lot of movement and physical activities. Having a significant amount of workout from playing golf will help your body get a better sleeping cycle. Plus, the combination of good exercise, fresh air, and a healthy and natural environment adds to your good night’s sleep. You can sleep better, and in return, you will be a better golfer!