LEGO City Town Center

Like many indoor hobbies and activities, LEGO building also takes a unique space in every child’s heart. While outdoor hobbies can be enjoyable and exhilarating, learning an indoor hobby or two, like building an entire LEGO train station, for example, can be equally fascinating. Speaking of which, LEGO City, the company that manufactures and produces these tiny little bricks, offers various LEGO sets that are perfect for both beginners and experienced LEGO builders. This article will look at one of LEGO City’s sets, the LEGO City Town Center.

The LEGO City Town Center looks precisely like a mini-town center at first glance. With a total of 790 plastic LEGO pieces, your kid would indeed spend most of his time putting together the whole assemblage. The entire LEGO playset stands 9.5 inches (24 cm) high, 6 inches (41 cm) wide, and 17.5 in. (44 cm) deep. The pretty decent dimensions provide many different avenues for creation and role-playing, which kids six years and above would surely love. 


The premium-quality LEGO playset includes various LEGO figures, accessories, and details, making the construction more interactive for kids. To build the city, kids need to construct a toy pizzeria, a functional car wash, dojo, park, recycling station, truck, EV, motorcycle, and bicycle. The eight (8) mini-figures, a baby, and guide dog populate the LEGO town and freely move within it to avail its services.



The best catcher of this LEGO playset is how it tried to resemble an actual town center where shops and establishments are within the toy character’s reach. Each building also features unique details that honestly look cute and decent, even for adults. The leading establishments that you would notice in this construction are the pizza shop with the dojo center on top and the car wash. 

Pizza Shop

The pizzeria appears pretty ok with space it gets in the set. The front part looks nice, with a tiny little white fence on the left side, adjacent to the road. To the left is a small stand table where the mini-figures can hang out, and you can see an alleyway further in the back, where a stack of pizza boxes lies. You can also spot the small, round pathway leading to the shop’s door, which your kids can open and close. The inside of the pizzeria has room for a single mini-figure to walk into. Going around the back part of this building, you can see more space for the pizza shop employee to stand and a checkout register with printed details on it. Beside the counter is an open-style pizza oven where a pizza sits and is ready to serve.

Dojo Center

Atop the pizza shop is a dojo center where you can see a couple of toy practice helmets and swords – basically a place to practice dojo. Signage that says ‘Dragon Dojo’ hangs on the left facet of the building. Adding to the detail are the arch windows of the building and three dark-bluish figures of maybe dojo masters standing on top of each of the three columns of the building. Toy vegetables and a cherry tree which, in hindsight, appear to be pretty plain (we will talk about that later), sit on the rooftop. We love how the company incorporated the concept of having these recreational centers within the toy city.


Recycling Station

Across the street, you can spot the two recycling bins where your characters can walk through and drop their trash. There is one for the bottles and the other for papers—what an excellent way to promote and inform kids about proper waste segregation and management.


Next to the recycling station is the carwash which is probably one best asset of this town center. The carwash features spray bars lining the top part of the building, which move back and forth whenever a car enters for its scheduled grooming. Down below on the left side, you have a card slot machine with printed details on it so you can pretend to slot in your card before going in. The idea is to let your toy vehicle enter the building, push it through the brushes, and your car goes right on through. The cool part is you can see everything from the outside with the transparent, see-through wall of the carwash. Beside the carwash is a car charging station, also with printed details.

The Park

The park looks pretty straightforward, but it nonetheless has everything a toy park can offer. It has a small toy wooden bench and a hangout station intended for babies.


Cars and other figures

One cool thing about this set us the toy truck that collects the garbage, which is pretty detailed and decent; you’d think it’s odd. It even has a functional crane on it, making it more impressive! In addition, the length of the truck can accommodate the two trash bins in the recycling station. The kids would love to play the role of a sanitation worker and keep the city clean and tidy with this fantastic vehicle. Other mini-vehicles include a small toy car, a bicycle, and a fire motorbike which is a perfect addition to the town center. It represents authority and safety to the city.

Another fantastic addition to this set is the realistic portrayal of toy characters within the town. For example, this one blind character (represented by his black sunglasses) walks with his guide dog. This portrayal makes the scene more realistic, as opposed to the usual fantasy. Characters from the LEGO City Adventure TV series are also here to make the town more interactive. If the kids are also watching this show, there will surely be thrilled.


The fantastic thing about LEGO sets is that they can be built further, allowing for more creative opportunities for the kids. You can even expand the construction using Road Plates and create a megacity after you have finished assembling your town. Many other sets are available in the local and online shops, and if you think building LEGOs is worth the fun, you should go for it.  You can also pair it with the Lego City Passenger Train as well.




Several owners of the set agree that one of the downers for this set is that it is a bit more expensive. They feel as if there is not much that comes with the box for almost a hundred bucks. You can also notice that there are only a few people (characters) in the set, despite being a town center. Only two main buildings exist in the town, and some find it a little plain and barren. From other’s points of view, the company puts too much price for sloppy work, which might be harsh, but it’s somebody’s opinion. If you find the LEGO set somehow lacking something, you can buy individual pieces online. Perhaps, this toy LEGO Ice Cream truck might cheer up your town more!

Concept and details

Some details in the set were a bit off, according to some owners of this set. For example, some of the colors are a bit straightforward and don’t have depth on them. The printed details look sloppy as well. Other accessories are also way too plain, even for a LEGO. One example is the cherry tree we have mentioned above, which appears to be a rather strange tree representation.



The LEGO City Town Center may have some minor downers, but it doesn’t reduce the fun of building one, especially as kids. Building LEGO sets are not only fun and exciting, but it is also quite a learning experience as it involves using your creative and analytical skills to finish the entire construction. The set also provides an excellent venue for role-playing and plot-making, which you and your kids can enjoy in your spare time indoors.

LEGOs are versatile playsets that you can build however you like. There are several available options online that could pique your interest. For example, if you are a Harry Potter fan, this LEGO Hogwarts Express will surely catch your eye.