Having Fun with the Lego City Passenger Train

Despite having the opportunity to be with the family due to lockdowns, missing the outside world for long periods can sometimes be stressful and depressing, especially for kids. Now more than ever, we need to come up with several different ways to stay sane while being forced to stay at home to curb the spread of the dreaded virus. Fortunately, you can find a whole lot of interesting indoor stuff to do with your kids while staying protected in the comforts of your home. Take building legos, for example. 

Building legos is a perfect hobby for kids and adults like you who want to spend their spare indoor time on something fun and creative. 



Most people think that legos are but little pieces of plastic bricks lying around the floor. Others consider building legos as simply child’s play. But, an avid lego-lover knows that the hobby opens an excellent venue for creativity and leisure.

Legos are multicolored, interlocking plastic blocks manufactured and produced by The Lego Company. This enterprise is privately owned and based in Denmark. The tiny pieces can be constructed from as simple as miniature vehicles, people, and houses, to as complicated as a huge train and even an entire train station! If you plan to begin your lego-building hobby or are already on it, you might want to check this fantastic lego set.

Lego City Passenger Train

You and your kids will indeed have fun constructing an entire toy station with cute, multicolored legos and add-on sounds to complete the ensemble. The 677 pieces in this lego set await your creative genius to build the entire station. The kids will surely enjoy putting together the lego passenger train, people, cars, tracks, and the mini train station platform. Check the box, and you will see that the size of the assemblage is pretty decent for a kid’s lego toy. The Passenger train alone measures approximately 4 inches (11cm) high, 27 inches (69cm) long, and 1 inch (5cm) wide. The Engine room is 4 inches (11cm) high, 10 inches (26cm) long, and 1 inch (5cm) wide. For the platform, the assembly measures 2 inches (7cm) high, 4 inches (11cm) wide, and 2 inches (6cm) deep. Moreover, the passenger train has a motorized engine that operates in two ways, making it more interactive for the kids.



Two-Way Control System

The Lego City Passenger Train set makes for a perfect role-playing opportunity for you and your kids. You can invent many different scenarios with your kid using its two-way control system. Using a 10-speed Bluetooth remote controller, you can make the toy train station operate and take the four mini-figures (2 passengers, a train conductor, and a train attendant) to their journey. The controller is an inclusion in the box. 

Another way to get your train cars running is using the Power Up app that you can download online. It is an excellent alternative for the controller should it malfunctions. Further, you can control the train’s speed and sounds using the app.

Great for Kids

Lego building is more than just a hobby. Building this excellent Lego set not only saves your kids from intense boredom due to home confinement but also hones their creative thinking skills. The experience of having to construct something out of tiny little pieces will practice their analytical and problem-solving skills, which will subtly help them in the long run. Additionally, your kids invent little scenarios during playtime with their toy train station – it is a fantastic way of promoting an artistic mind at an early age.


Easy to Assemble

You may be wondering how to sort the 677 pieces when you put them outside the box – well, there is no need for that. The bricks are grouped so that it is easier for the kids to know what to assemble and won’t mix the bricks up. The miniature’s bricks are placed inside a plastic bag, labeled with numbers 1 to 7. The numbers indicate the miniature that the bricks are for. Aside from the lego pieces, the box also includes easy-to-follow manuals to guide your 6-year-old kid in assembling each small part that will make up the whole station.


The fun part about legos is that they can quickly go well with other lego sets and pieces. Even the tracks of this set are expandable. It opens a wide range of creative venues for kids in their early learning stages. The Lego City Passenger Train set alone is pretty impressive already – imagine if you and your kids can build it together with the other lego sets and building bricks! It will be a massive city made of multicolored bricks that will house your kid’s little invented stories. You can add the Lego City Town Center set to the train to make the scenery wider and livelier.



A Bit of a Downer

The lego set is probably one of the best ones to start with. But, as consumers, sometimes we cannot help but notice something off about the product. One possible downer about the product is the remote controller. The remote has only one side that controls the train’s speed, making it feel way too lazy and straightforward – especially for adult lego builders who have keen eyes about their set. In hindsight, younger kids won’t bother anyway, as long as they can power up their train cars and get it running ‘round the tracks.

Another possible comment about this set is the price. For some, the Lego City Passenger Train is a bit expensive. While this can be a unique educational tool, some parents may choose a much affordable set to begin, and it’s totally fine. But, if you have the extra to throw in, this lego box will not disappoint.


Building legos is an excellent hobby to be addicted to, and we mean it in a good way. Kids can only think of legos as a toy, but for us, parents, the educational value of this genius plaything is worth a dime. These pieces are essential learning tools for the kids and can also be a perfect bonding experience for the family – especially now that we are bound to stay in the safety of our homes. Until we are safe and ready to go on our outdoor hobbies, busying ourselves with lego-building sounds like a good plan after all.