Guide to Drone Cases and Backpacks

There has been a sharp rise in the purchase of drones and related equipment over the past few years. This implies that more people are now inclined towards drones as their hobby time. While many people are focused on getting the right drone, it is important to know that drone equipment such as cases and backpacks are quite important too. The main reason for this is that these backpacks provide protection to the drone and its equipment when they are not in use. 

Why Is a Drone Case or Backpack Important?

Drones are sensitive pieces of equipment, and not just that, but they are expensive too. Whether you are storing them or traveling with them, a good drone case and backpack are a necessity. Drones cases and backpacks are evolving as fast as the drones themselves, and cater to not only different sizes and models but also to different uses. There are specialized backpacks made for adventures, and others made for the safety and comfort of the city. You get the choice to protect your drone under all possible circumstances. Having a drone case is one of the most important aspects of drone maintenance.  

A professional-grade drone.

Things You Need to Consider When Buying Drone Cases and Backpacks

The Area You Intend to Explore

You can go anywhere with your drone, be it the city, or the mountains. However, you need the right drone backpack to keep it safe. Backpacks for adventure travel and city traveling are both made different. Backpacks and drone cases made for city traveling are sleeker and are made to attract as little attention as possible. These are soft cases, so don’t provide a lot of security.  The cases are spacious so you can carry all your drone accessories with you at all times easily. Additionally, you can keep your personal belongings in the backpack too. This way you won’t have to carry a separate bag. 

Adventure backpacks are made to be a little different. They are not only tougher than normal drone cases, but they are a lot more useful too. A good adventure drone case carries your drone, its accessories, and still has more space for extra shooting equipment. These backpacks are hard cases, and this is why they provide more protection. 


The Weather You Are Going to Travel In

The weather you are going to expect during your trip is also of utmost importance. While sunny conditions are no cause for concern, rain can be a big problem. If you are living or will travel to an area where rainfall is common, you need a waterproof backpack. Most companies are producing water backpacks, which look just as stylish, and are just as useful as a normal backpack. However, these backpacks are made to protect your drone against light rain only. We also recommend applying a hydrophobic coating on your is a good choice. Regardless, heavy rainfall is something you need to avoid at all costs. 


The Size

For the best security for your drone, you need to choose a case that fits your drone like a glove. The less room your drone has to move around in the bag, the less it will be jostled and damaged. The second reason you need a small backpack is that it is easier to carry. While a convenient traveling size is a good thing, you need to have space to store your accessories too. This is why it’s important to strike a balance between a bag that is too big, and a bag that is too small. 

For a secure fit, we recommend a water-cut foam interior. The foam will provide a buffer between your drone, and an impact of any kind. You should also go for padded dividers, which provide more protection for not only the drone but the other accessories too. 

You can use these extra pockets and dividers, to increase and decrease the size and storage of your backpack. 


Proper Division For Storage

A drone is accompanied by a lot of accessories at all times. The size of these can vary, and the last thing you want is something getting lost or broken. A drone bag has to provide efficient storage using several zippers, dividers, and pockets so you can store everything safely. A good storage bag will have a separate space for the drone, and then a series of pockets for the other accessories. Most good-quality drone backpacks also include an anti-theft pocket, which can be lifesaving to keep your wallet, or phone in. No matter where you’re taking your drone, your safety should be your utmost priority. 

If you travel with your laptop too, you need your drone backpack to have a laptop pocket too. A water bottle on a side and small pockets for wires, cards, and other such stuff are other requirements. A pocket for lens storage is another feature any good drone backpack should have. 


A drone is heavy, and it can be difficult to carry it around all day. Top drone backpacks in the market include padded straps, which are also adjustable so you can fit them to your needs. The backing of the backpack is also specially designed to prevent heat, and sweat from accumulating on your back. A good suspension system supports your shoulders by reducing the effect of the drone’s weight on them. Usually, DJI Mavic drones are heavy so you need to have a comfortable case that does not bring extra fatigue to the body.


The Time It Takes to Fix, and Remove the Drone

Having a good drone backpack is more than just storage. You need efficiency too, which means you need to be able to load and unload your drone with ease. Your bag should have straps attached for safely storing your drone. However, the straps should be easy to tighten to loosen. You will go frustrated very fast if it is difficult to fix and remove your drone every time.

Additional Options

The best thing about a good backpack, and top drone case manufacturers, is that they allow a lot of additional features too. You get the basic amenities with the bag, but you can also pay a little extra for more things you need. These usually include a tripod stand holder, additional dividers, and even a chair you can add to the outside of your pack. 

Carry On Ready

A good drone backpack should be carry-on-ready. This isn’t a big deal if you don’t travel much, or if you don’t travel by plane. However, if you intend on traveling with your drone in a plane, you need it to be the carry-on size. If the bag is too big, it will be put in the cargo hold. Drones are fragile, and putting a drone in the cargo hold of the plane will damage it. A drone bag should be so light it can pass as a carry-on bag, and be so small it can fit in the overhead compartment of the plane. Keeping the heavy bag on your lap the entire time will make for an uncomfortable trip.  


Best Drone Cases and Backpacks

Where to Buy
VCUTECH Mavic Air 2 Air 2S Waterproof Hard Carrying Case
MEIJIA Portable All-Weather Waterproof Case with Foam
Lowepro LP37099 DroneGuard BP 250 Case 
MOSISO Camera Backpack and Drone Case 

1. VCUTECH Mavic Air 2 Air 2S Waterproof Hard Carrying Case

Best Hard Drone Case. 

The DJI Mavic series is one of the best ones for drones. Beginner and intermediate-level drone enthusiasts usually begin with the DJI Mavic drones mainly because of easy control and other flying features. If you also have a DJI Mavic Air 2 or Air 2S drone, then this is the perfect choice for you. In case you have any other drones, go for option 2 mentioned below. 

Precisely, this is a hard case that gives the drone good protection against various forms of damage to the drone. For example, when traveling, your luggage goes through various places, it has the chance of getting damaged. Besides, carrying a drone without a case means that if it falls, there can be several components that will be broken. Therefore, this one comes with an automatic pressure equalization valve which allows the case to be closed securely and opened conveniently. 

Moreover, it is waterproof as well which means full protection for your drone. It has an allowance for various components of the DJI Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S such as batteries, remote controller, charger, adapter, SD card, and charging hub. Specific pockets for these components give this case a sophisticated design aspect as well. The best part? It comes with a satisfaction guarantee for 1 year and you can return it if you aren't satisfied.


  • Convenient and custom fitting for DJI Mavic Air 2 / 2S
  • Maximum damage protection
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not suitable for every type of drone

2. MEIJIA Portable All-Weather Waterproof Case with Foam

Best drone case for different models.

In case you don't have the specific model of DJI Mavic and you are a frequent drone changer, then you really need to get a case that is suitable for a vast variety of models. Fortunately, this hard case is a great choice for various drones that are small to medium in size. It has been made of stainless steel which gives it a strong strength perspective and protects the drone. The case comes in an elegant black color which gives it a classy design point as well. 

Most importantly, this portable case is the “Amazon’s Choice” product for the “universal drone case” category. It has been highly demanded and over 600 people have already given it highly satisfying reviews. This assures you of the fact that you are getting an exceptional quality product. Besides, it has a convenient handle which allows you to simply carry it anywhere like it is a briefcase. With the high-pressure air valve system, all the dust stays away and even the opening becomes quite safe. 

Lastly, it also comes with foam inside so that any jerks can be borne by the foam so no need to worry about the safety of the drone as long as it is inside this case.


  • Cheapest among all
  • Waterproof
  • Protects against damage 


  • Not suitable for large drones

3. Lowepro LP37099 DroneGuard BP 250 Case 

Professional drone case. 

If you are a pro who owns a big drone and are extra precautious, you need to skip the first two options and consider this as a blind buy product. Although it is the most expensive one among our suggestions, it is truly worth the quality that is being offered. Mainly, it is built for the DJI Mavic Pro Series and the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum but it can be used for other types of drones as well. Those who are handling a professional drone mainly for drone photography usually don't have issues in spending for a professional casing as well, which is why we have recommended this option. 

As far as the technical aspects of this case are concerned, it comes with a molded form shell technology that provides strong protection to the components inside the case. Those who are wondering how big this case is would be glad to know that it has a cradle fit pocket that can hold up to a 15-inch laptop. There is a specific organization panel for keeping the cords in their place. 

With a near-to-perfect rating, this is one of the best drone cases and backpacks that you can get. 


  • Best in quality 
  • Outstanding product design
  • Maximum protection against damage

4. MOSISO Camera Backpack and Drone Case 

Best Backpack and Drone Case.

Another great universal backpack that can be used for drones as well as various other equipment such as laptops, tablets, cameras, and others as well. With 2 compartments, one can easily hold multiple items, right in their place. The reason why we recommend this is because it is one of the biggest cases on our entire list. The dimensions are 17 by 12 by 7.5 inches approximately which are quite sufficient. Padded interior provides protection against various forms of damages to the items stored inside the case. 

With 2 specific accessory pockets, storing items such as SD Cards, cords, and various other items becomes convenient. They don't interfere with other items too. You can even store an umbrella or water bottle inside it. Besides, to make it safe, there is also an anti-theft pocket provided with this to make sure your precious items such as a wallet stay safe.

 As far as the design aspect is concerned, there is a waterproof hardshell which makes it completely safe against drops and abrupt jerks. The best part? You can choose from among 9 different colors as per your liking. The company even offers a 1-year warranty on the bag so you can proceed and have a stress-free purchase.  


  • Color variety available
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for large drones as well
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some people don't like the simplistic design

Comparative Analysis

  VCUTECH Mavic Air 2 Air 2S Waterproof Hard Carrying CaseMEIJIA Portable All-Weather Waterproof Case with FoamLowepro LP37099 DroneGuard BP 250 Case MOSISO Camera Backpack and Drone Case 
Dimensions15.31 x 12.64 x 5.2 inches11.54 x 6.04 x 3.16 inches11.42 x 6.69 x 18.50 inches15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inches
Price Range$$$$$$$$
ColorBlackElegant BlackBlackBlack, Army Green, Camel, Deep Teal, Gray, Navy Blue, Pink, Royal Blue, Wine Red
Case TypeEVA Hard PlasticStainless SteelHardshellHardshell
PaddingNo PadFoam PaddingDivider and transmitter padRemovable modular inserts

From our detailed analysis, we can conclude that all four of the provided options are outstanding in their quality and product design. The four given options are right in their own aspect. The first one is suitable only for those who have DJI Mavic Air 2 or Air 2S Series drones. For those who don’t have a similar category, drones should either go for option 2 or option 4. 

Option 2 is by MEIJA and the cheapest one so in case you don’t have a high budget, you can get this one. It is made of stainless steel so it will provide complete damage protection as well. On the other hand, Lowepro LP37099 is the most suitable purchase for someone who has an advanced and large-scale drone that could not fit in other bags. The MOSISO Camera Backpack is also a good choice and does not cost you much either. Since it is not designed for any specific drone type, you can have any kind of drone securely held in it. 


Drone purchases are rapidly increasing in the USA and globally as well. For this reason, the need for cases and backpacks has increased too. Fortunately, with our drone case buying guide provided above, you can look for important things when buying a drone backpack and get the most suitable one for your drone too. Take a good look at all 4 options given above and then make your choice.