Top 5 Photography Drones Cheaper than $500

Drones are the most “in,” cool toys of our generation today. Be it for hiking through treacherous obstacles or for a wedding set on a scenic backdrop, drones can capture your most magical moments. It is easy for one to get lost in the midst of all the exciting features currently available for drones, and along with that, it is also easy for one to get lost amongst the steep prices they come with. To lessen some of that hassle, here is a list of a few photography drones to keep your budget under balance.

Where to Buy
Parrot Bepop 2 with FPV
UDI U842 Predator
Holy Stone F181C
U49C Red Heron
DJI Phantom 3

1. Parrot Bepop 2 with FPV

Shoot full HD 1080P videos and 14Mpx photos with the built-in wide-angle camera. Footage can be captured in RAW, JPEG and DNG format.

Why you should buy:

  • It is a lightweight and compact drone that maximizes your flying time
  • Extended flying range and precise piloting features
  • Immersive flight experience with their exclusive FPV (first-person viewing) goggles called Parrot Cockpitglasses
  • Has a built-in wide-angle camera capable of taking 14MP images and full HD 1080p videos.
  • Has a high capacity battery that allows a long-flying range
  • Due to its 3-axis stabilization system, you can take extremely smooth videos and pictures
  • It is a very good mid-tier drone with an excellent price to quality ratio

2. UDI U842 Predator

HIGH-DEFINITION WIFI-REAL TRANSMISSION FOR INCREDIBLE IMAGES: Now you are in total control and take photos and video you like with the drone. It captures it all 720p HD camera, Real-time sharing to the social network so that friends can feel pleasure.

Why you should buy:

  • Has real time image transmission in HD
  • 720p HD camera that allows you to take captivating images and videos with panoramic views for you to share and enjoy
  • Has headless mode for ease of flying, so that you can experience your flying time stress-free
  • Has the good flying time of around 18 minutes, which is well above the average
  • Excellent for the beginner due to its headless mode and user-friendly functionalities
  • Very affordable, making it is a good drone for gifting or first-time users

3. Holy Stone F181C

Altitude Hold Function: Powerful air pressure altitude hold function allows the drone to hover at its current height after releasing the throttle stick. Easy for you to shoot quality images or videos.

Why you should buy:

  • Comes with one key return feature and headless mode, ensuring a better experience for the beginner
  • Also provides altitude hold function to keep your drone steady during image capturing sessions
  • Continuous rolling and stable movements for the perfect smooth image/video
  • Extremely affordable, which makes it beginner-friendly
  • Can be given as a gift to kids and teenagers

4. U49C Red Heron

QUALITY ASSURED: We want to make you happy, and we’ll provide a full refund if you’re not 100% tickled pink.

Why you should buy:

  • Is coupled with a 720p HD, 120-degree wide-angle camera that captures stunning images and videos
  • Comes with headless mode for ease of flying, altitude hold for midair stabilization, and low battery warning that make this great for the novice
  • Has a flight time well above the average at 15 minutes
  • With its dashing looks and an HD camera, it makes a perfect surprise gift for the first time pilots
  • Extremely affordable and therefore perfect for you if you are new to the scene

5. DJI Phantom 3

View a live image streamed from the drone up to a half mile away on the free DJI Go app using your mobile phone or tablet.

Why you should buy:

  • Has a built-in 3-axis stabilized camera that can stream a live 720p HD real-time view of what the camera captures through your smartphone
  • Has a long range (up to half a mile) on how you can view live streaming videos through the DJI mobile app
  • Its modern GPS features allow you to fly safely and efficiently (such as the Point Of Interest, Follow Me, and Waypoint mode) so that you can focus on achieving beautiful cinematography without any added stress
  • The camera can capture 2.7K video and 12MP images
  • Can run for 25 minutes – one of the longest flight time of a drone currently in the market
  • Comes with a range of accessories, like an 8GB micro SD card
  • Perhaps one of the more expensive ones in our list, but it is undoubtedly unmatched by any other drone in its price range
  • Perfect for both the new and experienced users alike as it offers functionality that caters to both groups

For whatever special occasions you are in, a drone can capture the experience with aerial views unlike any other. They offer stunning views of scenery and magical moments that can be hardly replicated by anything else. It is one reason why drones with camera are booming right now. But one can be overwhelmed by the myriad of features and the steep costs those features can entail. Hopefully, this list has simplified the best drones one can look for currently that is both cheap and offers user-friendly functionality so that you don’t break your wallet and enthusiasm.