Choosing a Location in the Garage to Set Up Games

If your garage has extra space, you’ve probably been trying to come up with creative ways to make the most of it. While most people only use their garages to store cars, some people find other uses for them. When people choose to make their garage more usable by adding storage or an additional bedroom, garages frequently turn into the realm of creativity. Therefore, what better way to utilize your garage than to convert it into a game room?

Although games are typically associated with children, your game room can be anything you want it to be and can even turn into a place that is exciting and fun for everyone. Your garage can become an adult retreat or even a hip man cave if you choose to add a game room with a more sophisticated aesthetic. A game room can be a fun place for young children to hang out and enjoy some friendly competition if you have any.


You should choose a theme before learning how to turn a garage into the ideal game room. For instance, if you have a large family, design your new game room around kid-friendly arts, crafts, and arcade games. If you’re creating a man cave, panel the walls of your garage and bring in comfortable furniture, such as a leather sofa or a big recliner. Also, remember to bring out the big screen TV. Fill your newly transformed game room with snacks and install a mini-fridge so that a cold beverage is always available.

If you love video games, fill your garage with a ton of awesome pinball machines or interactive arcade games. For the ultimate adult playground, a casino-themed game room might feature felted blackjack tables, a poker table, and Vegas-style lighting. Additionally, read tips for lighting here.

Take Your Garage’s Size into Account

Whatever theme you decide on, your converted garage should ultimately have enough space to house your favorite games, furniture, and accessories. If you still intend to park your car there, you might want to put up a wall or a room divider to keep the two areas apart. The typical garage has a depth of 20 feet and a width of about 12 feet, which is adequate to accommodate an air hockey or pool table. The typical size of a pool table is between seven and nine feet long and up to 4.5 feet wide. Make sure there is enough space around the pool table so that nobody runs into the wall while taking a shot.

The dimensions of pinball machines can vary, but the majority are between four and five feet deep and no wider than 2.5 feet. A typical foosball table is five feet long and 2.5 feet wide, with an additional foot or more added on each side to give your friends and family enough space to shoot. Make sure to factor in the additional space that these large games require if you’re a big fan of table tennis. Make sure you have enough space in your garage because most table tennis courts are about 9.5 feet long and five feet wide.

Be Creative

Don’t overlook the details as you plan how to turn a garage into the ideal game room. It’s time to start working on your remodel after organizing and cleaning out your garage. Prepare the walls and paint them a fresh shade to expand the room’s appearance. If you want your game room to feel more open, lighter colors are best. Make sure the temperature is comfortable if you want to truly enjoy your new game room.

To keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, add insulation and make sure the garage is sealed. If your garage is dark, add more lighting to hang over the air hockey or pool tables. Make sure everyone can see what they are playing by ensuring visibility. Don’t forget to decorate the game room by hanging some artwork or movie posters. Read for more information on fastening tools and fastening essentials.

Get Rid of Clutter

It’s time to start moving forward with your space now that you have a plan in place. We’re discussing decluttering. You can sell or donate items that you don’t want and aren’t planning to use. Other items must be kept in a secure location. It’s great if you have a storage facility. If not, using plastic tubs and a shelving system might be the best option. Avoid using cardboard boxes at all costs because they absorb moisture and then release it back into the atmosphere.

Game Ideas for Your Garage

Beyond just using it as a safe place to park their cars, people use their garages for a variety of other purposes. There are many ways you could use this priceless space, from hobbies and crafts to home improvement workshops and more.

Pool Bar


Even though pool tables require a fair amount of room on their own, you will need even more room to make sure that all players can move around the table and handle the cue without accidentally knocking over a lamp, breaking a priceless collectible, or tearing a hole in the wall. You’ll have plenty of room to set up your pool table and enjoy honing your skills because many modern homes have two or three-car garages.

Ping Pong or Table Tennis

Any garage would be a great place to put a table tennis table. You can set up the table and hold mini-tournaments between your family and friends if you have enough space. You’ll witness some of the most thrilling and competitive action there is. Not to mention that if you’re practicing alone at home, you can always flip the table over so that one side serves as a wall.


Although playing darts is a ton of fun, it’s not the safest game to play in most of your home’s rooms. While soft-tip darts are available in some games, they are typically more difficult to throw and stick to the board. Considering this, the garage is a much better location to use if you want to play darts with the traditional metal tip. You don’t just have to spend hours repairing and repainting if the darts pierce the drywall, you can also install protective barriers around the dartboard.