The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Foosball Table

Nowadays, there are countless online games you can play anytime, which doesn’t require you to pay anything. Free, downloadable games can be played in your smartphones and computers. There are even websites that pay you to play games and review it. But there are some people who still want the physical or arcade version of a game, as it reminds them of the good old times.

If you like soccer, perhaps you’ve already played a soccer video game. Or maybe you have always wanted a foosball table. Foosball is a simulated soccer game that was invented by Harold Searles in 1922. It consists of a tabletop with handles, and these handles are attached to poles on each side of the table. On each pole, there are miniature soccer players made of plastic to simulate a soccer game. Even foosball games (which is already a simulation) have their video game and app versions, but nothing beats the real deal.

People still love to own a foosball table in this age because it’s exciting and it promotes a healthy bonding within the family or group of friends. It can give your kids a game to play and get entertained, instead of giving them gadgets. For some, they just have the cash to spend and a space to fill; while some are just nostalgic. And let’s just say it – it’s an impressive item to see in a game room, man cave or living room. Not all people have foosball tables in their homes and if you have one, you’re going to be memorable.

In this article, we’ll help you find the best foosball table to suit your budget and preferences, with reviews of the best tables out there.

Type of Foosball Table According to Usage

The right type of table for you will depend on what you’re planning to use it for. Think about who will use it and the level of play you’re going to use it for, so as to prevent underspending (buying a lower-quality/built for heavy use) or overspending (buying a higher-quality/built for seldom use).

Family / Home Use

If you’re planning to buy a foosball table for a fun time for the whole family, you might want to check out entry-level tables, like those cheaper than $300. These tables are typically light weight and has a short height, making it easily reachable for children.

Adult Use (College / Office / Commercial Use)

If you want to buy a foosball table for a bar room, dorm common room, office recreation, or man cave, then you need to choose a durable table that can handle heavy use. You must pick from mid-level tables more expensive than $300, preferably in the $500 to $1000+ price range. Foosball tables on this price range offer serious recreational play that are meant for adults, ranging from beginners to intermediate players to advanced players.

Professional / Tournament Use

If you’re planning to play competitively, or want to practice for joining tournaments, then look for professional-grade foosball tables. It’s preferable to get an ITSF-certified training table. Most of these models are in the $1,000 to $2,000+ price range.

Outdoor Use

If your plan is to put the foosball table outside, then you should pick a table that is graded for outdoor use. Choose one with a water-tight seal design that allows it to withstand rain and snow. It’s all about the material and build – everything from the table to the rods to the foosmen must be weather-resistant.

Features to Consider when Buying a Foosball Table

Here are the features to think about and consider before you settle on a foosball table you want to buy:


The most important thing to consider is the space needed for placing the table. For a standard size table, the minimum recommended area is around 8 x 7 feet. Measure the area of the room where you want to place it, and when looking for a table, consider the length and width of the table, especially the length of the rods. Whatever size of the table you choose, make sure you have around 4 feet at each end and 7 feet on each side of the table as the space for players to move around and play comfortably.


A good foosball table is made of thick walls built from quality materials. It must be durable enough to survive any amount of play. To be safe, the walls must be at least 1 inch thick, preferably 1 to 1 ½ inches thick. Anything that is thinner than an inch might easily get wear and tear within a year.

Most foosball tables are made of MDF (medium density fiberboard). It’s a common composite material that is used in cabinetry, furniture and the like, because it’s cheaper than real wood and can be transformed into custom-made finishes and styles. However, the downside of MDF is it can chip more easily and is harder to repair than solid wood. This is why the very best foosball tables are made of solid wood or even steel, but of course, the price will get higher.

If you’re looking for a cheap foosball table, be wary of particle board construction. Yes, they cost a lot less, but they absorb moisture and warp easily, making it less durable.For the best bang for your buck, it’s recommended to choose a table made of quality MDF that is at least 1 inch thick, with a durable coating.

You can also assess if the construction is strong by its weight. A good table should be heavy and should fall between 130 to 200+ pounds. This keeps the table in place even when the game becomes aggressive.

Also check the sturdiness of the table. One way to assess it is to check how it is joined together. The braces, nuts and bolts must be thick, tight and properly placed.

Playing surface

The playing surface must be thick and must be made of a warp-free material. They either have a melamine, laminate or MDF surface. MDF is common; melamine is typical in budget-friendly foosball tables; while laminate is usually found on higher-end tables. Laminate is more durable and offers an option of embedded field markings, rather than painting or decals. But overall, MDF is the durable material that will be adequate.

You should also consider the texture of the playing surface. It must be slightly rough to enhance ball control. Keep away from those that have a slick and shiny finishing, since these tables are slippery, making it hard to control the ball and keep it pinned down.


Some of the foosmen in foosball tables look like realistic men dolls, while some offer just a man-shaped blob in different colors – the choice is in your preference. The shape, design and colors of the foosmen vary a lot, but the most important thing to consider is the foot. It’s the part that controls the ball, so it must provide good grip. The feet must also narrow down the end that it looks a bit pointed. The sharp edge is important as it makes shots or passes more precise. Foosmen that have round, flat or slick foot design hinders ball control, so you must avoid these.

When you read descriptions about foosball tables, you may see the terms “counterweighted” or “counterbalanced” players. This may or may not be a deciding factor, but here’s what it means:

A counterweighted player has a steel-weighted head and foot. This means, the two ends of the foosmen are weighted equally, so you can set the player parallel to the field to clear the room for shots and passes.

A non-counterweighted foosman doesn’t have a weighted head, so the feet automatically rotates back down when unattended. For a lot of players, it’s not a big deal, but when you’re setting up backfield shots or passes, it may get annoying.

Foosball rods

The rods of a quality foosball table are made of steel and are coated with chrome to prevent rusting. It may either be solid or hollow. Hollow rods are typical in quality tables because they are lighter and easier to handle. It’s a preferable choice for a fast-paced game. Solid rods are stronger and more durable, but since they are heavier, they tend to make the game slow.

There are other types of rods like telescopic rods, which provide safer game play designed for family-friendly use. These are designed not to protrude on the opposite side of the table, protecting players, children and bystanders from getting poked.

Leg levelers

Your floor may be uneven, but leveling a foosball table is important to maintain a fair game. Even the slightest tilt can ruin a foosball game. This is why all foosball tables must come with a type of leg leveler. The most common options are adjustable leg levers that are integrated in the table’s legs, or flat legs with shims. Adjustable leg levers can be found in most of the best foosball tables. It allows you to adjust the table height in each corner by screwing or unscrewing the foot leveler at the bottom of the leg.

If your floor surface is perfectly flat, this feature may not be important to you. However, it’s very useful if you want to bring a table outdoors, as outdoor surfaces are less likely to have perfectly level surfaces.


When it comes to balls, it is recommended for you to pick balls that are easy to grip or pin down against the field. It means it must have texture. However, if you’re looking to spend less than $500, you may expect plastic balls that are slick. The best part about balls is that you can easily buy a set of quality balls, if in case you’re not impressed with the ball that comes with the foosball table set you’re going to buy.

Ball return

Ball return is a matter of convenience, and it’s an important thing to consider for many players. Foosball tables come with three types of ball return: end return, side return or dual side return. Most commercial and high-end foosball tables have dual side return at the center of the table, which allows the ball to automatically roll to the correct side after scoring a goal. For entry-level and mid-range tables, these ball returns are usually at the ends. It means the ball collects at either side of the table after the goal is scored.

This doesn’t matter for some, but the end-return can be kind of annoying if you’re playing alone. This means you have to reach around the other end of the table to grab the ball.

Top Foosball Table Reviews

There are a lot of foosball tables out there, but if you want the best of the best, here’s a review of them:

Best Entry-level Tables (Less than $300)

Where to Buy
Hathaway Playoff
Eastpoint Sports Newcastle
Playcraft Sport

1. Hathaway Playoff

If you’re looking for a nice casual foosball table to practice, the Hathaway Playoff table is a great choice. It appeals to kids and teens, and it’s ideal for teenage to adults play. It’s a bit lightweight, but the quality of the materials used is durable. The CARB-certified MDF makes it sturdy. It features chrome-plated tubular steel rods and automatic end ball return. The handles on the ends of the rods are ergonomic, and the legs come with integrated leg levelers that are easy to adjust.The foosmen are tiny, but they surprisingly offer good ball control for a table in its price range. It offers a sliding score system and a three-man goalie configuration.

The best part about this table is that it’s easy to assemble and it won’t take more than two hours. The soccer theme decoration or decal on the tabletop is attractive especially to younger people. The playing field offers a pretty realistic depiction of grass. Overall, this is a great choice most especially for kids and teens (by the way, it’s not a full-size table) and adults who don’t mind playing on a smaller table. It’s great for small spaces and apartments.


  • Great for players of all ages
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy assembly
  • Ergonomic handles


  • Foosmen not counterbalanced
  • Limited 90-day warranty
  • Too small or too lightweight for some adults

2. Eastpoint Sports Newcastle

Eastpoint Sports Newcastle sports a classy, wooden finish, making it a more elegant choice than the Hathaway Playoff. This foosball table will look great in a game room and can give the whole family lots of fun. This is a 54-inch table, which is only a few inches behind a standard foosball table. It’s one of the heaviest tables in this price range with a sturdy cabinet, meaning it can handle aggressive plays (but mostly by youngsters – if adults roughed up, these table may move).

The robo-style players have a grip on their legs to enhance control on the game, but they are not counterbalanced. This offers a fast-paced gameplay because of the high-performance rod bushings that allows the steel rods to spin consistently and smoothly. It comes with leg levelers and creates an even playing field. However, the rods in this table is not as solid as they look. Also, assembly needs a bit of patience, and non-DIYers may find it difficult to put up.


  • Great for the whole family
  • Sturdy
  • Faster rod spins
  • Comes with leg levelers


  • Not-so-easy to assemble
  • Rods are not so durable
  • Foosmen not counterbalanced
  • Limited 90-day warranty

3. Playcraft Sport

Playcraft Sport is a quality table that is recommended for any parent searching for the perfect foosball table for their kids. The strongest suit of this foosball table is its playability. It has very stable leg panels, even field and strong but lightweight steel rods. The slide bearings can boost the game speed, allowing the rods to rotate smoothly.This also comes with leg levelers, which is not expected of foosball tables in this price range. Also, it comes with easy grip rubber handles are very comfortable to use.

Kids may get attracted to it because of the nice soccer-themed design on the outside walls.It’s made of MDF, so it’s durable. The only thing that may be unsatisfactory with this kit is the poor assembly instructions. If it’s your first foosball table, putting it together can be a bit of a hassle, since the instructions are hard to understand. You will most likely be better off with getting instructions from YouTube.


  • Perfect foosball table for kids
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Comes with leg levelers
  • Faster rod spins


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Limited 90-day warranty
  • Foosmen not counterbalanced

Best Mid-level Tables ($300 – $1,000)

The mid-level is the most popular price range, where you can find decent and even professional-quality foosball tables that are more affordable and provides great fun for everyone.

Where to Buy
Best Mid-level Tables
Atomic Gladiator
Kick Legend
Warrior Professional
Carrom Signature

1. Best Mid-level Tables

The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table has a very classy look and a classic butcher design, which makes it look great in a home game room. The cabinets are made of MDF with a durable exterior melamine and espresso finish that suits well in most home décor. The foosmen also look classy with the shiny brown and chrome silver color. The playing field is made of quality laminate material.

More than aesthetics, this foosball table brings you the feel of a high-end professional table without it being so expensive. It has counterbalanced Robo-style foosmen with a firm grip on their tapered toes. This feature on a foosball table with this price is impressive. The strong, thick legs are reinforced with cross beams to keep the table stable, and it even has leg levelers. Gaming is further enhanced by the solid rods with wooden handles. It also includes a single-man goalie configuration. Setting this up may take some time, but it’s not very hard if you’re handy. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for a group or a family and offers options for large variety of players.


  • Best bang for the buck
  • Smooth and fast gameplay
  • Sturdy, classy quality build
  • Comes with leg levelers
  • Counterbalanced foosmen


  • Time-consuming to assemble

2. Atomic Gladiator

The Atomic Gladiator is an Amazon’s choice. It’s a fun table that can take a rough game any day. It’s made of thick MDF, making it durable and heavy enough for endless hours of gaming. It has a smooth and fair play because the legs offer stability (it comes with leg levelers). The rods are made of solid steel, and are fast enough for good gameplay. The nylon brushings allow them to move smoothly to maintain a fast-paced gameplay. The handles are made of wood that provides good grip.

The overall performance and built of the Atomic Gladiator is comparable to Hathaway Primo, but this one have non-counterbalanced men, so the Primo makes a better choice. The foosmen have glossy and realistic faces and cute uniforms.It’s easy to put it together, as it comes with clear instructions. Overall, this foosball table has a sturdy quality that’s a great choice for family and recreational gameplay.


  • Great for family and recreational play
  • Sturdy and heavy enough
  • Comes with leg levelers
  • Wooden handles
  • Great foosmen design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Foosmen not counterbalanced
  • Limited 90-day warranty

3. Kick Legend

If you’re looking for a durable and trusty table to keep your game room classy, but you want something that can provide real enjoyment, you can count on the Kick Foosball Legend. It’s a high-end looking table but it offers more than great looks. Its durable and well-engineered construction makes it a great steal. It’s made of sturdy material with a fine wood grain that matches most room decors. The rods are chrome-plated, and it comes with two soccer-style foosball balls. The foosmen are counterbalanced. It has a flat playing surface that offers convenient ball return on each ends of the table.

The biggest strength of this foosball table is its appearance. Besides the fine grain, the curved legs make it elegant. And for the most part, it’s also solid and stays at place even during spirited gameplay. The adjustable leg levelers keeps the playing surface flat at all times.


  • Great for recreational play
  • Elegant looking
  • Counterbalanced foosmen
  • Comes with adjustable leg levelers
  • Durable and sturdy


  • May not be stable or durable enough for serious players

4. Warrior Professional

Warrior Professional is the best foosball table under $600. This unit is endorsed for tournament play by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and the United States Table SoccerFederation (USTSF), making it great for players who want a tournament-level table at a not-so-tournament-level price. The advanced gameplay offered at such a price is the strength of this table. The foosmen have excellent control over the ball, allowing accurate passes and shots. They have slightly wider feet with pointed toes, and are counterbalanced. It offers an efficient control and fluidity to the game.

It has a solid base that gives you the feel of a commercial table and even comes with rod guards to protect small children from injury. It’s made of quality MDF, with black PVC laminate legs and side panels. The side ball return system makes easy retrieval. The legs are heavy and thick, so you can be sure that it’s stable. Also, it comes with adjustable leg levelers with rubber feet and swivel design. Overall, it’s the best choice for those looking for professional-level tables but doesn’t want to spend more than a thousand bucks for one.


  • Recognized by ITSF and USTSF
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Sturdy, commercial quality
  • Counterbalanced foosmen
  • Unique rod guard system
  • Faster rod spins
  • Comes with leg levelers
  • One year warranty


  • Assembly is a challenge for some users

5. Carrom Signature

Carrom Signature is the foosball table you’d want for some family fun. It’s very durable and can withstand years of regular gameplay. It retains the classic arcade fun look of foosball tables, the popular butcher block cabinet design and the basic wood bead scoring system. Also, it comes with leg levelers and hollow steel rods for quick game play.

This table is highly durable, which is evident with its one-inch thick MDF cabinet. The thick legs are supported with crossbars to keep it stable. The playing surface is smooth, thanks to quality laminate. It offers a set of counterbalanced Robo-style players with slightly wider and cross-hatched tapered toes. It comes with two set of players and provides optimum playability. Another great thing about the Carrom Signature foosball table is that they are available in three cabinet finish options: Moroccan, burr oak and wild cherry. This table is an ideal choice for players who are looking for a great casual play table with a classy design and a bit of professional touch.


  • Durable construction
  • Classic butcher block design
  • 3 cabinet finish options
  • Two sets of players
  • Counterbalanced foosmen


  • Not heavy enough for aggressive play

Best Professional Tables ($1,000 and up)

Professional foosball tables are of high-quality and offers impressive overall performance. The prices are high, but they are top-of-the-line gaming tables that are crafted by brands that are well-trusted by the foosball gaming community. Tornado and Garlando offer professional-grade soccer tables, and we’ll feature these later on.

Where to Buy
Tornado Sport
Tornado Elite

1. Tornado Sport

Tornado Sport is known as one of the best all-around foosball tables. Tornado is a brand that is trusted by serious foosball players, and the Tornado Sport is their entry-level table. The price is pretty much on the high-end (for most of us), and the quality and construction can also be considered premium. The sidewalls are 1-inch thick, and the green melamine playfield is very attractive.  It has a classic design, a mahogany finish and a smooth feel .This table can withstand years of use and abuse caused by many vigorous foosball games.

The table doesn’t come with counterbalanced players, which allow faster gameplay. It features a three-man goalie setup, plus a revamped player foot for more precise passing and shooting. The rods are strong even when they’re made of hollow steel. Ball returns are placed on the sides.


  • Comes from a reputable, professional foosball table maker
  • Solid, durable and high quality
  • Offers smooth play
  • Classic design


  • Foosmen not counterweighted
  • No built-in adjustable leg levelers

2. Tornado Elite

The Tornado Elite is the perfect foosball table for intermediate and advanced players alike, as well as for those who are willing to invest on a top quality table for practice. This is one of the best professional level foosball tables, with specs and build quality that are at par with tournament-level tables. You can expect great stability with this table during play, even when the going gets rough. It’s made of a very thick MDF cabinet and a heavy 225 pounds of weight, making it an optimum choice. Plus, you’d also like the elegant Victorian cherry finish that can blend just right in with your home or office décor.

It features solid chrome steel rods with solid wood handles, and counterbalanced foosball men. These rods are also telescopic, so the gameplay is safe, even for the young. The patented split bearings allow smoother and faster rod spins, compared to most foosball tables. There are also no dead spots on this table due to the inner bearing design, preventing the ball from passing between men and the wall. Overall, this table offers a professional quality that gives you value for money.


  • Stable and very durable
  • Professional and elegant
  • Faster and safe gameplay
  • Counterbalanced foosmen
  • No dead spots
  • Telescopic rods


  • Assembly of foosmen on the rods can be challenging

Best Weatherproof Tables

If you’re looking for a foosball table that you want to bring outside, choose something that is made of weather-resistant materials, such as these:

Where to Buy
Garlando G500
Kettler Weatherproof

1. Garlando G500

The Garlando G500 is one of the best foosball tables for family use and competitive play. The table is made of weather-resistant marine plywood and plastic laminate coating to make it durable for long-term, outdoor use. The rods are telescopic to keep safe, and are plated with anti-corrosion plating to protect it from rust. It’s also hollow, so they will spin quick and smooth. The playing field is leveled to allow smooth and fair gameplay. You can also be sure that this table is steady because the legs itself are four inches thick.

The best thing about this table is it’s tough, so it’s going to take super rough games to break or even loosen the foosmen, since they are permanently secured to the rods. When it comes to the foosmen, the goalie and the defensive players are counterbalanced, while the forwards and midfielders are not. Another thing, it comes partially assembled and comes with a long 3-year warranty.


  • Weather-resistant built
  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Smooth and fast gameplay
  • Thick legs
  • Telescopic, anti-corrosion rods
  • Easy to assemble
  • 3-year warranty


  • Not all foosmen are counterbalanced

2. Kettler Weatherproof

An Amazon’s choice for a foosball table, the Kettler Weatherproof is a durable choice. It’s an Italian-made table that has a tough, water-proof body made of weatherproof resin and quality laminate.It features heavy-duty, telescopic steel rods and anti-rust coatings. The playing surface is weather-resistant and made of glass, making it a unique piece. You can only find glass on high-end playing tables. The foosmen are counterbalanced, and are molded onto rods are virtually unbreakable.

There are no dead spots in this table because of the glass field and the rails on the sides and corners of the cabinets. This table is very stable, even if it’s lighter than other tables of its kind. It’s a plus for outdoor use, since it makes it easy to move around. If you want a quality foosball table that can survive wear and tear and the outdoor elements, the Kettler Weatherproof table is great for you.


  • Smooth gameplay
  • Glass playing field
  • Sturdy and durable built
  • Zero dead spots
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Telescopic rods


  • Weight may not be enough for competitive play

Best Foosball Coffee Table

Bonus feature: a foosball table that doubles as a coffee table is a pretty much impressive piece of furniture to place in your living room, den or man cave.

Where to Buy
Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

1. Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a foosball table that is subtle (or perhaps your wife did not approve of a foosball table in the house), the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table is a great choice. It’s a coffee table that doubles as a foosball game table! It offers an impressive touch to your room that can easily be a conversation piece. Your guests will surely be impressed.

This table is smaller than a typical foosball table, but the players are controlled by real telescopic rods. It even has a manual scoring board with automatic ball return feature, and stabilizing leg levelers. You and your guests can play on it while you’re seated on your couch. On top, the playing surface is covered with durable glass top (because it’s a coffee table) and a bottom shelf that can serve as storage.