What About Backpacking Axes?

Going out in the wild woods requires a detailed packing list for the survival of the adventurous. A Backpacking Axe is one of them which is essential for the safety and survival for a trip in the woods. It could come in handy for different purposes such as cutting down some food for fire, hunting an animal, or even preparing the meat. If you are planning your adventure anytime soon, you should read on to find out about the things to consider before buying the Axe as well as our recommendations of some of the best Axes you can get from Amazon.com.

Things to Consider

You might wonder what is there to consider in an Axe as it is a handy item which does not have many technical aspects. However, there are definitely a few things that you should be considering before buying a backpacking axe as it is one of the most important gears for safety purposes.

Steel Type

Imagine not focusing on the steel type and having a bad axe purchased which is of no use during your tour. Nobody wants to end up with a useless tool. Therefore, O-1 Steel and basic hardening oil is going to be a fine choice. For a stronger option, there is a high carbon steel  which includes 1065 – 1095 blade type.

If you only have a limited budget, you can also get the chromium stainless steel which is lighter but does the job for which an axe is being made. Some people also prefer specialized steels with letter combinations, but it does not do the job very well since the blade does not have a blunt end and is quite thicker. Just make sure that you are getting a sharp blade of strong steel whenever you intend to buy yours.

Axe Weight

We need to focus on two things, one of which is the capacity we have and secondly how heavy we can easily hold it. A heavier Axe might be just an extra weight on your shoulders constantly and could lead to increased fatigue for the user. As an adventurous, it is a suggestion to get a moderate or lightweight axe because going out in the wild requires a lot of travelling. Bigger axes are usually for bigger projects such as bringing down a whole tree. Therefore, get a handy axe that does the small tasks you aim to do so.


Handle Material

Handle material is an aspect to be considered when you want to overview the long-term durability and reliability of your axe. Axes that have low quality handle material do not last much which results in an unsatisfied product experience.

There are two main types of handle material with one being the wooden while the other being the plastic and fiberglass material. Although, the wooden handle may seem to be the right choice as it is easy to replace and usually light in weight, but one should consider that it is often poorly made from the factory. In addition to that, it might be damaged if there is a very hard strike by the users.

In case you are going for a fiberglass handle, it would cost you a little more but durability and maximum resistance against the tough strikes is guaranteed by us. They are also lightweight making it easier to carry. However, please make sure that you are getting it from a good brand as many companies are not designing the appropriate ones. Moreover, it is not easy to replace.

Where to Buy
Gerber 9-Inch Hatchet [31-002648],Black
LEXIVON V9 Camping Hatchet, 9-Inch Axe | Ergonomic Grip, Lightweight Fiber-glass Composite Handle | Protective Carrying Sheath Included (LX-V9)
KCCEDGE BEST CUTLERY SOURCE Axe Hatchet Tactical Axe Survival Axe Hunting Knife 11 Inch Razor Sharp Edge Camping Accessories Camping Gear Survival Kit Survival Gear Tactical Gear 78319
KSEIBI 274105 Wood Chopping Axe 14 inch Splitting Small Axe Hatchet Wooden Handle Camping Hand Tools
Hooyman Hatchet with Heavy Duty Construction, V Grind Blade, Ergonomic No-Slip Handle and Sheath for Gardening, Hunting, Dressing and Outdoor
WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet for Wood Splitting and Kindling, Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated Hand Maul Tool, Fiberglass Shock Reduction Handle with Anti-Slip Grip


Best Backpacking Axes

Below we have highlighted the main features of some of the best backpacking axes. You can easily get them from Amazon.com

1. Gerber 9-Inch Hatchet

When it comes to backpacking axes and other travel gear, Gerber is the brand that is considered as the priority by many users. This 9-inch hatchet is going to easily fit in your bag. It is also just 19 ounces in weight so all users will find it quite lightweight. As far as the technical aspects of this backpacking axe are concerned, there is a PTFE coated blade which is one of the best blades that you can get.

It reduces friction and does the job without any stress or resistance. With a Forged steel head construction, you will be assured of the durability and it won’t break down right away. For ease of use, it has a soft handle-over mold also. The handle is shock-absorbent as well that reduces the strain and fatigue on the hand. We highly recommend this as your travel equipment because it has 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.com.


2. LEXIVON V9 Camping Hatchet

If you are looking for a stylish yet the perfect axe for your adventure, this one would be just the right thing. Just like we mentioned in the handle materials section, it comes with a fiberglass handle that makes it easy to control and lasts for long. For added protection, this backpacking axe comes with its own carrying sheath allowing the users to transport it with utmost safety.

The head has been made out of Grade A High-Carbon steel so it can be used for the heavy-duty tasks as well. There are hardened cutting edges allowing for a perfect cut at every strike. The weight on this axe is equally distributed unlike the case of a wooden handle axe which usually has an unbalanced weight.


Woah! You just can’t go easy when you are carrying this axe. Just the look of it is so scary. The hatchet has an 11 inches fixed blade along with a suitable handle design that could perfectly fit on your palm. Being designed in a unique manner, it is quite easy to use and access whenever required due to the added portability factor in it.

With a perfect balance between sharpness and toughness, the stainless-steel blade will be the most suitable one for your trip out in the wild. We are also recommending this one for its high performance that was notified by many customers as well as the anti-rust capability of this backpacking axe.

4. KSEIBI 274105 Wood Chopping Axe 14 inch Splitting Small Axe

Weighing as low as 600 grams, this small axe is perfect for the low-end jobs. You can buy it for your trip as well as perform the everyday home tasks also. For all those who have a particular preference for a wooden axe, this one is right for them. As far as the blade is concerned, this small axe has a steel blade which will allow you to cut small items easily.

Having a lacquered finish, it has a smooth design along with the edges being sharp. This is an essential feature for cutting in the most effective manner. Buyers should keep in mind that it may not be as sharp as you require, and you would have to get it sharpened from your nearby store. It also comes with a blade guard for the additional protection of the axe and safety of the user.


5. Hooyman Hatchet with Heavy Duty Construction

The best product for all the pros out there! This one axe is going to be suitable for the heavy-duty tasks and has some serious force for efficient cutting of the different types of materials. The dimensions of this axe are 19 inches Length x 6.75 inches Width x 1 inches Depth. Unlike other lightweight axes, this one weighs about 2.3 pounds.

You can have all the different activities performed from this such as gardening, hunting, dressing, and cutting as well. Moreover, it also comes with a rubber handle which reduces all types of slipping making it a tool that gets the job done quickly and perfectly. A great aspect of this heavy-duty axe is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer.

6. WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet

One of the biggest ones in our list is this chopping axe which has a whopping 15 inches of height. It may be useful for all the heavy tasks, but you will need extra space for it. The Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated blade is the signature element of this hatchet which improves the density and allows for quick sharp splits.

We always recommend having those hatchets which come with a rubber grip because it makes the axe easy to hold. This one has a rubber grip and a shock absorbing handle reducing the strain on your hand. There is a fully polished edge of the blade which can be easily resharpened as per the user requirements. Keep it moderate for the start and check it before getting it cut out.



Axes may appear dangerous but are one of the most important gear for hiking trips and travelling to different terrains. They can also come in handy for common day to day tasks during your trip. We have given you some of the best recommendations on the backpacking axes so that it is easy for you to choose the right one. Look for the basic ones if you don’t have much requirement while the pros can get the high-end ones too.

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