Tips on Keeping Your Prepper Pantry Updated

Emergencies could come without knocking on your door and you will be struck with a surprise. It is always better to prepare for these emergencies before they occur so that you can easily survive unless help reaches you. With emergency kits as well as a prepper pantry, emergencies become easier to handle. However, keeping your prepper pantry updated throughout is important because many items could have expired or become useless over time. 

What is a Prepper Pantry?

A pantry is a closet that contains food or other items stored for later use. It can have cutlery or cooking-ware in it as well. On the other hand, a prepper pantry is a lifesaver in any kind of emergency where there are food shortages or delays. There isn’t much difference between a normal pantry and a prepper pantry except for the fact that it has all the food that you need and is made in a way that lasts for long. 

The foods in a prepper pantry can include canned foods, dry rice, beans, frozen foods, dried foods, and other such items that could provide you with sufficient eating unless help arrives. In times of Hurricanes, government agencies vacate people from the core area which means you might have to leave your home too. Pack up your prepper pantry and leave because this could be your food for survival for the next few days. 


Who Will Benefit the Most from a Prepper Pantry? 

Although we can say that everyone will benefit from a prepper pantry, it is highly recommended to those people who reside in disaster zones. For example, the People of Florida and others that live near the coast are in a disaster zone every year when hurricanes hit the city. Other examples could include the state of Texas where all the previous records of snowfall have broken and people are confined to their homes with no access to basic food supplies or heating. 

If you are close to an area that is known for catastrophes, you must be prepared to deal with the worst possible situation. We emphasize this especially to people that have kids or elders around them.  However, the world has also seen a major pandemic of COVID-19 where lockdowns forced people to not come out of their homes. Therefore, a prepper pantry is essential for all. 

Tips to Keeping Your Prepper Pantry Updated

There are certain things that you should keep away from your prepper pantry to prolong its life as well as keep it updated for a long time. If you don’t consider these things, your food items could be useless even if they are not expired. 

Reduce Excessive Heat

Keep in mind that your prepper pantry should not be at a place where there is excessive heat. Although canned items have high resistance to heat, there are certain items that could lose their taste or give an unpleasant feeling when eaten. Excessive heat could also create an imbalance in the moist level of your prepper pantry. To keep your prepper pantry updated, make sure that there is no direct sunlight on your pantry or it is located at any place with high heat. 



Use Pesticides

Since the food inside your prepper pantry is going to be in plastic bags or cans, there is a chance that pests might attack them. To make sure this does not happen, use pesticides and insecticides regularly. If you don’t use pesticides, your supplies will diminish with time and you will not have sufficient food left in an emergency.

Pesticides can be purchased easily from any store or online market like Moreover, we also recommend you get some mouse killing pills or mouse traps set up in your pantry so that no mouse can ruin your food. The mouse attacks are another main reason why the prepper pantry should always be kept updated.  

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Minimal Air Inflow

It is always recommended that food products perform best when there is a minimum air breach to them. Biscuits in an air-tight container will tend to stay fresh and maintain their taste for a long time compared to biscuits present in an open dish. One of the main reasons why food loses its taste and starts to wither or develop bacteria is that it has access to oxygen. 

Harmful fungi and mold as well as other microorganisms grow easily when there is access to oxygen which is why you need to make sure that the items in a prepper pantry are sealed properly. This will help in minimal air inflow. 

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Keep Regular Checks

Perhaps the most important tip is to keep a regular check on your prepper pantry items. Once every 2 to 3 months, take all the items out, clean your prepper pantry and look for any possible issues. Some foods can be spoiled if they are kept in a particular condition while other foods do not have much negative reaction. Therefore, it is always better to have a check on these food items. 

Moreover, canned foods and dried ones have certain expiry dates. Checking them would help you in replacing expired ones and updating them with newer ones. Items that you have packed yourself might not have exact expiry dates mentioned on them therefore checking them once in a while if they are fine or have any fungi on them would help you to stay updated with your prepper pantry. 


Best Items for Prepper Pantry

Muir Glen, Organic Diced Tomatoes

Your prepper pantry should be having all the essential food items. Since tomatoes are one of the most consumed vegetables, they should be a part of your prepper pantry. This will help you in creating different dishes such as soup, pasta, sandwiches, or others as well. Tomatoes have a high nutritional value and are considered important for fulfilling the water requirements of the human body. 

The Organic Diced Tomatoes by Muir Glen are one of the best ones out there. Being certified by USDA, they are safe to consume. Considered a vital food of your pantry, these tomatoes are of premium quality and Non-GMO. There is no cholesterol or any kind of fats in them making them a healthy choice. 

Where to Buy
Muir Glen, Organic Diced Tomatoes, 14.5 oz (Pack of 12)
Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts (15.25 oz Canister) | Variety Mixed Nuts with Cashews, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pistachios & Pecans
Del Monte Canned Mixed Vegetable
Iberia Black Beans, Dry Beans 4 lbs, Bulk Dry Black Beans Bag, Fiber & Protein Source, Farm Fresh# 1 Grade Black Beans


Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Experts have suggested that nuts are energizing and ideal to consume at times when proper food is not available. Simply open up the can and start eating as compared to canned vegetables which have to be cooked properly as they might not give a very good taste in raw form. 

The ones we recommend have all the different varieties of peanuts to ensure you are getting a sufficient amount of every that ensures the smooth functioning of the different parts of the body. The pack includes a mix of cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, and pecans. Good news for those who eat only Kosher as these nuts have been Kosher-certified. What we liked the most about these nuts is that a one-ounce serving gives you 160 calories which are quite sufficient as a one-time meal. 

Del Monte Canned Mixed Vegetable

In case you don’t want any kind of nuts for your prepper pantry, a mix of multiple vegetables could replace them. Both have a similarity though as they both have a mixture of various items. With different vegetables having numerous vitamins and nutrients, you will have a complete fulfillment of the requirements of your body. 

We picked it because it is also Amazon’s choice product with an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Being Non-GMO and Non-BPA certified, there is no compromise on health. Some flavoring is also added to these mixed vegetables so that you can eat them as they are. 

Iberia Black Beans, Dry Beans 4 lbs

As we mentioned, dry food items are also important for the prepper pantry. We suggest you buy some black beans. The reason why Black Beans are so important is that even if they are consumed in smaller quantities, they fulfill the daily food requirements as well as provide a wide range of health benefits such as aid in bone strength, reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer, prevent heart diseases, and also useful for those who are suffering from diabetes. 

Rat them as they are or add in a salad, soup, or stews because they will taste delicious no matter where you add these. The ones we suggest have absolutely no Gluten or Cholesterol making it yet another safe choice for you at times of emergencies. Compared to Canned beans, they are easy to store because of their low sodium content. People who follow a Kosher diet can also consume these. 

Always manage your pantry well


Keeping the prepper pantry updated may seem like a big job to do but all it takes is 15 minutes to check the different items as well as their condition and expiry dates. These 15 minutes could prove important if you have items that have bacterial or fungi all over them making them inedible. Do consider the items we mentioned above as they are certified products with effective ingredients and high nutritional values.