Family Fun Without Electricity

Happy parents sitting at the table and playing with children in board games at home

Because electricity is such an essential component of modern life, it can be challenging to picture how things would be different if we did not have access to it. However, the vast majority of people have at least occasionally been affected by power outages. Many individuals realize during these times that they … Read more

Ways to Make Coffee Without Electricity

Ways to Make Coffee Without Electricity

Coffee might be the only comfort food that restores a sense of normalcy in trying situations. You can even belong to the group of devoted coffee consumers who ritualize the brewing procedure. In a power outage, you’ll be without a power source and forced to face the end of the world if … Read more

Coping Without Power

Coping Without Power

Being a prepper still requires the use of computers and electricity to obtain news and other crucial information. However, it is tough work that cannot be fully accomplished by constructing or acquiring power-producing equipment. You will need to find different solutions to meet your fundamental needs without electricity.  Surprisingly, a lot of the techniques … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Urban Survival Strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Urban Survival Strategies

More than half of the world’s population lives in cities and other metropolitan areas with high densities of people. If you’re reading this, you probably reside in a heavily populated urban region and are seeking strategies to get ready for any urban emergencies or natural disasters. Urban places and their inhabitants are … Read more

Tips on Keeping Your Prepper Pantry Updated

Tips on Keeping Your Prepper Pantry Updated

Emergencies may occur without knocking on your door, catching you off guard. It is usually preferable to be ready for these situations in advance so that you may easily endure until aid arrives. Emergencies can be handled more easily with emergency kits and a survivalist pantry. However, because many things may have … Read more

Tips for Organizing Survival Gear

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It is a good idea to stock up on gear and supplies in case of an emergency; however, if those items are lost or misplaced when they are required, even the most thorough preparations will be of little use. As a result, putting together the supplies for an emergency is equally as … Read more

Guide to Buying a Personal Weather Station

A farmer standing in a field next to a weather station

A number of different lines of work hinge on accurate weather forecasting. Gardening, farming, golfing, sailing, flying, travel, research or generally any job (or perhaps even a hobby, if you’re a weather geek) that requires access to information like wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, humidity, immediate local temperature firmly fall into that … Read more

Washing Clothes When You’re Off the Grid

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Many of us, when we think of living off the grid, picture a small house on some land, powered by the sun, with food growing everywhere. This is the image that comes to mind for many of us. The many hours of work that need to be done to keep the homestead … Read more

Preparing to plunge into a deadly situation? Try survivalism as a hobby

Survivalism tools and equipment

Survivalism is the objective of staying alive in the face of adversity. Potential calamities, on the other hand, can strike at any time. As a result, survival training and preparedness are critical for any survivalist. Preppers and survivalists are two groups that are frequently misunderstood. The primary distinction between the two is … Read more

Using Flammable Food Oils for Light in an Emergency

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Food is one of the things that the vast majority of people have prepared for in the event of a survival situation. On the list of things to store for the future, it’s possible that warmth and light were given a lower priority than other items. When things get crazy, it can … Read more

Preparedness for People Who Wear Glasses or Contact Lenses

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It may be difficult to believe, but the overwhelming majority of people use some form of corrective vision aid, such as glasses or contact lenses. A recent survey revealed that an estimated more than sixty-five percent of adults use some kind of visual corrective device, and the number of people doing so … Read more

How to Begin Prepping and Disaster Planning

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Do you want to be better prepared for disasters, but you are unsure about the supplies you need or where to start? As a prepper, this guide will walk you through the fundamental steps, as well as the most essential items to stock up on. When you’ve finished reading, you’ll have more … Read more