Warm Your Hands with Hand Warmers

It can be uncomfortable to have cold hands, and if there is not ambient heat – such as when there is a power outage due to a disaster – then it is more difficult to warm them up if they get cold. Cold hands will limit movement and dexterity, making tasks harder to accomplish, even if the tasks are ones that might offer warmth.

There are many ways to keep hands warm. One of these is with handwarmers. These can be disposable, chemical, reusable, or just furry. The situation and the people involved will be factors when determining which handwarmer will be most efficient.

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Grabber Warmers Cozy Hand Warming Muff with Inner Warmer Pocket: Free Grabber 12+ Hour Mega Warmer (Blaze Orange)
VS-Foru Hand Muffs for Women-Faux Fur Hand Warmer
Icebreaker Handblanket - Hand Muff Mossy Oak Breakup Camo


Furry or Fabric

Also known as a muff, this old-time cylinder is usually made of rabbit skin or something similar. Not as common as it used to be, a muff is good for warmth, but not helpful if productivity is necessary.

1. Faux Fur

Soft fake fur makes this muff comfortable and enjoyable. When hands do not need to be busy, this is a delightful way to keep them warm and cozy.

2. Warming Muff

Made of duck cloth, this high-quality handwarmer has a waterproof nylon shell and a fleece lining. While some muffs hang around the neck, this one is made to clasp around the waist with a nylon strap.

3. Icebreaker Handblanket

Sturdy camouflage muff is made with an outer shell of poly cotton and an acrylic lining with insulation between.

Where to Buy
Yaktrax 8-Hour Hand Warmers
Grabber Warmers Peel N' Stick Body Warmers - Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers - Up to 12 Hours of Heat - 40 Count
Made in USA: Heat Wave Instant Reusable Hand Warmers - Premium Medical Grade - Click to Heat
HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmers - Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers - Up to 18 Hours of Heat - 40 Individual Warmers
Little Hotties 8-Hour Hand Warmers
MCR Medical Grab-N-Go Warm Hand Warmer, (Case of 200)



4. Eight-Hour Hand Warmers

These handwarmers come in pairs. Air-activated warmers are safe, offer natural heat without odors, and work as soon as they are opened. Use in gloves or pockets for handy heat.

5. Grabber Warmers

Long-lasting air-activated heating packets offer warmth for hours in gloves, boots, or pockets. Peel and stick adhesive allows warmers to be placed where they will do the most good.

6. Heat Wave Premium Medical Grade Hand Warmers

Instant hand warmer is ready to use in seconds and can be reused over and over. A click of the metal chip inside starts the reaction and boiling until it is re-liquified will allow it to be used again. These eco-friendly warmers are made in the USA.

7. HotHands Super Warmers

Long-lasting hand warmers are activated by air and shaking. The warmer heats up over the following 15-30 minutes; exposure to air increases temperature up to its maximum. Environment-friendly ingredients allow for disposal in general trash receptacles.

8. Little Hotties Hand Warmer

Up to eight hours of safe and natural heat that will keep hands warm all night while sleeping or all day while working.

9. MCR Medical Grab-N-Go

Air activated hand warmers are lightweight, individually packaged, and disposable. Heat is available less than ten minutes after activation. Perfect to add to an emergency kit or to keep in the car during the winter.

Where to Buy
My Hot Pad - Hand Warmers Self Heating Pads - 20 Pairs = 40 Hand Warmers Total - Lasts up to 8 Hours or More of Heat
Tundras Hot Hand Warmers Natural Odorless - 40 Count - Long Lasting Safe Single Use Air Activated Heat Packs for Hands, Toes and Body - Up to 8 Hours of Heat - TSA Approved
HOTNWARMER Disposable Hand Warmers – Disposable 40 Count Pocket Hand Warmers – Heat Pads for Hands When Hiking, Skiing or Walking – Pocket Heat Pads Providing up to 18 Hours Warmth per Pair
Super Body X-Large Hot Warmers - 24 Hours of Heat - 20 Count, Long Lasting Extra Large Warmers - Safe and Odorless Single Use Air Activated Heat Packs for Hands, Toes and Body - TSA Approved
ThermaHands Hand Warmers - Premium Quality (Size: 3.5 inch x 4 inch, Duration: 12+ Hours, Max Temp: 163 F) Air-Activated, Convenient, Safe, Natural, Odorless, Long Lasting Hand Warmer
UST Reusable Hand Warmer with Environmentally Friendly, Compact Design and Instant Activation for Hiking, Camping, Backpacking and Outdoor Survival


10. My Hot Pad Hand Warmers

Odorless, safe, and disposable, these warmers will keep hands warm for up to 8 hours. Their small size makes them easy to slip into gloves or pockets.

11. Natural, Odorless Hand Warmers

Air activated single use heating packets offer up to 8 hours of heat per packet. Placed inside gloves or a pocket, these convenient packets are great for traveling. Dispose of used warmers in any standard trash can.

12. Pocket Hand Warmers

Disposable, air activated pocket-sized hand warmers are ready to warm up hands about two minutes after activation. Reactivation is possible for up to 18 hours. When the heat is exhausted, drop into a trash receptacle.

13. Super X-Large Hot Warmers

These long-lasting warmers heat for up to 24 hours after activation. Activated by air, these convenient packets of heat will fit neatly in pockets or gloves for comfortable warmth.

14. ThermaHands Premium

These packets reach a maximum temperature of 163 Fahrenheit and last 12 hours or more. Usable indoors or outdoors, these packets are great for using in pockets or gloves, but a glove liner is a must as these should not touch the skin due to danger of burns.

15. UST Reusable Hand Warmer

This oval handwarmer heats up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 seconds after clicking the metal disk inside. It will stay warm for as much as two hours. Wrapping the warmer in a cloth can extend the warmth time.

Where to Buy
Celsius Long Lasting Warmth 507/HW Solid Fuel Hand Warmer Safe & Odorless
Celsius Solid Fuel Hand Sticks
Stansport Hand Warmer with 2 Fuel Sticks
Stansport Solid Fuel Pocket Handwarmer Refills
HotSnapZ Hand Warmers Reusable Round & Pocket Warmers
Peacock Japanese Giant Size Platinum Catalyst Metal Hand Warmer - Made
8 Snappy Heat Reusable Gel Heat Packs—Instantly Hot Pocket-Size Heaters Provide Soothing Therapy for Cramps, Arthritis, and Pain in Joints, Back, Neck, and Muscles
Zippo Hand Warmer, 12-Hour - Chrome Silver with Lighter Fluid, 12 oz.



16. Celsius Long Lasting Solid Fuel Hand Warmer

The solid fuel stick that burns inside the insulated case offers heat for about two hours before requiring replacement.

17. Celsius Solid Fuel Sticks

When the sticks are used up, these replacements will keep the hand warmer going.

18. Stansport Hand Warmer

This solid fuel hand warmer is insulated to allow the heat to warm the case which in turn will warm the hands that hold it. The fuel sticks last about 12 hours.

19. Stansport Solid Fuel

Refill a Stansport hand warmer with these replacement fuel sticks, which will keep hands warm and comfortable.

20. HotSnapZ Round and Pocket Warmers

An internal start, when snapped, starts a reaction that generates heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, lasting about an hour for the pocket warmers and half an hour for the round warmers. Reset by boiling for about fifteen minutes and letting cool to room temperature. This makes them great for emergency and camping use, as no electricity is needed to reset them.

21. Peacock Japanese Hand Warmer

Originally developed just after the second World War, this classic design is used by a lot of manufacturers now. It uses lighter fluid and burns nearly odorlessly, emitting warmth for a full 24 day.

22. Snappy Heat Reusable Gel Heat Packs

Snap the disc once forward and once back to activate the gel, which heats in 3 seconds, up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat lasts 10 to 20 minutes; kneading regularly may extend the heating time. Reset by boiling for 15 minutes and allowing it to cool.

23. Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers

Easy to refill and easy to start, this warmer fits neatly into pockets. Warmers come empty and must be filled, preferably with Zippo lighter fluid. Once the cup is filled and the warmer is lit, it will provide heat for up to 12 hours before needing a refill.