Guide to Emergency and Space Blankets

Emergency blankets (also called space blankets) are essential to any bug out bag, and for good reason. Whether you’re exploring a destination in winters or get stuck in a hurricane, your blanket can provide you the care and physical protection you need to survive in unfavorable conditions. These blankets are extremely lightweight and courtesy of their material, they allow users to retain 90 percent of their body heat by preventing the warmth from radiating away from their bodies.

What Materials Go into Making an Emergency Blanket?

Older models of the emergency blanket were made with aluminum foil, but the latest ones are designed using two separate layers of mylar that allow for repeated usage. Also, vendors are using bright colors that can be identified from a distance with ease, so buyers can also use them as shelters in case they need to be rescued out of an emergency.

They’re alternatively named as space blankets because they also feature tinfoil, which is the same as what NASA used in its ‘Apollo’ initiative. What’s the primary feature of this unique material? Well, there are many: its dust and waterproof, retains 90 percent of the warmth of the human body for several days, and its quite impossible to tear apart. Other features include industry-leading insulation, Plus, all these characteristics arrive in a 50-gram blanket that can be used to provide shelter to an adult person with ease.

Moreover, emergency blankets don’t require any accumulators or sockets. And if someone decides to utilize them like a tent, they will secure themselves from the rays of the sun, because the blanket’s material will reflect those rays. It’s worth mentioning that it’s a bad idea for anyone to wrap themselves up in a space blanket below the sun because it can lead to overheating. Ideally, it’s wise to use emergency blankets just for an awning in a hot climate.

The even better thing? Waterproofing material is also used on an emergency blanket, so anything the buyer wraps in them is going to be safe from pouring water – assuming the blanket isn’t broken or punched. For instance, you can use it to wrap food that needs a cool storage space, with sealed edges, and then lower it into a source of running water. However, you’d need to tie it up because it can float away.

Where to Buy
S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Emergency Blanket
Rothco G.I. O.D. Casualty Blanket
Snugpak Jungle Blanket
Grabber MPI Space All Weather Tarp/Blanket

1. S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Emergency Blanket

This blanket isn’t lightweight, but a heavy duty model that does a lot more than those thin emergency blankets. The S.O.L. is has excellent resistant against tears, and won’t shred with normal use. In fact, those considering an attempt would need to use knives or scissors or other sharp objects. Additionally, this blanket is thicker than Mylar, and can be used as a gear cover, first aid kit, ground cloth, and more. Its Heatsheets material (its waterproof and windproof!) works great as an emergency shelter. Plus, it can also be used as an external wind cover for a lean shelter in the wilderness. Other than that, the S.O.L. Survival Emergency Blanket uses metal grommets that make it easy to rig a shelter up.

What makes it stand out?

S.O.L. Survival Outdoors Emergency Blanket is reusable and contains a 30-50 percent stretchy material that won’t shred if it’s punctured or niched. Hence, there’s no need to stress over a tiny hole turning into a life-endangering disaster.

2. Rothco G.I. O.D. Casualty Blanket

The difference between Rothco and other space blankets brands is that the foil (cover shell) of this particular model is ‘metalized’ – it reflects the heat of the body back to the user. In fact, this specific blanket can also be used to reflect camp fire heat toward someone experiencing hypothermia or an injured individual. And because it features grommets, people can also use it as a shelter or tarp. The grommets are much more durable than what’s present on other space blankets, and they can also be strengthened manually if the need arises. And while it’s a strong blanket overall, it has a lifespan and buyers can expect it to last for at least ta full season. The material is stroller fabric, aluminum, and plastic, whose life can be extended with care. Of course, it may not serve a great purpose when used as a shelter but works extremely well as a blanket.

What makes it stand out?

It’s much easier to fold the Rotcho G.I. O.D into a full size compared to folding a Mylar blanket. Also, its manufactured in the US and is GSA compliant.

3. Snugpak Jungle Blanket

The Snugpak Jungle blanket is a soft, warm model that is ideal for taking to any place. It comes with soft insulation that is designed to keep you warm. Other features of the Snugpak Jungle Blanket include antibacterial components, windproof technology, and water-resistance capability. It can even be compressed down to 6 by 6 inches for compact and light travel. The low temperature rating is 36 degrees, while the high rating goes up to 45 degrees. And though you may find other space blankets that are just as sturdy as this blanket, this particular model is a viable choice if you need a warm and light blanket to keep yourself comfortable in light emergencies (such as during a power outage, as you won’t be having access to a heater).

What makes it stand out?

The package for this blanket includes a compression pack and the overall weight of the real thing is just 25 ounces. Moreover, its high loft fibers function smoothly to deliver superior performance, even after you compress them to a compact size.

4. Grabber MPI Space All Weather Tarp/Blanket

Grabber’s Outdoor All Weather Space blanket is an ideal example of what a leading thermal blanket offers the consumer. Though it can be used as any thermal blanket mentioned on this list, it’s designed to last and provide several kinds of shelter in an emergency situation. A few months on a camp base or in a field during a dark out can also be spent well with this blanket because it’s not only easy to pack, it can be used over and over without any issue. The Grabber is 5*7 feet and weighs 12 ounces, so it covers a good amount of space. Buyers would also find grommets in its corner, which increases the versatility of the blanket. Additionally, the Grabber MPI space is warmer than materials like wool, along with being highly durable (because of its laminate coating).

What makes it stand out?

The Grabber MPI space blanket is a multi-purpose emergency blanket that can help buyers create an excellent shelter outdoor, as well as signal for rescue. And because its made in the US, it brings the best quality emergency blankets have to offer.


As this list indicates, there are multiple ways in which space blankets or emergency blankets can be an excellent gear to ensure that you’re able to survive in a wide range of emergencies. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight option that is versatile or a heavy-duty model that is solely designed for protection, you there are many good reasons to make one or more than one emergency mylar blanket a part of your bug out bag or emergency survival kit.