Emergency Tools to Have Before SHTF

When most people think about readiness, they think of food, water, first aid kits, emergency radios, and the usual suspects. Most people don’t give hammers, shovels, chainsaws, and other everyday tools much thought, but they should. They’ll need those tools during a calamity.

What SHTF Means?

To get things started, let’s say the acronym. S.H.T.F. is an acronym that stands for “Shit Hits the Fan” (or “stuff Hits the Fan” if you’d like a less offensive term). Whichever you choose, we can all agree on how messy such an event would be. When anything S.H.T.F., it denotes a bad turn for the worst. When it boils down to it, an S.H.T.F. event is simply an emergent event or crisis that will put your survival abilities to the test. While the majority of people tend to think more in terms of a proper catastrophic catastrophe, this is not necessarily the case.

Everyone’s experience with this will be unique. Some people mistake a natural disaster for an S.H.T.F. event, while others exclusively use the phrase to refer to a true end-of-the-world scenario. No of what a person thinks to be an S.H.T.F. event, preparation should be done, and it should tend to be done with the worst-case scenario in mind.

An S.H.T.F. event brings out a variety of reactions, and some people feel that when things become that bad, it’s time to either bug in or out. Some people think that you should stay put if at all possible. However, depending on who we are, where we live, how prepared we are, and what plans we have made, how each of us reacts to an incident that we believe to be an S.H.T.F. event will differ.

S.H.T.F. Scenario Examples

Numerous SHTF scenarios exist. It could be a significant local, regional, national, or even global event. The length can also change significantly.

1. Natural Disasters

A catastrophic natural catastrophe is a localized or regional occurrence that has the potential to significantly disrupt the lives of many people. Such an occurrence is covered under the S.H.T.F.

People who live in places that can be affected by a strong hurricane, earthquake, snowfall, volcano, or other weather calamities face a significant risk to their life and limb, and even if they survive, their lives may be drastically changed for weeks or months.

2. Financial Collapse

The most likely S.H.T.F. occurrence for which preparations should be made is potentially this one. An abrupt financial collapse can cause an economy to collapse, leading to a sharp decline in stock prices and a bank holiday during which no one will be able to access their money. Prices for everything from gas and power to bread and milk might skyrocket as a result of the panic, rage, and despair that follows.

3. World War

Human conflicts have always existed, and as the world’s population continues to increase and become more crowded, something will eventually have to give. Friction is already at an all-time high. Consider the issues with North Korea and Russia, and another World War doesn’t seem so far off or unreal. Conventional, nuclear, biological, chemical, and cyberattacks are just a few of the many ways that a World War may cause havoc on American soil.

4. Pandemic

As a result of the fact that it has occurred so, so frequently in the past, the prospect of a viral epidemic always looms over humanity like a spectral shadow. A pandemic is not only plausible but also essentially guaranteed, according to virologists. It’s only a matter of time before the next bug mutates or crosses the animal-to-human divide. You must consider that this is an S.H.T.F. event when a viral epidemic starts, spreads to a worldwide level, cases of the virus increase, and the illness enters your city or town.

5. Nuclear Threat

The possibility of nuclear proliferation and solitary explosions is very real. If the nuclear assault is not intended to start a World War, the single attack will inevitably do so. Some preparedness enthusiasts want to be fully prepared for a nuclear war because they believe that if they can survive one, they can survive any other S.H.T.F. event that might occur.

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Essential Tools for an S.H.T.F Situation

1. Cutting or Chopping Tool

To allow for cutting or chopping down trees, cooking, warmth, or even shelter, this object needs to have a sizable size. The best option is a hatchet or a sizable survival knife that comes with a honing stone, sheath, and carrying bag. You can use a hatchet as a hammer. Even more tools, including a string, saw, compass, light fishing tackle, and a small sewing kit can be found in the handles of some survival knives. You’ll be happy to have a chopping and cutting tool on hand when SHTF.

2. First Aid

Even if the use of force abilities and tools is absolutely important, the proper amount of time must be spent understanding how to save a life. Most likely, there won’t be much of an emergency medical response during an SHTF situation. You might be the only “EMT” around. In light of this, each member of the family ought to have a personal first-aid kit that has the bare minimum of supplies.

3. Multi-Purpose Tool

A multi-purpose tool includes several components that go beyond straightforward cutting. Because of this, the multipurpose instrument is a fantastic possession. It may seem frivolous, but items like scissors, knives, screwdrivers, pliers, can openers, bottle openers, and other associated tools are not. You might have to scrounge for food in a genuine survival scenario that affects whole towns, regions, or nations. Contamination may occur with fresh meals. They won’t be used for very long, even if they are clean. Your only options can be liquids like bottled water and canned items. Using the extra equipment, you may build or maintain a useful shelter as well as skin animals.

4. Firestarter

Matches works, but water, humidity, and mildew may quickly damage them. The best option is to use a flint or magnesium rod, or what is known as a permanent match. The encased “match” in a perpetual match is lit when it is withdrawn from its metal storage container. Dry tinder and paper are ignited when the flint and magnesium rods are scratched with a steel item, such as a knife blade. If you don’t have any paper or tinder, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly perform great in that situation.

5. Filtration or Purification of Water

Freshwater could get tainted. If so, water must be purified or desalinated to meet the hydration needs. Without fresh water, people can only endure for a few days. Your water tap will quickly run dry if SHTF. You must come up with a fresh approach. You may reuse different types of water filtering equipment hundreds or even thousands of times by purchasing it online. It is very advised that your survival kit has numerous backups.

6. Rope

Ropes have a variety of applications, although most survivalists today favor paracords made to military standards. Since paracord is constructed of several nylon strands, it can be divided into different pieces to be used as a sewing thread or fishing line.

7. Flashlight

It will be very helpful to have a light source other than your campfire, especially if you get lost trying to find your way back to camp.

8. Compass

A compass is an essential tool that everyone should have when navigating, especially if there is no electricity or cell service available.

9. Duct Tape

Duct tape has way too many useful, practical applications to list them all here. Among these are starting a fire, creating and keeping furniture, constructing and maintaining a shelter, providing first aid in an emergency, making an emergency glass or bowl, and preserving equipment. Include as much duct tape as you can in your survival kit. Should the worst happen, you won’t regret having it.

10. Personal Defense Tools

Rifles and powerful weaponry are a few of the personal defense equipment that most of us are familiar with. In an SHTF scenario, it may be difficult to manage these issues. except while inside protected locations. However, you need portable, lightweight personal defense gear if you want to be as mobile as possible in an emergency. individuals who are ideal for hunting game. Utility knives are useful and can save lives in addition to firearms. A utility knife with a set of pliers and various screwdrivers is the best option. A good fighting knife and pistol are other options.

Emergency bag for earthquake

Some individuals may find it daunting to think of preparing for the end of the world but being ready before SHTF is a smart idea. Making sure you have everything you’ll need and that you know what to do in an emergency is all that’s required. For more items that are useful for emergencies, you can take a look at our Guide to Selecting Items You Need at Home for Emergency Situations.