Best Board Games for Kids


Board games for kids can be of great help because it keeps the little ones away from the screen. Kids tend to play games on smartphones, tablets, personal computers, etc. Instead of playing computer and online games, your kids can play board games that help to develop the logical-reasoning and critical-thinking skills. … Read more

Adapted Board Games for the Visually Impaired


Almost every single organ of your body has an important role to play. Some of them help you stay alive, while others provide you a convenient life. The eye is one of the organs that makes the quality of our life much better. The human eye works in the same manner as … Read more

Most Popular Games of the 2010s


Games are an essential part of human development and entertainment. Humans have learned many fundamental skills to interact through games of different nature. The sole reason why games have been a vital part of human existence is that they cater to people with different interests and abilities. Games help people develop distinct … Read more

Most Popular Games of 1950 to 1979


Today with technological advancements, we have innumerable options to play games. With just one click, we can download the game of our choice and interest from a list of hundreds and thousands of games. It is so much easier to play video games anywhere – using the home console, smartphones, or tablets/iPads. … Read more

Most Popular Games of 1900 to 1949


The 1900s was a time of card, board, and street games. Gaming has always been a form of family entertainment. The type of game that was mostly played throughout the 20th century is board games. Many board games were created in the 1900s for families and children to play even today in … Read more

Guide to Guess Who


Those who were kids in the 1980s would probably have fond memories of playing a unique board game called Guess Who. This fun game pits two players against each other in a battle of wits to see who can guess the character card that the opponent is holding. For those unfamiliar with … Read more

Guide to Boggle


Scrabble is arguably the most popular word-based board game in the world, but there are plenty more similar games to choose for if you or your loved ones would like to have a little bit of variety when it comes to the games you are playing. One of the most well-known alternatives … Read more

Guide to Sorry

Like most other competitive board games, Sorry can ruin friendships mainly because of its wicked gameplay mechanics that would make your friends hate you whenever you stop them from winning. Although the game looks simple at first glance, it involves complex strategies that you need to learn to win the game more … Read more

Guide to Playing Codenames Online and Offline


Are you and your family fond of playing spy games? If yes, Codenames is the ideal game for a thrilling gaming night! The objective of the game is to unleash the identity of your secret agents in the field. Since it is more challenging, it is best to play with teens and … Read more

Guide to Playing Taboo Online and Offline


Taboo is an enjoyable guessing game with a twist! You need to quickly think, talk fast, without saying the TABOO words listed on the card! If you state one of the unmentioned words, be ready to get buzzed and lose your team a point. Answer as many words as possible within the … Read more

Guide to Playing Pictionary Online and Offline


Pictionary is one of the classic games incredibly fun to play with large groups of individuals. It works for all ages, and best played with 3-16 players divided into two teams. In this game, players take turns in drawing words and phrases provided, while their teams try to decipher what it is. … Read more