Best Board Games for Kids

Board games for kids can be of great help because it keeps the little ones away from the screen. Kids tend to play games on smartphones, tablets, personal computers, etc. Instead of playing computer and online games, your kids can play board games that help to develop the logical-reasoning and critical-thinking skills. Also, board games help the kids to work as a team and experience turn-taking and patience.

Screen addiction or online games are hijacking the kids. As a result, kids are growing with several diseases such as diabetes or obesity. Board games are all about brain development and making memories. Also, physical movements are involved in some board games making your kids healthy. There are a lot of board games for toddlers and kids that are easy to play with family and friends. 

Best Board Games for Kids

Connect Four 

It is a two-player board game in which each player chooses a color. Each player takes a turn to drop the colored discs into a seven-column and six-row vertically suspended grill. The discs fall straight down and occupy the lowest space available in the column. The winning objective of this board game is to be the first to fill the diagonal, vertical, or horizontal lines with four discs of a player.

It is easy to understand and play the game. Also, it is a solved game in which the first player can win the game if they are making the right moves. Same as tic-tac-toe, you make a right move, you win the game. Your kids will love to play this game over and over again. Also, you will play it with your kids because it is a short game that you can play few rounds before continuing cleaning or chores.

Where to Buy
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Educational Insights Special Edition The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Roll and Play

If you want your kid to learn some skills about following rules or taking turns, moving and getting silly, no winners or losers, etc. To make them learn some new skills, ask your toddler to throw the big plush dice and call out the name of the color it lands on. The color will be having a matching color card with descriptions and tasks. The card will have simple tasks such as find something red, sing a song, give a hug, roar like a lion, etc. 

All tasks in this board game are for different learning areas. Kids of 18 months to 3 years are in the learning stage and this board game will be of help. Also, kids 4-6 years of age will enjoy this board game with their younger siblings. 

Smart Farmer

Smart farmer is a cognitive skill-building brain game. In this game, the animals are making a big mess. They need to be separated on the farm but the farmer is having only 3 simple fences. These 3 simple fences will be dividing the field into separate meadows. This solo board game involves advanced arrangements that are challenging. There are cows, sheep, horses, pigs, and water troughs. 

The directions to play the game is to separate the animals according to the species using different pieces of fencing. The booklet in the game is having dozens of different arrangements for animals and troughs. Every time you play it with your kids, you will come up with different patterns and solutions. The recommended age for this board game is 5 years old and above. 

Monkey Around

Monkey around is a great game for the little ones who want to pull out their silliness. It is great for the kids who don’t like to sit down and focus on a typical board game. Your kid can simply choose one of the 40 cards and make an indicated move. The tasks and objectives can be solo tasks like jumping backward or balancing the banana bean bag on your head. 

The team tasks can be of doing chores together such as making a bridge for the others to crawl underneath or to give high fives. Once your kid has completed a card, they place it on the board and choose another one. Once the board is full, the player wins. After seeing how quickly the board fills up, you can choose to continue playing by taking the turns with the cards.

It is a simple and appealing board game for 2 and 3-year-old kids who want to play their board games instead of watching their elder siblings or parents enjoying their board games. 

First Orchard 

It is a perfect fun and engaging cooperative game for 2-year-old toddlers. The rule of the game is simple and easy. Every player works together to collect the fruit from the orchard’s tree. To win the game, each player has to collect the fruit from the orchard before the raven reaches there. The learning from this board game is to follow the directions and be patient to wait for the turn. 

Other fundamental skills that the kids learn from this board game are counting and color matching. The rules are simple and basic, a 2- or 3-year-old toddler will easily pick up the rules. Each player stays engaged in the playtime and the playtime of the game is 5 to 10 minutes. The adorable picnic basket and wooden fruit attract the kids to play this board game. 

Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

Eye Found It is a fun game for 2 to 4 players in which each player race across Busytown along with a game board that is 6 feet long. The game comes with easy and clear instructions so everyone can start playing without taking time to learn the gameplay. Your kids can race across Busytown over and over again and experience different challenges every time. 

The important thing about Eye Found It is that it helps to develop critical skills such as it promotes attention to detail, encourages teamwork, matching skills, and reinforces object identification. As the name suggests, kids love to play this board game and build confidence in them when they say they found it. Also, kids will find hundreds of objects that provide hours of fun

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

A simple and delightful game in which you have to fill your log with acorns to win the game. Your kid does not need to read the instructions to play the game. They can easily pick up the rules and have fun. When it is your turn, spin the wheel and complete the task that you land on. 

The tasks can be to choose an acorn of a specific color, pick any 1 or 2 acorns, lose a turn, steal an acorn, or the dreaded loses all your acorns. The players can use the Squirrel Squeezers to move the acorns. The Squirrel Squeezers are loved by kids because they not only add a special element of fun but also helps to develop hand-eye coordination. Also, it helps to develop fine motor skills.

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel helps in the development of decision-making because a player has to choose which acorn to pick that is not already in their log. They learn good sportsmanship when they lose a turn, lose all their acorns, have an acorn stolen, etc. It is a fantastic game that your kids would love to play it over and over again. 

Board Games – Best for Kid’s Cognitive Skills Development

In the learning age, if your kids are watching cartoons or playing games on smartphones or tablets, you should shift them to board games. Board games help your kids to develop cognitive skills and brain development. Board games come with objectives that involve physical movement and a player has to be strategic to win the game. 

Also, you can be playing with your kids to help them learn new things or strategies. Hence, board games are not only fun for kids but also for teens and elders.