Board Games That Can Teach Team Building

Team building activities can be used to bring people together, have them undergo a shared experience, make decisions, manage limited resources, solve problems, and operate under pressure. Utilizing board games designed to improve group dynamics can be ideal for various training purposes. Some games are extensive and help put a team together, while others are brief and can break the ice.

So, if you’re searching for some board games to play at your next team-building event, take a look at this list!

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Scattergories Game
MONOPOLY Classic Game
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This is a word-based board game in which players must come up with responses that all begin with the same letter. Players are given a set of categories to work with, such as “international places,” “a girl’s name,” and “items discovered in a park.”

The more teammates that join a Scattergories game, the more likely it is that answers will be duplicated. Players must foresee teammates’ guesses and conjure alternate replies to avoid replicating an answer and losing a point. To avoid double work, Scattergories trains colleagues to anticipate team members’ responses.

Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers is a game that is half trivia and half gambling. Players answer questions and place bets on the most likely answers in this game. You can play this board game either individually or in small groups.


One of the most brilliant board games for team building is Codenames, a guessing game centered on the acts of giving and following orders.

The board game necessitates attentive listening and critical thinking, both of which are excellent team-building activities. To guide the squad without alerting opponents, spymasters must interact minimally and efficiently with teammates. The spymaster’s aim must be deduced through decoding messages. 

Teams are taught a lesson in instruction and comprehension in Codenames.



Since 1935, when the first official Monopoly game was released, this property acquisition game has produced real estate titans. As players buy and trade assets while avoiding being thrown in jail, the board game demands luck and risk.

Players are allowed to purchase available properties if they have the necessary finances. You can then earn money during the match by charging other players rent if they land on one of your areas.

You must bankrupt your opponents to win the game, which can take a long time. The goal is to purchase enough properties on the same side of the board to form a monopoly, at which point the other players will be unable to pay your rent.


A murder has occurred at the Boddy Mansion, and it’s down to you to crack the mystery. There are only six suspects, and one of them is you.

Move your game pieces in and out of the halls and secret passages of the mansion depicted on the game board, looking for clues. Who was to blame for Mr. Boddy’s death? What kind of weapon was used? What occurred, and where did it take place?

As you find more clues, you’ll be able to categorize the various possible answers to those questions. It’s a race against time to determine who can complete the puzzle first.


The game Pandemic featured on team-building activity checklists long well before word pandemic blasted across the news. Because the rules encourage each player to assume different roles and responsibilities, Pandemic is one of the greatest team-building board games. 


Teammates will choose an action card for every turn and carry out that activity to contain illnesses and research cures. Players must think about and respond to breakouts and other events that happen throughout the game. Teams can work together to get the desired result. When players find cures for all of the game’s diseases, the game is done.

Pandemic emphasizes delegation, strategy, and teamwork. To progress towards group goals, colleagues must work cooperatively within specified responsibilities in this game.


Cranium is a board game that is popular on office game evenings. It’s a board game where players walk around the board and complete challenges in one of four categories: Data Head, Word Worm, Star Performer, and Creative Cat.

Cranium is an excellent team-building activity because it highlights how teams need members with various skills to achieve their objectives. Analysts, entertainers, artists, and describers make up winning teams. Intelligent players will assess each team member’s skills and limitations before carefully allocating tasks. Every teammate will contribute to the group’s success.

Cranium is easily adaptable to big gatherings. Playing this game teaches individuals how to put together the best teams possible and allows them to practice compensating when groups are short on experts.

Cranium is also an excellent icebreaker exercise, with challenges like “act this out,” “create this out of clay,” and “choose a colleague who can accurately spell this word.”