Amazing Robots You Can Buy Right Now for Adults

While toy stores are usually filled with robots made for kids, there is a niche market that caters to the adults who want to be creative in building or controlling robots at home. These robot kits made for adults are usually more complicated to construct than almost all toy robots, which makes them suitable for those looking for a little bit of challenge when it comes to creating a mechanized toy. Here are some of the best robots that you can buy right now that are perfect to be built and played with by adults.



Where to Buy
UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro Humanoid Robot
CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter MAX Kit - 64GB Edition
ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Smart Robot Car Kit V 3.0 Plus with UNO R3, Line Tracking Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, IR Remote Control etc. Intelligent and Educational Toy Car Robotic Kit for Arduino Learner
ELEGOO Tumbller Self-Balancing Robot Car Kit Compatible with Arduino, STEM Kits STEM Toys for Kids
ELEGOO Robotic Wooden Car Kit with Nano(Arduino-Compatible), Line Tracking, Avoiding Obstacle, Mobile Controlling and Graphical Programming, Intelligent and Educational Toy Car Kit,STEM Toys
Adeept RaspTank WiFi Wireless Smart Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+/B/2B, Tank Tracked Robot with 4-DOF Robotic Arm, OpenCV Target Tracking, Video Transmission, Raspberry Pi Robot with PDF
Tactical Flashlight,Super Bright 2000 LM LED Handheld Flashlight with 18650 Rechargeable 3.7V Battery & Charger,Zoomable, 5 Modes, Waterproof,Camping, Outdoor, Emergency, Everyday Flashlights
Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors + LED Lights - STEM Educational Toy for Kids - Learn JavaScript, Scratch & Swift
Sphero Mini (Green) App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball - STEM Educational Toy for Kids Ages 8 & Up - Drive, Game & Code with Sphero Play & Edu App, 1.57", Green


1. UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro

The simplest robot in the list in terms of appearance, the UBTECH Alpha 1 Pro may look like a regular toy robot, but hidden within it are advanced features that let it do various movements that no other robot for kids can do. With the help of the Alpha 1 app that you can download on your Android or iOS device, you will be able to move the robot around and do action poses like handstands, headstands, push-ups, or even yoga exercises in just a touch of a button on your phone.

In addition, the Alpha 1 can also record its own movements by using the PRP (pose-record-play) function. You can take a photo or video of a pose, then you can capture the second pose using the features again, and the robot will automatically connect the two poses together into one sequence. Interestingly, the robot can connect more than two poses for a sequence, which makes the perfect robot for people who would like to make action videos with the Alpha 1. For those who are more knowledgeable in coding or programming, they can use the 3D visual programming software so that they can control the movements of Alpha 1 more precisely.

2. Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi Tank

Fans of the Raspberry Pi hardware may want to take a look at this Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi Tank, as it can transform their tiny Raspberry computer into a fully-movable tank. The robot tank comes with high-quality aluminum wheels for durability, and most parts of its body are made of metal to protect the Raspberry Pi that will be installed inside it.

Once you open the box of the Yahboom tank, you will be greeted with many components that you will need to put together to create the robot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a Raspberry Pi, but you can easily buy this hardware online. The best one that you can buy for the tank is the Raspberry Pi 4. There is an instruction manual inside the box that will help you build the tank, and then you can download the robot’s app or software on the Yahboom website. After downloading the app, you will be able to program movements on the robot via C language programming or Python programming. If you are not familiar with these programs, the instruction manual will teach you how to use them.

3. ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0

The ELEGOO UNO Smart Robot Car Kit is much more complicated to build than the Yahboom, except that this robot doesn’t need a Raspberry Pi to operate. The Smart Robot Car Kit V3.0 has multiple parts that serve different functions and features, and each of them is important for the robot to move properly.

When the Smart Car Robot is fully-built, users can enjoy the different modes found on the downloadable app, which includes infrared control mode, line tracking mode, obstacle avoidance mode, and auto-go mode. Along with these modes, the app also has a remote control feature that lets you control the robot car. Besides the smart car, ELEGOO also produces other robot kits like the Tumbler V1.0 and the Mini Wooden Car V1.0.

4. AdeeptRaspTank

The AdeeptRaspTank is another Raspberry Pi robot, but this time it has smaller parts that make it more compact than the Yahboom. The RaspTank features object recognition and motion detection in order for it to avoid hitting walls or objects in the room, and it also has tracking so that it can retrace whatever path it took before.

Also, the RaspTank can be coded via a C/S architecture, which can be programmed using the GUI app that you can download on your computer. In the app, the robot is able to transmit real-time video, and it can also move around its 4-DOF robotic arm in just a press on the keyboard. To help you build the robot, Adeept provided a 73-page manual in PDF format that has all you need to learn in terms of constructing the RaspTank and controlling it using Python programming. Like the Yahboom robot, the RaspTank doesn’t come with a Raspberry Pi, and it doesn’t have the two 18650 batteries that it needs to function.

5. Sphero SPRK+

Although this is made for kids who are curious about coding, the Sphero SPRK+ is an excellent robot for adults as well because of its flexibility in terms of what it can do and what the user can program in the robot. Considered as an upgraded version of the Sphero Mini, the SPRK+ already comes built inside the box, so there is no more need for complicated building instruction as Sphero wanted you to focus more on programming the movements of the ball.

Aside from the Sphero ball, the package also comes with a protractor that measures the rotation of the robot, a maze tape that can be placed on floor to avoided by the Sphero ball while it moves, a USB charging cable so that you can connect the robot to your PC and code its movements, and a charging base to charge its batteries easily. You can download the Sphero Edu app to program the Sphero SPRK+, or you can download it on your mobile device to use its basic features like tracking and obstacle avoidance.

There are not a lot of options when it comes to robots specially made for adults, but out of all those options, the robots mentioned above are the best ones that you can find online. You can buy one of them and enjoy building or playing with it on your own as a stress reliever, or you can give it as a gift for your tech-savvy loved ones if they want to take the next level in robot-building and coding.