Woodworking Tool Accessories

There’s always a sense of pride and satisfaction with creating something amazing out of a mere slab of wood.

There is no doubt about it – skills and talent are behind those impressive wooden masterpieces. However, one should not downplay the importance of using the right tools and accessories in woodworking. They contribute significantly to the successful creation of wood-based products, either of utilitarian or decorative value.

These tools and accessories make woodworking easier, more efficient, and more accurate. They are ideal for both DIY and professional artisans.

Some of the accessories listed below may not be necessary, at least at first glance. But they will definitely make your work a lot easier and are guaranteed to become an indispensable tool in your workshop.

Where to Buy
Bessey KRJR18 K Body REVO JR, 18-Inch Parallel Clamp
Rikon Professional Power Tools, 80-805, 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder, Powerful Shop Table Tool, Perfect for Sharpening, With Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet
Soft Foot Facial Protection Filtration, Anti-Fog, Dust-Proof Adjustable Nose Wire Headgear Full Face Protection Masks, 2 Pack with 3 Pcs Activated Carbon Filter
SPTA 10Pcs HSS Router Carbide Engraving Bits & 5Pcs Drill Bit-1/8"(3mm) Shank For Rotary Tools for DIY Woodworking, Carving, Engraving, Drilling
Gorilla Gripper
Custom Logo Wood Branding Iron,Durable Leather Branding Iron Stamp,Wood Branding Iron/Wedding Gift,Handcrafted by Design (1"x1")
Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue, 16-Ounces #1414
Edge Supply Birch 3/4" X 50' Roll, Wood Veneer Edge Banding Preglued, Iron on with Hot Melt Adhesive, Flexible Wood Tape Sanded to Perfection. Easy Application, Made in USA
Edge Banding Trimmer, Mini Plastic PVC Plywood Melamine Wood Edge Band Cutter, Manual Trimming Woodworking Tool

1. Bessey K Body REVO Jr Parallel Jaw Clamps

Choosing the right tools may sometimes mean choosing the right size of it. If your woodworking projects tend to run small, you will want all the capabilities that Bessey’s K Body Revo Jr Parallel Jaw Clamps can provide. It features the same 90-degree jaw-clamping capabilities as Bessey’s larger K-body clamps, along with large jaw surfaces with removable pads, and bar lengths that range from 12” to 50”. It provides a formidable clamping force of up to 900 lbs.

It features an end clip and two rail protection pieces to help align your project and keep the wood glue off the rail, just like the larger K Body Revo clamps. The smaller size of this clamp is highly useful for limited spaces and for clamping up smaller and more delicate projects, such as small balsa wood shelves and cabinets. The removable pressure caps keep your projects clean and in perfect order.

If you are a DIY home builder who is also passionate about doing smaller wooden creations, you will definitely want to snap up Bessey K Body REVO Jr Parallel Jaw Clamp.

2. Rikon 8” Slow Speed Grinder

Rikon’s 8” benchtop grinder is sure to become an essential tool of every woodworker’s and carpenter’s workshop. Its powerful motor can handle any projects – working with wood and other materials, too. The cast iron base makes a solid foundation, while the rubber feet minimize vibration. The grinding wheels are made of quality aluminum oxide and have a 60-to-120 grit, which makes this tool ideal for different applications.

The speed of this grinder indeed stands true to its name. Running at 1750 RPM, it runs much slower compared to the standard 3600 RPM grinders. But the slow speed actually has a few good advantages. One – the grinder doesn’t build up too much heat, which translates to less heat being transferred to any material, including wood. Two – the slow speed also allows you more control. Three – the power makes this machine enough not just for basic grinding, but also for other applications such as turning and carving.

3. Soft Foot Dust-Proof Full Face Protection Masks

You know what to expect when working with wood – inhaling sawdust, particles, smoke, as well as the dizzying odor of paints and thinners. If you are working with wood frequently as a hobby or regularly as a business, you have to invest in quality protective gear such as Soft Foot Dust-Proof Full Face Protection Masks. This 3ply face mask is made of premium cotton construction, which offers exceptional permeability, while its outer layer utilized a water-resistant weaving technology that blocks the entry of dust and other harmful particles floating in the air.

The Soft Foot Dust-Proof Full Face Protection Mask filters out sawdust, particles, exhaust, fumes, chemicals, and smoke, ensuring you complete protection to your health while working on several various wood projects.

4. SPTA 10-Piece Router Carbide Engraving Bits and Five-Piece Drill Bit

These engraving and drill bits are made of high-quality high-speed steel for durability and longer useful life. The design of each of the bits allows for precise cuts, drilling clean holes and polished carvings. These bits are going to be a valuable addition to someone who owns and uses a rotary tool for woodworking.

5. Gorilla Gripper

It’s quite a pain having to carry a large sheet of plywood or drywall, especially if you have to take them up or down the stairs. Often, you have to carry such a large wooden board with both hands. Fortunately, there’s the Gorilla Gripper to the rescue!

Do not belittle this handheld accessory – the Gorilla Gripper is a unique tool that allows you to carry and transport bulky sheet goods with one hand more comfortably. It has a formidable grip that firmly clamps onto the top of the panel, creating a strong and sturdy temporary handle for someone who is carrying it. It reduces strain and risk of injury in the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands.

The Gorilla Gripper is constructed of a strong nylon material for handling and carrying sheet goods of any type – plywood, drywall, particleboard and even thick glass. Its strong grip is guaranteed never to slip off any material that it carries. It has an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.

6. Customized Logo Wood Branding

Do you want to put your DIY crafts with a personal touch? Or do you want your customers to recognize your wood crafts business? This customizable logo wood branding allows you to put your own signature to your wooden creations.

It is easy to use – just heat the branding head above an open flame for a few minutes, then stamp it on the material you would like. For a unique touch, you must provide your signature, logo, or image to the manufacturer, and they will customize the branding for you.

7. Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue

You will also need a quality glue to securely join two or more wooden components together, depending on the project you’re working on. Titebond is the name you can trust when it comes to wood adhesives. The Titebond Ultimate Wood Glue is an incredibly strong, waterproof and fast-acting glue that works with many types of wood and various finishes.

8. Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge features a digital readout that reduces eye strain as a result of measuring with basic rulers and squares. It also takes out the hassles of trying to accurately set your rip fence position that corresponds to the blade, no matter of which saw blade or dado blade you use. The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge guarantees precise measurements every time!

9. Edge Supply Birch Wood Veneer Banding

We all use plywood in our projects now and then. It is stable, easy to work with, and readily available. Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of plywood, though, is its ugly edge. Sanding can only make the plywood edges look worse. Painting won’t be enough, and the unsightly lines on the sides will still show through the paint.

Fortunately, there’s the iron-on banding which enhances the appearance of the plywood’s edges. On one side of the tape, it is made of premium quality genuine wood veneer. On the other side of the tape is the extra-strong pre-glued adhesive that can be melted by ironing to keep the tape firmly fixed onto the surface of the edge. Once the tape sticks on the surface, you can trim off its excess, either by simple cutting or by using an edge banding trimmer (which follows).

10. Edge Banding Trimmer

The edge banding trimmer is mainly used to trim excess iron-on banding (such as the Edge Supply Birch Wood Veneer Banding mentioned earlier). It comes with two sets of durable blades (one set original, one set replacement) for longer-lasting use. The entire body of this trimmer is made from a sturdy PVC construction. It can be used in a wide variety of applications – making cabinets and shelves, decoration, panel-type furniture, and many others. Along with the iron-on banding, the edge banding trimmer should be a must-have tool in woodworking.

If you are doing woodworking on a frequent basis or as part of your business, these smartly designed accessories will greatly facilitate your job. In no time, they are guaranteed to become the tools of the trade that you can’t do without.