The Top Five Power Tools


Woodworking means of the use of both simple, basic tools like a chisel or hammer and power tools like a cabinet saw. In simple words, every woodworking tool, whether simple or complex is indispensable to woodworkers.

However, powerful woodworking tools have special importance in the woodworking business. They help woodworkers to finish a woodworking project faster and of course in an efficient way.

Nevertheless, power comes with a price. It means these power tools are expensive. If you are planning to open a woodworking shop for starting a carpentry business, below are the top five power tools that will make your working area fully functional.

1. Hybrid table saw

A hybrid table saw is a combination of a cabinet maker saw and a contractor saw. The main purpose of purchasing this expensive woodworking power tool is it helps woodworkers to cut wood boards smoothly and accurately. Depending on models the price of a hybrid table saw could be as high as $2,000 or more. But, professional woodworkers do not care about the price of this tool since different features of a quality hybrid table saw rightly justify the investment.

There are different models of these tools available both online and in the market. Choose a model that comes with sturdy construction, easy adjustment, right horsepower, and of course within your budget.

2. Table saws

Table saws are an indispensable tool that every woodworker should own a model. When it comes to multi-functional uses, nothing is as useful as a table saw. A few common uses of the tool are ripping, grooving, and making a square piece of the wood board. It is a must-have tool for any wood workshop.

3. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is an ideal woodworking tool when it comes to making a curved pattern on a thin piece of wood. Of course, there are some other woodworking tools that can do the same thing. But no tool is effective as a jigsaw for cutting a curved cut. Basically, it is a multipurpose tool. The other use of this tool is given below

Jigsaws are not used only for cutting wood

 Jigsaws are such an amazing tool that you use for cutting other materials like steel, fiberglass, and drywall. But, for cutting these things, you need to fit the correct blade with the tool.

Jigsaws are used for making bevel cuts

Table saws are primarily used for making bevel cuts. However, jigsaws are also highly efficient to make 45-degree angular cuts

Jigsaws can be used as a cordless tool

A few models of jigsaws are battery-powered, lightweight, slim and of course come without a dangling cord. They are highly efficient to make intricate carving on different pieces of materials like wood, steel or fiberglass.

Jigsaws are a suitable tool for kids

Do you want to introduce your kid to the amazing world of woodworking? If that is one of your desires, jigsaws would be the ideal tool for that. With the right instruction and monitoring of an adult family member, kids of various ages can use a jigsaw confidently and safely.

The tool does not require the strength of a grown up’s hands to hold it in place since it rests on the working piece where you are performing the cutting operation. The design of the tool is such that the fingers and hands of workers stay away from the blade. So, your children can safely use the tool.

Jigsaws are not a complicated tool to use

Jigsaws are out of the box product. That means their uses are simple and straightforward. Regardless of your skill level in woodworking, you can use the tool without any training. So, it is a great woodworking tool for beginner or DIY woodworkers who just want to get the taste of woodworking.

A favorite tool of DIYers

Using jigsaws, DIYers make many beautiful items to surprise their friends and family members. One such item, for example, is pumpkin lantern. The tool can be used to cut off the top of the pumpkin and make an intricate carving on its surface. Placing a bulb at the middle of the pumpkin will turn it into a beautiful lantern.

4. Power drill

There are two different types of tools you can use-corded and cordless. From the name of these tools, you can easily assume how they might operate. The corded drills come with a cord to receive power from the mainline. And the cordless models do not require any cord.

A cordless drill is highly convenient to use since it is portable. You can take it anywhere. But the flip side is it does not offer much power when it comes to drilling on rigid materials. In this regard, corded models come with superior drilling power.

5. Router

A router is a powerful tool that is mostly used in woodworking especially making cabinetry. This amazing tool can be used to create a perfect wood pattern. The tool can also be used to cut flawless rabbets and dadoes.


Woodworking is a lucrative business. You can make a decent income with this business. It is an enjoyable hobby for many people.