What You Need to Start Making Money with A Drone

If you are an expert in aerial photography, then you would be thinking of different ways to earn extra bucks. There are plenty of ways through which your aerial photography can build a thriving business. With time, drones have become more accessible and inexpensive. It is about anyone who can afford aerial photography now. Aerial photography was limited to professionals only. Now everyone at amateurs, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs can aerial photographer. 

Aerial photographers are looked for in various events, industries, and businesses. It has become easy to sell your aesthetic and professional photographs, especially aerial photographs to earn money. Your drone makes good money for you. 

What You Need to Start Making Money with A Drone



Before selling aerial photos and videos, you have to take them in top quality. For this purpose, you need to have a good drone with a high-quality camera to take sharp images. Nobody wants to buy a blurred image taken from a cheap drone or by an inexperienced photographer. 

If you are serious about your field and venture of aerial photography, then investing your money in professional equipment would be the best thing to do. Once you get a contract, you will start making money. As it continues, you will be earning more and you will be able to buy or upgrade gear and gadgets. It includes a drone, action camera, gimbal, etc. It will help you to take better photos of top quality and shoot the high quality 

Look for The Regulations Regarding Drones 


After you have collected the equipment, complete your homework and groundwork before flying the drone in the sky. Firstly, you have to look for the regulations regarding operating laws of drones in your area or where you are going on a contract. Different areas have different laws and they are changing actively. In the U.S.A, before you take your drone into the skies, you need to get it registered with authorities. 

Practice More


Flying a drone into the skies should be your lucrative activity after practicing enough. Make sure that you are comfortable flying the drone. You should be having enough practice and experience before taking on gigs. Also, you should be knowing angles and other knowledge to capture the images. 

Intending to Make It A Business 


If you want to make aerial photography your main business, then check with your local business practices bureau. There you will get to know the legal requirements to run an aerial photography business. To your surprise, some states require legal pilot training to fly the drone in the skies. So, before you start making money using the drone, look out for laws and regulations to obey them legally.



Another thing you should be considering before flying the drone at heights is insurance. Flying a drone at heights is a high-risk activity. It can involve crashes and injuries that can be uncommon. For self-protection and drone protection, you need insurance that suits best for your needs. It will cover all possible damages and accidents. 

Ways of Making Money with Your Drone

To earn more money with your drone, you need to get expertise in one of the photography fields. If not, then you can work on different projects to broaden your experience. 

Photography & Videography 


Photography and videography are great ways to sell your aerial photography and skills. You can capture your photos on a trip or whenever you are wandering in nature. The more creative you are, the more commission you will be getting for the contract. You can also try selling your professional photographs on the internet for different purposes. 

You can sell your photos as a paid content or free stock photos. Look for the specific markets where there is a high demand for aerial photographs. 



Taking photos of landmarks and buildings can be a good idea. You can go to the owners and try to sell them professional and creative aerial photographs. Also, you can go out and promote yourself using these photographs and make your portfolio. 



Hiring a professional photographer is an increasing trend across the globe. The client requires photography and videography of their wedding ceremony. You have to create a network that will help you to get into an event as an aerial photographer using the drone. There you will be able to provide your services and earn good money. 

Real Estate 


You can contact the local real estate companies and realtors. It will help you to get a gig about real estate aerial photography. The realtors will contact you for capturing aerial photographs of the properties that are available on the selling market. It is because the luxurious listings require more visuals than average ones. Now, this might be a good spot for you to earn money using your drone. 

News Reporting 


Local newscasters are always looking for new content for their news and stories. You never know that what is going to happen in the next moment. You have to be attentive while flying a drone in the sky. Now it is up to you if you can record the event at the right time and right place. Then you can sell the footage to the newscasters or reporters. 



They are another interesting niche. Hotels and resorts hire aerial photographers to shoot some videos for the promotion and marketing of their business. Also, for special events, they hire drone photographers. It will help you to earn more money and to gain experience

Mapping of Industries 


Industries hire drone photographers for aerial photography of various seasons. If you are an experienced drone photographer, then it can be a lucrative business to pursue. The industries that hire an aerial photographer for videos and photos are:

  • Construction Industry 
  • Forest Industry
  • Archeology Industry 
  • Topography 
  • Mining Industry 
  • Landscaping



Agriculture workers and farmers sometimes need to keep an eye on their growing cops. The easy way to do it is by air. For this purpose, they hire a drone photographer for videos and photos of their crops. But you need some experience to know that what exactly your client needs from you. 

It is necessary to know before setting out your drone in the air. They might be looking for field uniformity, water pooling, plant growth, and much more.

Surveillance & Security 

Surveillance & Security

Another field to earn good money is the surveillance industry. It can be quite profitable. They hire drone photographers to keep a watch over the document events or properties. For this purpose, private security and surveillance agencies or government will contact you for this job. 



A variety of companies and utility industries hire drone photographers to inspect the facilities, works, and buildings. Insurance companies, construction, and utility services such as water, gas, telephone, and power, etc. use drone photographers for inspection. 

Teach Techniques 

Teach Techniques

If you have reached the stage where you have mastered drone and aerial photography, you can teach the skills to others too. If you think that you have gained a broad experience of drone or aerial photography, then you can teach those who are getting into the business. It will be another opportunity to earn money by sharing your skills and experience. 

Aerial Photographer – Making Money with A Drone

The sky is the limit. Yes, for your drone but earning from it can take you higher in the sky. It can be your occasional gig or a lucrative business. With time, you will be working with big industries. There is a strong demand for this type of photography in the industry. The market is yet not saturated. 

You can earn more than you have invested in gadgets and gears but it is all up to you that how you carry it.