What Other Activities Can You Do At A Golf Club Besides Playing Golf?

Since 1900 when golf was first added to the Olympic Games, people have been collectively honing their skills for golf rather than just considering it a pass-time for old people. For such purposes, we have golf clubs where people with a mutual interest in golfing get together and play. 

But what other things we can do on a golf course with our club fellows, or what can a club manager devise for the club’s members for enjoyment and fun other than golf? Let us answer these questions. 

For Club Members 

Modern-day golf courses have many built-in facilities for their members; if you are bored, can’t play golf due to injury, or waiting for a friend, there are various things you can do besides playing golf, such as: 

1. Play Mobile Games 


If you are alone at the club waiting for your friends or just there to see someone play, spending time on your phone is a good idea to avoid boredom. There is also a Wi-Fi service available in the clubhouses if you want to play online games to scroll your social media.

2. Surf the Internet 

Since the Wi-Fi will be available at the clubhouse, there will be countless things for you to do. You can scroll your social media feed or read an article online. Want to argue with a fellow member? Open the internet archives and prove him wrong; it’s all just a click away. 

3. Hang Out in the Cafeteria 


Most golf courses have a built-in cafeteria for the members so they can eat without having to leave the clubhouse. They mostly serve healthy beverages, fast foods, small dishes, and snacks. 

You can either eat these alone or bring in your group and talk about your interests over food. If you and your friends are playing golf for leisure, discussing your life and getting to know them more is a good idea. A golf cafeteria is the best place to talk about golf and make the game more fun and memorable.

4. Watch TV 


Most old clubhouses had installed a TV to entertain their members on rainy days and other occasions, but now everyone has a smartphone, and it just doesn’t make sense to have a TV. But even with the convenience of smartphones, many people, especially seniors, like to watch the news or sports on the TV. 

5. Enjoy the Scenery 


If, in some way, you cannot play golf or you are there just to watch someone else play, then at one point it’s a chance it will get boring for you. There is greenery all around the golf course with some lakes and water features too. You can hop on the cart and enjoy the tour of nature as golfers swing their clubs in the scenery. 

6. Play Table Tennis


Most golf clubs have built-in mini gaming zones to chill. Table tennis or ping pong is a renowned international sport, which easily fits in a small room and is easy to play. If you want to buy the sturdiest outdoor ping pong table, make sure to click the given link.  

Playing table tennis with your friends can be exciting as well, and you can play it until your hands are ready to hold the clubs again.  Playing table tennis can improve your dexterity, and it is always a good warm-up before a golf game. Whether you are waiting for your other friends or you just want a change of game after playing golf for hours, table tennis is a good choice. 

7. Chess 


An ancient Indian game known to be played by royals to sharpen their minds is now available on a desk of a common man. If you are at a golf course and don’t feel like going out and grabbing the club, you can sit with your friend and play chess. 

For Club Organizers 

Being a club manager is not an easy task; you have to manage the golf course and bring in new and enthusiastic members while entertaining them continuously. This chase of getting loyal members never ends, but you have to do it to maintain the popularity of your clubhouse. 

Following are some activities, apart from golf, that you can provide to your club members:

1. Musical Night 


What’s does a club need more than a musical night? As a club manager, you need to make the members happy and keep them engaged. Bring in a musical band after consulting with your members about what kind of music they like. Arrange the clubhouse and decorate it; let the golfers enjoy their time at your golf club. 

If it’s not possible to arrange a band, you can rent a karaoke set and let the members figure it out on their own. Throwing a karaoke party can not only be cheaper and easier, but it will also help you get close to your members as they expand their vocal cords all night long. 

2. Campfire Session 


Having a large golf course is an opportunity for creativity. You can utilize some space at night and arrange a campfire session for your members. Invite all of them and let them enjoy the night around the campfire. This exposure to nature is a happy and healthy experience for people, and in turn, it is good for your golf club. 

3. Offer Volunteer Work at the Golf Course 


If you are a lenient manager, the members may take you for granted and litter or damage the golf course. For this purpose, you may have janitors and cleaners, but another thing you can do is give the responsibility of cleaning the place to the club members frequently. This way, they will be more cautious about throwing litter in the golfing area. 

4. Hold Competitions  


Another way to keep your members’ morale high is to arrange competitions, such as quizzes related to golf games or scoring in the game itself. This environment of competition will give you more prominent golf players who will make your club more popular among the masses. 


A golf club is a place where golf enthusiasts gather and share their experiences about golf. However, limiting that experience to just golf can be a little dry and tedious sometimes. We live in a modern era where people prefer a combination of things to add to their experience instead of doing the same thing over and over again.

Besides playing golf at your golf club, doing different activities is a great idea that helps you engage with other club members and staff. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor activity, the more things that engage a person in the club, the better the environment will be.