Tips for Wearing a Belt While Playing Golf

Golf is historically among the most popular sports that have been played by royalty, ladies and gentlemen alike. Through the years, the popularity of the game has grown, and it is now being played by everyone, no matter the social status. But there are still some of the formalities that are being practiced, and one of those is the golfing attire. 

Having a golfing dress code is not meant to limit players to play the sport but to pay homage to the ancient game of golf. The attire for playing golf is quite simple. You need to wear a golf shirt that is comfortable and has a collar, a cap to protect you from the sun rays and rain, slacks or shorts that look fashionable, some absorbent socks, and quality golf shoes to give you a firm grip while playing. But in addition to those, it is also important to wear a belt when you play golf. 

Wearing a belt when playing golf is essential, so you don’t have to think about your pants falling down while playing. There are many options when it comes to belts. If you find it challenging to think about how you should wear a belt while playing golf, read on as we’re giving you some of the best tips. 

Choosing a Belt for Golfing

A belt is considered a man’s jewelry. If you are wearing a nice watch and a pair of nice shoes, then you also need to wear a nice belt. The first thing you need to consider is the width of the belt. Choose a belt that is an inch-and-a-half, as it fits around 90% of most golfers, as long as they are above 5’7” and under 6’7”. If you are outside of those extremes, then you can simply adjust the size up or down. 

After the size, you also need to decide on the color of the belt. For golfers, it is recommended to choose among the colors medium brown, dark brown, and black. You can also choose dark gray and dark blue. But if you really want to make a statement, you can choose yellow, red, sky blue, and the likes. 

When it comes to buckles, try to pick one that has a simple buckle. Before, big buckles were on-trend, but they are more subdued at the present time. And, of course, always get the right fit. Always wear the belt in the third hole when playing golf, as this is usually the most comfortable fit. 

Pairing Belts and Shoes


Another important thing when it comes to wearing belts while playing golf is matching them with your shoes. At the present time, some golfers are into wearing fashionable shoes and belts, and sometimes they even come in fluorescent colors. But there are certain rules that never go out of style. 

When it comes to golf attire, it is essential to pair classic accessories to classic shoes and synthetics to synthetics. For example, if you are wearing classic shoes, then you need to wear classic belts, such as black leather belts and brown leather belts. As much as possible, do not wear a white belt when wearing classic shoes. Among the many belt materials, leather belts are a great choice for golfers. Plus, taking care of a leather belt is quite easy, too. 

To further help you, here are some dos and don’ts that you might want to follow:


  • When wearing white shoes, try to wear a white belt, too.
  • Always wear a belt in the same color family as your shoes. It is better if the belt has a darker shade.
  • You can wear wild modern-colored belts and as well as matching shoes if you are thin and have never played a fairway wood made of wood.
  • You can also match your belt to the saddle on your shoes. 
  • If you wish to wear patterned belts, do so when wearing solid or plain shirts and pants. 


  • You should not wear a white belt with any other color of shoes but white. This includes off-white or mostly white.
  • Avoid wearing belt colors that match your clothes. If you want to look stylish, try to pick a belt that has a different color but will complement the color of the clothes you are wearing. 
  • Do not wear a white or wild-colored belt with dark-colored clothes, especially if you are fat. It’s because it will only look wider as if you are divided across the midsection.
  • Do not match your belt to the vamp of your shoe. As much as possible, choose a belt color that matches the main color of your shoes and not just one part. 
  • Avoid mixing patterned belts and patterned clothing. In the game of sport, the simpler and neater you look, the better. Therefore, avoid too many patterns. If you want to wear patterned belts, then wear clothes that are plain and simple. This way, the belt will be highlighted in your outfit.


These are some of the best tips that we can give for wearing a belt while playing golf. Keep in mind that when choosing a belt for golfing, the most important thing is that you’ll feel comfortable. And if you are still unsure, go for a black leather belt as it can match any golf attire. It is not really a requirement to make a fashion statement when playing golf. However, do not make a fashion blunder, too. The secret is to keep it simple, practical, and basic. We hope this article helped you learn more about the best ways to wear a belt while playing golf.