Best Jewelry To Wear On The Golf Course

It is probably your first day at the golf course and you want to appear in style but not overdo it. Or perhaps you are a natural fashionista who is not willing to let the simple and dull golf costume put a damper on your fashion sense. So, what golf jewelry should you sport to perfect your golf look?

Golfing jewelry not only allows women to play in style but boosts their confidence as well. When you look classy even as an athlete, you feel good about yourself, which, in turn, improves your performance! 

Additionally, wearing jewelry at a golf course helps eradicate women’s fear of jeopardizing their femininity for sports. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty or making heads turn as you play your best game. 

So, what kind of jewelry will best compliment your look and the setting of the golf course? Before we get to discussing the best part it is important to know whether wearing jewelry is even permitted or not when playing golf? 

Busting The Myth: Can You Wear Jewelry Golfing?


Typically, the golfing sport has set guidelines on the proper attire for golfing. These guidelines specify what to wear, what not to wear, and how to wear it. From the length of the sleeves and skirt to the tucking of shirts, and the difference in summer and winter clothing, everything is specified. 

While certain accessories such as sunglasses and caps are allowed, the popular question is, can you wear jewelry golfing? To tell you the truth, yes! 

The uncertainty with wearing jewelry at a golf course arises from the myths that jewelry compromises your performance. This idea is further fueled by the general practice whereby every piece of accessory is removed and secured by the player before he starts playing. 

In fact, even watches are taken off under the belief that they will affect the swing of the club. However, that is completely untrue. Not to mention the famous American golfer, Phil Mickelson, is known for his notorious habit of wearing large watches. Yet, his powerful swing and success are not lost on any of us. 

To bust the myth, for both men and women, jewelry accessories are completely allowed in golf courses. Why must you compromise your style and suffocate your fashion sense in order to be an athlete or have some fun playing golf

How To Choose The Best Jewelry to Wear At The Golf Course?

Here are some ideas to help you decide on the perfect jewelry to wear for your golf day. You’ll be surprised at the variety of options available to make your golf look trendy!

Wear Minimal Jewelry

When it comes to golf, less is definitely more! Although there are no prohibitions on wearing jewelry, there is a single instruction that must be followed religiously. For the sake of the sport and your own safety, your golf jewelry must be small and simple.

At the end of the day, the main goal at a golf course is to play good golf or play golf at the very least. So, as long as you avoid dangly pieces of jewelry, long necklaces, and loose bracelets, you are good to go. 

Moreover, minimalistic jewelry flaunts its own unique appeal and aesthetics. It gives you a contemporary look and a natural vibe so you do not appear to be trying too hard. 

There are several brands and online stores that offer exceptional pieces of jewelry which are just perfect to wear at a golf course. This means you can easily fulfill your desire of looking your best on your golf day as you smash away at the golf balls. 

Just make sure that your jewelry neither compromises your performance nor disturbs your swing. Additionally, you must be very careful that it is not dangerous or a source of distraction for yourself. 

Bracelets, Earrings, And Rings!


Golfing jewelry must be minimal but it does not have to be limited to a single piece of jewelry at all. If you choose wisely, you might even get away with a necklace!

One rule to remember when choosing your golf jewelry is that it must not come in the way of your playing golf. So, nothing long and dangly. This means you can definitely wear the rings of your choice! However, make certain that they don’t hurt your fingers as you hold the golf club

Next, in order to avoid any unprecedented accidents, it is better to stick to small and cute earrings! Since golf involves a lot of physical activity, you wouldn’t want to find at the end of the day that you are missing an earring.

Finally, your hands are a critical body part when playing golf. Hence, avoid wearing loose bracelets that may slip down as you hold your club and hinder your swing. Pick either stretchable or fitted ones that stick to your wrist. 

If you want to sport a stylish necklace, make sure it is a small necklace that sits at the base of your neck and does not extend very long down to your chest. This is to prevent them from tangling and troubling you as you play.



Watches are the most sophisticated and stylish accessory, especially for men. When it comes to wearing a watch, the decision lies in the hands of the player. You can best determine for yourself whether wearing a watch limits your golfing potential or not. 

Often golf players tend to take off their watches before playing because of the weight on their hands. Others simply do it as a mechanical act under the false perception that it will affect their performance. 

However, several well-known golfers such as Lydia Ko and Rory Mcllroy wear expensive Rolex watches while playing their best golf.  

Customized Golf Jewelry

Your passion for golf shows not only in your body language as you play or the excitement in your voice when you talk about it. It also shows in what you wear. Hence, you must always enter the golf course with your strongest fashion game.

One way to achieve that is to wear customized golf jewelry! The unique pieces of custom golf jewelry incorporate various elements of the sport and give the jewelry a modish look. 

You can be the highlight of the golf course as you rock your golf ball studs or the golf club bracelet as it elegantly encircles your wrist. 

Golf Jewelry For Sensitive Skin

Some people tend to have more sensitive skin. Longer exposures to jewelry can result in a greenish tint to their skin or a different allergic reaction. Moreover, sweating under the sun at a golf course in such a condition can be even more discomforting. 

However, do not for a second crush your desire to wear trendy pieces of jewelry on your next trip to the golf course. Because with the right metallic material, you too can flaunt fashionable golfing jewelry. 

Typically, gold, tungsten, silver sterling, platinum, and gold-plated materials are used to create jewelry for sensitive skin. All you have to do is figure out which of these metals your skin is comfortable with.

Final Word

The best golf jewelry doesn’t only mean the most fashionable piece of jewelry. In truth, the word “best” pertains more to the idea that your jewelry does not suck the fun out of your golf game, limit your sport, or reduce your performance. 

Any jewelry that takes your mind off the game and constantly has you wondering, “are both my earrings there?” “I hope the necklace doesn’t tangle,” or “Is my ring still on my finger,” is a red flag. The best golfing jewelry maintains your style and gives you freedom (both physical and mental) to concentrate on a good game.