Unique Hand Tools You May Not Know You Need

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional who works with tools, or just like to have basic tools available, hand tools are probably part of your arsenal. These are the tools that don’t need any electricity or battery power to be useful; their function lies in how you utilize them by hand. In fact, certain hand tools are required to add essential finishing touches to the work done by power tools. 

Some usual hand tools that almost everyone has at home include:

  • Hammers–for driving in nails, pulling them out, assembling furniture, etc.
  • Screwdrivers–for tightening screws, loosening them, testing and repairing electric connections, etc.
  • Spanners or wrenches–for gripping, tightening, turning, and loosening things such as bolts, nuts, pipes, pipe fittings, etc.
  • Pliers–for pulling or grabbing something that you won’t be able to touch with uncovered hands, including insulated wire and nails from walls, wood, and cables 

The tools above might come in several shapes and sizes. Some people may choose to have a set of screwdrivers in their homes and use them for a variety of purposes. Others may not have a lot of screwdriver varieties, but have a decent set of all the basic hand tools required for their projects or tasks. 

Useful Hand Tools that Aren’t Common

Tool set

Although the basic hand tools might be enough for your everyday needs, there are now several unique options in the market today. Not all of these might be worth acquiring, but you never know when a tool might fix a certain issue or provide more accuracy on a regular basis. 

Some of these uncommon hand tools may just be an advanced or spin-off version of a basic tool. Others may have a completely new unique design and idea behind it. Without further ado, let’s now have a look at the various hand tools you may not know you need: 

1. A measuring tape that also marks and cuts

This hand tool does some pretty basic tasks, but the charm is that it does them within the same device. When you’re working on home improvement or renovation projects, chances are that you have to take measurements quite frequently. With this multi-tasking hand tool, you can measure something, use the front utility blade to make a cut if required, and use the inbuilt pencil to make a mark or note. 

All in all, this handy unique tool can save you several minutes and do away with the frustration of not having a pencil or cutter on hand. Plus, it will help you stay more accurate when marking measurements or making any cuts. If you’re working with fabric, though, you might want to check out this guide to fabric-cutting tools

2. A measuring tool for multiple angles

Measuring tasks can get complicated at times. Since this is an important step for anyone in woodworking, construction, or repairs, we can’t afford to be shoddy in the measuring aspect of a project. However, we can enhance the efficiency of our work and ensure more accuracy by investing in a tool that can measure from multiple angles. 

This specially designed tool is ideal for both builders and craftsmen at any level. With four attached rulers, we can look at this handy tool at the required angle. The rules have both inch and centimeter markings, so it should be easy to get the values we need. All we have to do is slide the ruler sides as needed to measure any irregular angles. 

3. A multifunctional screwdriver

Multifunctional hand tools can save you a lot of space and momentary hassle. If they’re small enough, you can even carry them around on your person. For instance, some small screwdrivers have several smaller items inside them–including a stylus, a ballpoint pen, and ruler. With all these options, these hand tools might make for a useful accessory in the office as well as in your workshop. 

4. A universal socket tool

Universal socket tools might be available under different brand names, so make sure to read user reviews and check out the quality before committing to such an item. These tools may look like regular screw tools, but their function is very different. With several hardened steel spring pins, this hand tool can grasp several sizes and shapes of bolts, screws, hooks, screw eyes, hex nuts, and much more. If necessary, you can also fix it on power drills. 

5. Flashlight gloves

There are quite a few brands that offer flashlight gloves now. These are an innovative way to take a flashlight with you when on the go or when working in small spaces. When you’re going fishing, focusing on an electrical repair, or changing car tires, these gloves will help you get a concentrated beam of light without having to interrupt the workflow. 

6. Rotating wrenches

Most basic tool boxes have a wrench or two, but do they rotate? With 180-degree rotating wrenches, you can quickly and cleanly tighten screws without having to bend the tool (or yourself) at strange angles. 

7. Wooden sheet lifter

If your projects usually have something to do with woodworking, a gripper that lifts wooden sheets can be a lifesaver. While this isn’t really a common tool, it can help even a lone worker lift heavy pieces without straining their shoulders, neck, back, arms, and other parts of the body. 

8. A high quality knife sharpener

A man sharpening a knife in the kitchen

If you are working with several kinds of blades, it makes sense to invest in a quality knife sharpener. From pocket knives to customized sporting goods knives, having your own knife sharpeners can make it easy to fix dull, damaged blades without visiting a shop each time.  Overall, having a smooth blade will ensure that you can work quickly and properly while also reducing the chances of a serious injury. 

9. A magnetic wristband for small tools

This is a clever kind of tool that can fix several issues in one go. It’s a sort of wristband with strong inbuilt magnets, making it possible for a worker to attach smaller hand tools and accessories–nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. – while working on a project. This can speed up the process of your work and also prevent these small items from getting lost. 

10. Measuring tapes with digital displays

We’ve already covered one unique type of measuring tape, so let’s also consider models that have digital displays. With a tool like this, you can cut back on the chance of human error while measuring a wall, shelf, piece of furniture, wooden plank, or any other item. 

While this tool does use batteries, it’s still counted as a hand tool due to the way it’s used. You can set the digital screen reading to either US units or metric units. However, these tools should also be as rugged and durable as possible, with weather-resistant features if available. You never know when and where this measuring tool will be used, so it might as well be suitable for all sorts of conditions. Some models also have memory functions, which allow you to view previous measurements as well. 

11. An accurate pair of trunking shears

Trunking shears aren’t a common tool, but they might be just what you’re looking for. These are a quirky option that allows their users to trim and mold with unprecedented accuracy. This gadget also provides engravings with high precision; a feature that can be quite useful for a variety of workers, from mechanics to artists. 

12. A flashlight that zooms in and out

Flashlights might be counted among your basic hand tools, but it might be time to look for an advanced version that provides more function. If you can find one, a flashlight with a zooming feature might be the perfect addition to your collection. Some flashlight models are also so sturdy that they can resist fire, freezing temperatures, heavy pressure, water, moisture, and other situations. 

With the zooming features, a tactical flashlight can illuminate the whole room if that’s your requirement. If you need to focus on certain items quite far away, the flashlight can also help with that. 


Whether you’re wondering what tools are needed for model building or planning a huge DIY project, quality hand tools are a must-have. The unique options discussed above might give you some ideas on how to make that project a little easier and more efficient. Carefully consider the features of these uncommon hand tools and see which one can help out the most. At the same time, make sure to read up on this introduction to sharpening tools in order to have the safest and most efficient results.