Unique Hand Tools You May Not Know You Need

There are tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers that you really must-have in your toolbox. These are basic must-haves that will be very handy in case of a home emergency. However, there are also specialty hand tools that you won’t need that much, but when the time comes, you’ll be glad that you’ve got them. Here are some unique hand tools you may not know you need:

Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

A magnetizer/demagnetizer can instantly magnetize and demagnetize screwdriver bits, tweezers, and other magnetic parts. It makes starting crews a lot easier because it’s like having an extra hand holding the screw. You will also love it when working with super tiny screws that are hard to find if you drop them. You can use a magnetic bit holder for most cases, but not for tight quarters. So, you can simply magnetize the bits. You can also use it to demagnetize tools for working on sensitive electronics such as magnetic hard drives.

Where to Buy
Delcast MBX Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Screwdriver Tips, Bits and Small Tools
Wiha 40010 Magnetizer or Demagnetizer, Color may vary
JM-X2 Magnetizer Magentizer Demagnetizer Box Screwdriver Bits Tool Professional Screw Bit Magnetic Tools
Carpenter Space Pen by Fisher
TEKTON Long Reach Pliers Set (4-Piece) | PLR99006
Crescent 2 Pc. X2 Straight and Bent Long Nose Dual Material Plier Set - PSX204C
Irwin Tools 1920011 Bent - VISE-GRIP Long Reach Pliers, 13"
Klein Tools 26001 All-Purpose Electrician's Scissors
Spring Tools PM407 Nail Set and Hinge Pin Tool
Spring Tools TP1234 Hammerless Trim Pro Pak Set Includes 1/32" 2/32" 3/32" 4/32" Nail Sets (2 Piece)

Carpenter Pen

Sometimes, your standard ballpoint pen isn’t enough. Have you ever needed to write and mark on a piece of wood upside down? Or maybe underwater, at an angle, on pictures, or a greasy surface? If you have, you’ll be happy to own a carpenter pen that can do all of these. This one’s a special pen that can write from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes a scale, a magnetic strip, a drywall gauge, and a level.

Long Reach Pliers

There are regular pliers, but there are long-reach pliers that can be very helpful when you need them. Have you ever dropped a screw and you can’t retrieve it? Have you ever needed to pull a nail out of a hole? You’ll need these pliers that can reach further than regular pliers.

Electrician’s Scissors

A pair of electrician’s scissors is one of the most used tools of many of low-voltage electricians. Like any scissors, it can cut through stuff with the blades, but they have a cable cutting notch that can rip through wires. It also comes with a scraper on both blades for convenient wire cleaning.

Spring-Loaded Hinge Pin Remover

A spring-loaded hinge pin remover can easily remove door pins without damaging the wood moldings or the door. If you ever messed up with the trim around doors after using a hammer or a screwdriver to pound out stubborn door hinge pins.

Clamp and Vise in One

Have you ever needed an assistant while trying to drill through the wood? When you’re working alone, you may need a pair of extra hands to ensure that you can drill straight holes. A clamp does this job well. It’s also great to use when you’re closing the corners of your DIY projects. This clamp works like a vise also, and it’s great for framing, doweling, drilling, and more. It can be instantly set up and ready to work for you.

Blade Height Adjustment Guide

When setting the cutting depth on the table saw blade, you may have relied on small blocks of wood to do it. Though each block of wood was labeled, it can inevitably get knocked unto the floor and swept into the trash. Then you have to make another block. If you use a blade adjustment guide instead, you don’t need to make small blocks of wood. They work great for setting the depth on router bits. It’s also perfect for use for table saws and drill presses. It can also stick to any ferrous surface for safe and convenient storage, so you don’t have to wonder where they are when you need them.

Foam Dispensing Gun

Spray foam is unbeatable when it comes to sealing around windows and doors, as well as large gaps and cracks in the old house walls, attics, and foundations. However, have you ever run a can empty when you’re so close to being finished? So you’ll open a new spray foam can, knowing that you’ll only have to throw the rest of it away. When you use a foam dispensing gun, you will save the foam for future use if the job requires less than a full can. Once the job is finished, simply set the gun aside until the net time you need it. If you know you’ll be using the can in less than 30 days, leave it attached to the gun. If not, pull the can off, cap it, and clean out the gun. Besides saving the foam, a dispensing gun provides greater control when applying the foam, plus the trigger adjusts the rate of flow.

Where to Buy
Can-Do Clamp
FastCap Mag Shims
Great Stuff 99046685 Stuff Pro 14 Dispensing Foam Gun, Silver
Foamnseal FNS 500 Polyurethane Foam Dispensing Gun / Tool
Professional Foam Gun, Teflon Coated Basket, AWF PRO