Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon Uses a Drone in NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest!

It’s been another great day to be a drone fan!

Orlando Magic forward, Aaron Gordan just used an Intel drone to complete a nice dunk in the first round of the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest in New Orleans on Saturday.

But it just wasn’t enough to get him to the final round!


Gordon had hinted how he would be innovative this year, telling reporters on Friday, “It’s going to be technologically oriented. It’s going to be original and creative.”

Shortly before the start of the contest, he let everybody know again.

“Obviously, I can’t reveal what tricks I have up my sleeve, but let’s just say that I’m really big on innovation. (That shouldn’t be a surprise considering I was born and raised in Silicon Valley.) I appreciate originality … especially when it comes to dunks,” Gordon wrote in a blog post for Lucid, a mental training app he uses.

“It was awesome hearing people talk about last year’s contest. And I look forward to putting on another great show this year. So look for that innovation to come to New Orleans.”

The drone took flight, dropped a ball that bounced on the court, then Gordon grabbed the ball, put it in between his legs and then completed the dunk.

The only problem is that it took him four attempts to complete the dunk and when he did complete it, he received a 38 out of 50 possible points.

Here’s the completed attempt:

Not Bad, Not Bad At All!

Also, let’s not forget that drones were also used at both the NFL Pro Bowl & at the Super Bowl to create an amazing show!