Things You Can Do with a Drone

Whether we like it or not, drones are here to stay. As technology has improved and been becoming more affordable, people are discovering creative, useful and fun ways to use this flying gadget.

Here is a list of some things you can do with a drone:

1. Video shootingVideo-shooting-Drone

Obviously, with the popularity of camera drones, the first thing you can think of using these flying robots is to do aerial video shooting. Take for example how movies and commercials are enhanced by aerial videos taken by top-rated drones. Live events such as sports tournaments are also filmed in the air more safely and more cheaply through using drones, compared to using helicopters. Plus, you could get to capture interesting angles like never before. Wedding videos with aerial shots are gaining mainstream interest, too.  Literally, anything video-related could be dominated with drones in the coming years.

Item-delivery-Drone2. Item delivery

Deliveries are going to get techy with drones. Domino’s Pizza has already been using drones that could carry up to two big pizzas within a four-mile radius. Amazon is working on its drone delivery system to deliver customer purchases. Harvard and MIT are developing easy-to-fly drones to be used in delivering treatments and vaccines in remote areas. During disaster relief operations, the government could reduce manpower by utilizing drones in delivering water and food to the affected citizens.

3. Law enforcement and securityLaw-enforcement-and-security-Drone

Car chases would be more discreet if the police would use drones to monitor situations, instead of using helicopters. Thermal security cameras could be attached to quadcopters and hexacopters to ease suspect search or help in riots and hostage situations. Drones can also be used to reach your house once you call 911 to assure that the suspect would be recognized even if they escape once the police arrive.

Journalism-Drone4. Journalism

Accurate reporting is incomplete without a camera to catch the action, and drones are here to level it up, literally and figuratively. It can also be used to keep reporters safe while capturing actual footages, especially when it comes to floods, disasters, riots, and risky scenarios.

5. Real estate photographyReal-estate-photography-Drone

Stills and videos of real estate properties are eye-catching to potential buyers when taken by a drone. The aerial view of the properties’ surroundings would give house shoppers a better look.

Fun-and-recreation-Drone6. Fun and recreation

Perhaps the most common and the best reason to use a drone is to have fun. Drone hobbyists fly them just to entertain themselves or make good use of passing the time. Some people use drones to level up their Facebook and Instagram posts. You can drone race with your friends, stalk your crush or your daughter on a date, or watch the whales in the ocean using this flying robot.

The possibilities are endless for this technology. Would it be awesome if you could have the first-hand experience with this cool gadget? Hop into the high-flying bandwagon by first checking out the latest drone reviews and watch out for drone discounts!