Options and Dimensions of the Winchester Slim Daddy Gun Safe

There are already thousands of different gun safes that are available today, but some of the best ones are made by renowned safe manufacturers in the USA and other countries around the world. One of the best manufacturers, according to a lot of critics and reviewers, is Winchester Safes.

Winchester is arguably one of the oldest safe manufacturers in the world, as it was founded in 1866. However, the company only started making high-quality safes in 1991, when they partnered with Granite Security Products to launch a new line of safes that are for personal or home use. Today, the Winchester Safes’ line of safes is now divided into different series, categories, and models.

One of the most popular models of gun safes that Winchester Safes produces today is the Slim Daddy, which is a tall gun safe that can store up to 30 guns. To learn more about this safe, here are some details that you should know about the Winchester Safes Slim Daddy.

Features of the Winchester Slim Daddy

The Winchester Slim Daddy is considered one of the best gun safes that the company makes today, according to many reviewers. People that own more than 15 guns would surely find the Slim Daddy to be perfect for their collection. Take a look at the major features of the Winchester Slim Daddy below.

Tall and Wide Dimensions

One of the biggest advantages that Winchester Slim Daddy has over most gun safes is its tall and wide dimensions, which allows it to be large to accommodate up to 30 guns but spacious enough in its interior that the firearms won’t bump into each other whenever you take one out or store one in. Here are the external and internal dimensions for the Winchester Slim Daddy for reference.

  • Interior Dimensions – 54 inches (height) x 29 inches (width) x 15 inches (depth)
  • Exterior Dimensions – 59 inches (height) x 32 inches (width) x 25 inches (depth)

Has a 75 Minute Fire Rating at 1400 Degrees Fahrenheit

An essential feature of the Winchester Slim Daddy is its fire rating, as it will be able to withstand up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit of heat in 75 minutes. So, if there is an unfortunate incident in your house that caused a fire near the Slim Daddy, the gun safe will be able to protect its contents since its exterior’s materials are resistant to fire and heat.

UL-Rayed Fireboard Protection


In terms of how the safe is able to remain fire-resistant at high temperatures, Winchester Safes constructed the Slim Daddy using UL-rated fireboard protection in the walls, the ceiling, and the door of the safe. The fireboard also insulated heat so that the interior won’t be affected by the sudden rise in temperature whenever there is a fire occurring outside.

Palusol Heat-Expanding Door Seal

In order to strengthen its heat protection, the Winchester Slim Daddy has a Palusol heat-expanding door seal. The Palusol door seal is a product made by BASF, a multinational chemical company that was founded in 1865 in Mannheim, Germany. Palusol would expand to over six times its size whenever it is exposed to heat. So, when there is a fire near the safe, the Palusol seal would expand and would serve as a protection for the contents of the safe against the extreme temperature. The Palusol seal ensures that the gaps found between the door and the front frame of the gun safe would remain closed and gapless during a fire.

External Solid Steel Strap Hinges

What makes the Winchester Slim Daddy different from cheap or affordable gun safes is that it has external solid steel strap hinges, which is a safer and more secure way of bolting on or installing the door of the gun safe. The Winchester Slim Daddy has these external hinges so that there wouldn’t be holes in the interior of the gun safe, which can cause weak points to the construction of the fireboard protection and the exterior of the safe.

In addition to reducing weak points on the gun safe, the external hinges are also built to be much more durable than internal hinges, which may break down or get damaged over time. So, if you don’t want a high-maintenance gun safe, you should check out the Winchester Slim Daddy.

Composite Steel Door


Another great feature of the Winchester Slim Daddy is its composite steel door, which is much lighter than solid steel but is still quite strong and stiff to make it durable and reliable. Because of its lighter weight, the composite steel door is very easy to open, so you have a hard time pulling the door to get one or more rifles inside. So, if there is an emergency situation where you have to pull out a rifle in just a few seconds, the composite steel door can help to get your firearm quicker.

Built-In LED Light Kit

In order for you to see the contents of the Winchester Slim Daddy better, Winchester Safes has installed a LED light kit on the safe. The LED light kit produces a very bright white light that is sufficient to brighten up the gun safe so that you will have time to find the firearm or accessory that you want to pull out. In addition, the LED light kit also has a motion sensor, so it will automatically turn on whenever you open the composite steel door of the Slim Daddy.

Has a Power Docking System

The Winchester Slim Daddy features a power docking system where you will have access to two 110v outlets and two USB pass-throughs inside the gun safe. These outlets and pass-throughs can be used to charge batteries for laser sights and other battery-powered accessories for firearms. Of course, in order for the docking system to work, you would need to plug the included power cable of the Slim Daddy into an electrical outlet at home.

Deluxe Door Panel Organizer

To have even more compartments inside the Winchester Slim Daddy, the manufacturer has included a deluxe door panel organizer, where you can store and organize documents, accessories, firearm-related items, and even handguns in its pockets. Besides providing proper storage for items that are smaller than the rifles, the door panel organizer also has thermal protection so that the pockets would remain cool even under warm temperatures.

These are the dimensions and features of the Winchester Slim Daddy gun safe. We hope that this article helped you make a decision on whether or not the Slim Daddy is suitable for your home and gun collection. If you have the budget, we highly recommend the Slim Daddy because of its great features that make it better than most gun safes available on the market.