Guide to Prescription Ski Goggles

When choosing winter gear for your trip up in the mountains, having good snow gear is extremely important. Especially if you know you will be doing snow sports such as skiing. However, if you have certain visual impairments such as; long-sightedness and short-sightedness, you may need glasses. These glasses may be difficult to adjust underneath gear such as ski goggles, which is why you need special kinds of ski goggles to help you see where you are skiing out on the snowy terrains.

There are a few different kinds of ski goggles, which are different but fulfill their main purpose. This purpose is to allow you to see without any difficulty. The article below lists all that you should know before getting prescription ski goggles, and also the best prescription ski goggles out there. Read ahead to find out.

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Why are prescription ski goggles important?

ski goggles

If you have prescription eyeglasses and you plan on going on a skiing trip, having prescription eye goggles are a must. They are essential in helping to keep you safe because, without a pair of glasses, you would not be able to see clearly and may thus be a hazard to yourself and those around you. 

There are many other benefits of prescription ski goggles as well, for example, these goggles can help provide sun protection. Therefore, you won’t have sun in your eyes, and your vision will be clear without you having to squint. Prescription ski goggles also often have anti-fog coatings that prevent the glass from fogging up and causing visibility issues.  

Prescription ski goggles also help in ensuring that your eyes are not under a lot of pressure which may worsen your eyesight and give you a headache if used extensively.

Types of prescription ski goggles

There are three types of prescription ski goggles that you can purchase. Although the function of all of them is the same, they work quite differently to achieve that result. Therefore, you should look into all your options and consider which one fits your needs the best before you purchase one. 

The three types of prescription ski goggles include prescription ski goggles without inserts, OTG (over the glass) goggles, and insert goggles.

Prescription Insert Ski Goggles 

Prescription insert ski goggles allow you to put prescription inserts in your ski goggles. Therefore, when you wear them, you only have to change the lenses on the inserts in case your prescription changes rather than getting an entirely new pair of goggles. 

You have many insert options depending on which brand you use, and other than the prescription, you can also use whether or not you want anti-fog. Furthermore, you can also choose the ones that feel the comfiest. The antifog on prescription eyeglasses is of utmost importance because they sit far away from your eye as compared to prescription eyeglasses. Therefore, they have a higher chance of fogging up.

OTG (over the glass) Goggles

Prescription OTG goggles are worn over your normal wear eyeglasses. The frame of such glasses is made so that your eyeglasses can be mounted onto the notch of the OTG goggles. Usually, they are a bit further away from your eyes.

OTG glasses are also thicker and have more padding around the edges. This helps protect your eyeglasses is that they are not crushed when you are skiing. Therefore, OTG goggles are larger than your normal ski goggles. 

However, with these goggles, there is a chance of ruining your normal pair of glasses.

Prescription Ski goggles without inserts

These ski goggles have prescription lenses, which are mounted directly onto the goggle shield. Therefore, they are not changeable. Still, they are functional and work extremely well for people, who are short-sighted or farsighted. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to using ski goggles without inserts. One of them is that you have to change the entire goggle if your prescription changes. Secondly, there are not a lot of options in terms of style, which is why some people avoid such goggles.

Additionally, no one but you can use these goggles once your prescription has been installed. Therefore you are stuck with them and cannot rent another pair if you lose them or forget to bring them.

Things to consider before buying a prescription ski goggle

buying a prescription ski goggle

Ski goggles are an essential part of your snow gear, and they are to fit on your face for extended periods of time. Therefore, you should aim to get goggles that are comfortable and fit your face well. 

Additionally, prescription ski goggles have varying types and features. Therefore you should really look into all the options you have and aim to pick one that fits you the best. Here are some things that you should consider before you get a pair of prescription ski goggles.

Field of View

Ski goggles have grown in size over time, and with larger-frame goggles, we see that the field of vision has also expanded greatly. Frames these days have low-profile frames paired with wide and tall lenses. This is why most people choose to get ski goggles that are large.

More visibility allows you to be a lot safer when you are on the mountain. Therefore, the ski goggles you purchase should have a larger glass area to allow you to see more. 

Quick-Change Lens Systems

When you have prescription ski goggles, having a quick-change lens system is invaluable. It allows you to easily swap between two lenses when need be. Therefore, if your prescription changes, instead of buying a new pair of ski goggles, you can swap out the lenses for new ones. 

Some ski goggles have a magnet system that holds your lenses in place as you ski. They also make the task of switching out lenses easier.

Ventilation and Fogging

Before you purchase prescription ski goggles for yourself, make sure that they have plenty of ventilation. Sufficient ventilation helps prevents the goggles from fogging up. Therefore, choose prescription ski goggles that have space for ventilation from the side, top, and bottom. 

To prevent fogging, having an anti-fog coating is also essential. Thus, do not purchase a pair of prescription ski goggles unless they have an anti-fog coating on them. 

To ensure that there is enough ventilation, trying on the goggles beforehand and seeing how they fit your face is a good idea. 

Lens Color for Ski Goggles

ConditionVLT RangeLens Color 
Bright and sunny contitionsLess than 25%Mirrored silver, green, platinum, black, 
Partly sunny and partly cloudy conditionsBetween 25% and 50%Blue, green, red, pink, champagne
Overcast conditions with low-light conditions 50% or moreYellow, copper, amber, gold, rose

Top 10 Prescription Ski Goggles

Where to Buy
Oakley Flight Deck - Large
Oakley Flight Tracker XM
Bollé Z5 OTG Goggles
Scott Factor Snow Goggles
Zeal Optics Portal XL RLs Snow Goggle
Smith Optics Prophecy Goggle
Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles
Bollé Freeze Plus Petrol Blue Matte Medium Ski Goggles
Oakley Flight Deck XM Matte White
OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles

1. Oakley Flight Deck - Large

The Oakley Flight Deck ski goggles are designed to be both comfortable and functional as you ride the snowy mountains. These lenses have PRIZM and HDO technology that aids you in seeing the contrast on the mountain. Additionally, the HDO technology also offers a more accurate version of the scene in front of you.

These ski goggles are also compatible with prescription eyeglasses. They have discrete frame notches that are placed strategically on the temples. These make it so that you are comfortable while wearing the goggles over your prescription eyeglasses. The F3 anti-fog coating is also a great addition to these lenses.


  • Allow you to have a more accurate version of the mountain

  • Has notches that are compatible with most prescription eyeglasses

  • It has an F3 antifog coating.

  • Blue light protection alongside protection against UVC.

2. Oakley Flight Tracker XM

The Oakley Flight Tracker XM are shaped like classical ski goggles and have a stylized look to them. They have an oversized frame with a full rim that aids you in having a larger field of view. These goggles have a mid-sized fit that integrates perfectly with most different kinds of helmets.

These ski goggles are also compatible with most prescription eyeglasses. Therefore, they are perfect if you need OTG goggles. They also have the Oakley Ridgelock technology that allows you to change lenses easily and quickly if the situation requires you to do so. These glasses are also super comfortable to wear, which is a bonus.


  • It allows you to see contrast on the mountain.

  • It has an antifog lens coating that absorbs moisture.

  • Blocks harmful blue light, UVA, UVC, and more.

  • The frame has triple-layer foam.

3. Bollé Z5 OTG Goggles

The Bolle Z5 OTG goggles are cylindrical goggles, therefore, they are extremely beneficial to those who wear prescription eyeglasses. Furthermore, they have excellent ventilation alongside a Flow-Tech system. These ski goggles are also super comfortable as they have double density foam alongside other features such as anti-fog and anti-scratch, which makes the entire experience even better.


  • They are cylindrical goggles

  • There is a Flow tech system built into these goggles

  • The lenses have an anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment.

  • Can be worn in all weather

4. Scott Factor Snow Goggles

The Scott Factor Snow Goggles’ fit is catered towards those who prefer their ski goggles to have a small to medium fit. Furthermore, the lenses have an anti-fog coating that prevents the goggles from fogging up and blurring your vision. The goggles are comfortable as they have a single-layer face foam alongside a silicone strap. This strap ensures that the goggles stay on your face and do not slip off. Additionally, because of their shape, you can attach your prescription eyeglasses to them.


  • Adjustable closure

  • Comfortable fit

  • Small to medium fit

  • Has an antifog coating

5. Zeal Optics Portal XL RLs Snow Goggle

The Zeal Optics Portal XL RLs goggles are designed to provide clarity and contrast when you are out in the mountains skiing. It has a large field of vision as well as the lenses on these glasses curve vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, these goggles allow you to change the lenses with ease as they have a rail lock system (RLs) in place. You will also find the lenses to have anti-fog technology as well as UV protection. This helps keep your eyes safe and free from harmful radiation.

The Zeal Optics are OTG goggles. Therefore, if you have prescription eyeglasses, you can easily wear these over them. However, they can be worn without prescription eyeglasses as well.


  • Provides clarity and contrast when you are on the mountain

  • Has a large field of vision

  • Allows you to wear prescription eyeglasses underneath

  • It has a rail locking system which makes changing lenses easy.

6. Smith Optics Prophecy Goggle

The Smith Prophecy goggles have a minimalist design with clean styling that makes the goggles look extremely stylish. The lenses are ChromaPop lenses which help enhance the contrast and the natural color of your vision when you wear them. Furthermore, they have an anti-fog coating on them that allows you to wear them for extended periods without the worry of them fogging up your vision, which can be considered a safety hazard. Additionally, the lenses also have TLT lens technology that enables you to have crystal clear vision.

These goggles also work great as OTG goggles, and you can safely wear your glasses undeath these goggles.


  • The lenses are ChromaPop and have enhanced contrast and natural color

  • There is an anti-fog coating on the lenses.

  • Has a clean design

7. Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles

The Oakley Flight Deck XM goggles have a mid-sized fit that is shaped such that it allows you to maximize your field of vision so you can stay safe while having fun. These goggles also sport PRIZM and HDO technology, which allows you to see the contrast on the mountain. This is especially pronounced when the light and snow conditions change. HDO also offers a truer and more accurate vision.

These glasses are also compatible with prescription eyeglasses as they have notches at the temple where you can easily attach your glasses.


  • Better contrast on the mountain

  • Prescription eyewear compatibility

  • Ridgelock technology for an easy lens change

  • Triple-layer foam for comfort.

8. Bollé Freeze Plus Petrol Blue Matte Medium Ski Goggles

The Bolle Freeze Plus Ski goggles are designed to be comfortable and perfect for everyday use in the snow. The lenses on these ski goggles are the Phantom lens which offers you clarity and optimal photochromatic performance. Therefore, you have more visibility which is overall better for your safety. The Bolle Freeze lenses have an anti-fog treatment, that disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens. Thus, there is no buildup, and there is no loss of visibility as well.

These goggles are also compatible with prescription eyeglasses which is an added bonus.


  • They have great clarity and photochromatic performance

  • The lenses have an anti-fog treatment

  • Compatible with prescription eyeglasses.

9. Oakley Flight Deck XM Matte White

The Oakley Flight Deck XM ski goggles are designed to allow you to see the contrast when you are on the snowy terrain. It also enables you to use it in a variety of different conditions, so you can get one goggle and use it no matter the weather. The lens of these goggles also has an anti-fog coating that clears up your vision and ensures that it will stay that way.

These ski goggles are also compatible with prescription eyeglasses. The frame itself is soft and pliable. Therefore, it will keep your prescription eyeglasses safe. Furthermore, the goggles are also super comfortable to wear as they have triple-layer foam.


  • Can be used in many different weather conditions.

  • The lenses have an anti-fog layer on them.

  • Has ridge-lock technology that makes changing lenses easy

  • Compatible with prescription eyeglasses

  • Comfortable to wear.

10. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles

The OutdoorMaster ski goggles are OTG (over the glass) goggles that are perfect if you need a prescription to have 20/20 vision. These goggles are designed to fit comfortably over your prescription glasses and allow you to see clearly through the lenses.

The lenses on these goggles are anti-fog lenses and are made with dual-layer technology to ensure that your vision is as clear as possible when you ski. These glasses also have universal helmet compatibility, which means that you can wear them with any helmet. The extra-long elastic strap on the goggles further helps with compatibility with the helmet.


  • The lenses have an anti-fog coating

  • The frame is soft and has enough room for you to wear prescription glasses underneath

  • The lens has UV protection

  • Universal helmet compatibility.

At a glance

  Oakley Flight Deck - LargeOakley Flight Tracker XMBollé Z5 OTG GogglesScott Factor Snow GogglesZeal Optics Portal XL RLs Snow Goggle
SizeLargeMediumLargeSmall to MediumExtra Large
Number Lenses11211
Anti-fog CoatingYesYesYesYesYes
Over the Glasses (OTG)Compatible with prescription eye glassesCompatible with prescription eye glassesNoYesYes
Color of LensRoseBlue and PinkOrange and YellowPurpleRed
  Smith Optics Prophecy GoggleOakley Flight Deck XM GogglesBollé Freeze Plus Petrol Blue Matte Medium Ski GogglesOakley Flight Deck XM Matte WhiteOutdoorMaster Ski Goggles
Number Lenses11211
Anti-fog CoatingYesYesYesYesYes
Over the Glasses (OTG)Has space for prescription glassesHas space for prescription glassesHas space for prescription glassesCompatible with prescription eye glassesYes
Color of LensGreen (ChromaPop)Blue/ MirrorredBlueBlue/ MirroredBlack/ Mirrored


Having high-quality ski goggles is incredibly important when you traverse the snowy mountains on your snowboard. However, things can get a bit tricky when you have to wear prescription eyeglasses to be able to see clearly. 

As detailed in the article above, many prescription ski goggles allow you to insert your eyeglasses into them. Thus, you are able to see clearly and ski while not having to worry about being a hazard to yourself and others.