What are the Major Telescope Brands?

When it comes to telescopes, there are many different kinds and models out there which are offered by various brands. But when it comes to buying telescopes, it is better to choose one that is from a reputable telescope brand. This way, you can ensure that you are getting a high-quality product and would not be wasting your hard-earned money on a telescope that would easily break or does not give a clear view of the night sky.

If you are looking for a reliable telescope that you can use for stargazing and viewing other celestial objects, we’re here to help you. Today, we are giving you the major telescope brands and some of the best products they offer.

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Meade Instruments 1010-60-03 LX200-ACF 10-Inch (f/10) 145K object Database Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with Autostar II Hand Controller
Meade Instruments – StarNavigator NG 90mm Refracting Computerized GoTo Astronomy Telescope w/AudioStar 30,000+ Object-Database & Audio Tours – Mount & Tripod Included – for Beginner Adults & Family


Celestron is one of the most popular brands when it comes to telescopes. The company was founded in 1960 by electronics engineer Tom Johnson. It has been an optics industry leader for many years. In fact, it has a long and rich history as a leader in the optics industry that spans more than six decades. The popularity and success of Celestron started when Tom Johnson unveiled the game-changing C8. After that, the brand continued to develop more exciting products with revolutionary technologies and one-of-a-kind innovations.

Here are some of the best telescopes offered by Celestron:

1. Celestron 70mm Travel Scope DX

This telescope by Celestron features high-quality, fully-coated glass optics, a potent 70mm objective lens, a lightweight frame, and a custom backpack, which is perfect for traveling. It comes with powerful eyepieces for close-up viewing. It is a refractor telescope that has a large 70mm aperture objective lens that will give you enhanced and brighter views. It is also very easy to set up and use. It comes with a tripod, moon filter, Bluetooth shutter release, and smartphone adapter. It also comes with a free download of one of the top consumer-rated astronomy software programs.

2. Celestron Nex Star Computerized Telescope

This is a computerized telescope that offers a database of over 40,000 stars, galaxies, nebulae, and more. It can locate your object with pinpoint accuracy and can also track it. This is a compact and portable telescope, which is ideal for weekend camping trips. It is easy to assemble and to transport anywhere. It has a 127mm aperture that gathers enough light to see the Solar System and beyond. It will enable you to view Saturn’s rings and the moon in brilliant detail. It also comes with free starry night software for an interactive simulation.

3. Celestron Astro Master Telescope

This is a powerful refractor telescope that features fully-coated glass optics, a sturdy and lightweight frame, two eyepieces, a red dot finder scope, and an adjustable-height tripod. Its optics will allow you to observe celestial objects at night, and as well as see terrestrial targets during the day, such as landscape and wildlife. It is easy to setup and use. It also comes with a bonus starry night basic edition astronomy software for interactive sky simulation.


Orion Telescopes and Binoculars is an American brand that offers telescopes, binoculars, and other accessories online and in-store for astronomy and birdwatching. This company was founded in 1975 by Tim Gieseler in a garage in Santa Cruz, California. From the mid-1990s and 2005, the company only sold binoculars, telescopes, and accessories under the “Orion” brand. However, in 2005, the company was acquired by Imaginova, which is the U.S. conglomerate founded by CNN business anchor Lou Dobbs in 1999. After that, the brand started selling non-Orion products, such as Tele Vue eyepieces. In November 2017, the brand was repurchased by its employees. Since then, it has remained independent and American-owned.

Here are some of the best telescopes offered by Orion:

1. Orion 09007 Space Probe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope

This is a reflector telescope that has a 5.1-inch aperture. It can gather an ample amount of light for great views of the planets and Moon. It can also let you view brighter galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters. It has a short 24-inch long optical tube design for easy portability and a fast f/5 focal ratiofor pleasing wide-field performance. These features make this telescope very versatile. It also comes with an equatorial mount and adjustable tripod for manual slow-motion tracking of celestial objects.

2. Orion Star Blast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope

This is a great compact grab-and-go telescope that is designed for entry-level and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts. It has a substantial 4.5” aperture and fast f/4 focal ratio that gives bright and detailed views of solar system targets, such as the Moon and planets. It can also enable you to view wide-field celestial objects like nebulas and star clusters. It ships pre-assembled, so you can use it immediately after unboxing.

3. Orion 9024 Astro View 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

This is a powerful and high-quality refractor telescope that is perfect if you’re on a budget. It has a 90mm aperture and 910mm focal length for crisp views of deep-sky objects, the Moon, and planets. It also comes with an adjustable tripod and equatorial mount for manual slow-motion celestial tracking. You can also use it for pleasing daytime terrestrial viewing with a correct-image diagonal.


Gskyer is a company based in China, and it is a popular brand when it comes to optics, especially telescopes. It is said to manufacture all three types of telescopes, reflector, refractor, and catadioptric, and it is good at it. The brand offers a lot of telescope models, which tend to the needs of professionals and as well as beginners. Aside from that, the brand also offers accessories like mounts, tripod stands, finder scope, and travel bags for the telescopes they have.

Here are some of the best telescopes offered by Gskyer:

1. Gskyer Astronomical Refractor Telescope

This telescope has a high-quality optics with high transmission coating that creates stunning images and protects your eyes at the same time. It comes with three eyepieces for versatile viewing. It also has an adjustable tripod that will allow you to try many different viewing positions. It is very easy to assemble and operate as no tools are required when setting it up.

2. Gskyer Astronomical Refracting Telescope for Beginners

This telescope is perfect for beginners who are looking into exploring the stars and moon. It comes with two replaceable eyepieces and a finder scope with a mounting bracket and cross-hair lines inside to make locating objects easier. It also has a wireless remote and a smartphone adapter that you can use to explore the sky through your phone screen. It includes an adjustable tripod for many different viewing positionsand as well as a carry bag for easy traveling and storage.

Meade Instruments

Meade Instruments is one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the telescope industry. It was founded by John Diebel in 1972. It started as a one-man mail-order business that supplied small refracting telescopes, butit is now popular for its groundbreaking telescopic designs. This brand has introduced a lot of improvements over the years that have made amateur astronomy easier and more enjoyable than ever. This is one of the best brands that you can choose if you are looking for a reliable and high-quality telescope.

Here are some of the best telescopes offered by Meade Instruments:

1. Meade Instruments ETX125 Observer Computerized Telescope

This telescope has a 125mm aperture, 1900mm focal length, and a focal ratio of f/15, which will enable you to view the night sky clearly. It has a computerized dual-arm GOTO mount with Periodic Error Correction or PEC. It also comes with an AudioStar hand box with a 30,000-object database. It includes 9.7mm and 26mm Plossl eyepieces, a red dot viewfinder, and AutoStar Suite software. It comes with an adjustable height field tripod with a built-in tilt plate for polar alignment.

2. Meade Instruments Database Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with Autostar II Hand Controller

The optics of this telescope has ultra-high transmission coatings for maximum image brightness and contrast. It comes with the advanced LX200 AutoStar II computer system with a 145,000-object library, multiple-guided tours, and high-precision pointing capability. It also comes fully equipped with a heavy-duty height adjustable Meade field tripod. It is a perfect telescope for professionals and more advanced astronomy enthusiasts.

3. Meade Instruments Star Navigator Refracting Computerized Go To Astronomy Telescope

This is a refractor telescope that is great for beginners. It has a 90mm aperture, 900mm focal length, and f/10 focal ratio. It comes with two 1.25” 9mm and 26mm eyepieces and a red dot finder. It has dual-axis DC servo motors that provide smooth and accurate variable-rate tracking. It has a single-arm mount, full-size aluminum tripod with an accessory tray, a bubble level, and a compass. It also includes an AudioStar Computer hand controller with a 30,000-object database and 4 hours of presentation.

These are the major telescope brands that you can check out if you are looking into buying a reliable telescope. All of these brands will give you high-quality telescopes, which are perfect for both beginners and professionals.