Tips for picking a kids snorkel set

The entire family can enjoy snorkeling, but it’s important to remember that purchasing snorkel gear for children differs from purchasing snorkel gear for adults. Kids have different needs than adults because they are smaller (and growing!).

When selecting the best kids snorkel set for your young child, this must be taken into account. For your child’s comfort and enjoyment, you should purchase the most comfortable mask, fins, and snorkel. A leaky mask is the single thing that can quickly ruin a snorkeling trip. The good news is that you don’t have to purchase the best kids snorkeling equipment available; instead, just choose what your child finds most comfortable. Since they will outgrow it, you will eventually need to make an investment in new equipment. 

Safety first 

Of course, the most crucial factor in snorkel set purchases is ensuring proper fit and durability plus ensuring kid’s comfort. It’s crucial to make sure the mask adheres to the face tightly. By doing this, water won’t seep into the mask and into the child’s eyes. Before using the mask, it is a good idea to let your child try it on to make sure the seal is working properly. Age restrictions are frequently included on children’s snorkeling equipment to assist parents in determining whether the masks will fit their kids. 

Unfortunately, these recommendations may not be effective for all kids, so if at all possible, let the kid try the mask on. However, it is a good place to start. 

Mother, kid in snorkeling mask dive underwater with tropical fishes

Kid’s Snorkel Size and Types 

Make sure the snorkel is the appropriate size for your child’s mouth when purchasing kids snorkeling equipment. Children frequently find the rubber knobs on the mouthpiece of snorkels to be too big to bite down on. It is crucial that the mouthpiece be small enough for the child to access these rubber knobs in order to keep the water out of the child’s mouth. To prevent the kid from feeling heavy-handed, it is best to purchase a lightweight snorkel. Additionally, you might want to get your kid a purge snorkel so that they can blow out any water that gets inside. A dry snorkel is an additional choice that keeps all water out.

The most crucial element, however, will always be safety. Make sure your child’s snorkel gear is not only functional and appropriate, but also offers the highest level of safety. Therefore, it cannot fail. A child in fear will be splashing and struggling in the water. A good fit will guarantee that the snorkel mask fits your child’s face properly and seals, preventing water from getting in their eyes and nose. Additionally, keep in mind that while children’s snorkel gear frequently has age restrictions (such as “for ages 6-10”), not all kids will fall under those restrictions. Like adults, they all have unique face shapes.

To properly fit a snorkel mask on your child’s face, follow these additional practical guidelines:

Eye Check

Hold the snorkel mask very near your child’s face, stopping just a few centimeters from touching the face. The mask should touch the entire area simultaneously, as you should be able to see. Once it is on the face, make sure the mask skirt—a rubber-like piece that seals the mask to the face—is actually touching at all points. Do not push the mask against the face. You can check to see if the skirt is still touching the face by having the child smile and grimace while applying a slight amount of pressure. Around the upper lip, temples, mouth corners, and nose, this is particularly crucial.

Breath Test

Ask your child to take a small, nasal breath and not to freak out when they stop. Ask them to temporarily hold their breath, then take off the mask. By then, the mask shouldn’t need your hand or any straps to keep it in place. Once the mask has released, have your child exhale. Again, aesthetics and design are not crucial at this time. Fit and functionality are. If you can find a snorkel mask that fits your child and that they both find cool, then you found a better option. The fitting of snorkel tubes varies depending on the age of the wearer. It’s possible that you believe a snorkel tube to be a snorkel tube. Actually, no. Your child must be able to comfortably and correctly use it.

Word of caution: The mouthpieces on snorkel tubes can occasionally be too big for kids to properly close their mouths around them. In their tiny mouths, the rubber knobs on either end of the mouthpiece can be an obstruction. Make sure the snorkel tube fits comfortably before deciding whether you can find one with extras like a dry snorkel top or purge valve. A child who knows their equipment and that it won’t let water in and/or stay in when it gets there can become much more at ease while snorkeling as a result.

Tips on Picking up Kids Fins 

When purchasing kids’ snorkeling equipment, adjustable fins are also very useful. These fins will enable you to alter them in accordance with your child’s fluctuating size because children have a tendency to grow very quickly. As a result, you won’t need to replace them as your child grows and can use them for a number of years. Full foot fins (which lack an adjustable strap) are perfectly acceptable, though your child will likely use them less because they will grow out of them more quickly. But whatever makes them feel more at ease is always the best choice. The perfect fit for fins is one that is neither too tight nor too loose. The child’s circulation or movement will be stopped if the fins are too tight. When the kid tries to kick, the fins will come off if they are too loose. Additionally, make certain that the fins are flexible and not overly rigid. For beginners in particular, rigid fins make swimming more challenging.

Kids Wetsuit 

The addition of a wet suit to your bag of children’s snorkeling equipment set is also a smart move. Your child will stay in the water for longer periods of time in a wet suit than they would in a regular swimsuit because it keeps them warm. When purchasing a wetsuit, it’s crucial to make sure that it snugly fits the child’s neck, legs, and arms. This will prevent water from getting inside the suit and keep the kid warmer.

Kids Snorkel Vest 

A snorkel vest may be necessary to include in your bag of kid snorkeling equipment, depending on your child’s swimming adeptness. They can enjoy the underwater sights by floating with little to no effort thanks to a vest. Children who wear life jackets can unwind because they don’t have to struggle to stay above the water because they are buoyancy devices. Most snorkel vests come in highly visible colors as an added bonus for your peace of mind, making it simpler to keep an eye on them and recognize them in a crowd. Additionally, many tour operators require you to wear snorkel vests if you travel by boat on a snorkeling excursion (depending on what country you are in of course). If your child owns a vest of their own, you won’t need to be concerned about the equipment’s condition if it is rented. If you want to know more about the other pieces of equipment that you and your kids will need for snorkeling, check out the Guide to Getting Outfitted with Snorkeling Gear.


The entire family can participate in the hobby or vacation activity of snorkeling. Kids will adore snorkeling because it allows them to explore and find fascinating new creatures, rocks, and coral. Adult snorkeling equipment can be found fairly easily, but finding a kids snorkel set is a completely different story. Kids are young but developing. In other words, their snorkeling gear fits differently almost month to month. 

As a result, kids snorkeling equipment needs to be more compact and versatile, so you won’t have to buy new snorkeling equipment every time you go to the beach. While not essential to snorkeling, this may still be significant. Children typically stay in the water longer and become colder more quickly. A child’s wet suit is a good way to protect the skin from the sun in addition to providing protection from the chills. Make sure the wetsuit is snugly and properly fitting for your child. They will stay warmer because the water will remain trapped and in the suit.

Make sure to follow the practical tips and recommendations found in this article to make your snorkeling trip one of the best and most memorable experiences not only for you but for your entire family, especially your kids.