Moving a Gun Safe from One Location to Another in Your Home

Moving a gun safe from one location to another in your home can be a daunting task because of its weight and the ammunition inside it. Therefore, you will need to take all the necessary safety precautions. During this process, you don’t want to hurt yourself or any other family member. So, you need to gather all the required supplies, empty the box, and create a plan for the move.

Why are Gun Safes So Heavy?


Wondering why gun safes are so heavy even though they have a thick door and a top-notch locking mechanism? Well, they are not built into the wall neither they are attached to it. So, if they were lighter, a thief could easily carry it out of your home.

The extra weight of the gun safes makes it quite a challenging target for burglars and movers. Also, the guns and ammunition inside the safe make them even heavier.

Equipment Required

Handling any heavy furniture or safe can be difficult. Therefore, you should have a dolly at your home (a tool to help you carry bulk items easily). Another most important thing you must have is high-quality gloves. You don’t want to lift heavy items with your bare hands and get blisters or cuts, and this is where gloves come to help.

Moreover, you should invest in secure straps if you are relocating or moving the gun safe from up or down the stairs.

Empty the Safe before Moving It

Your gun safe is already heavy, and you don’t want to make it even heavier by moving it with guns inside. Emptying the gun safe will:

  • Make it lighter and easy to move.
  • Be safer – you should never move loaded guns.
  • Prevent damage if you drop the safe accidentally.

1. Secure the Safe

Lift your gun safe from one side and slide the furniture dolly underneath (don’t forget to wear gloves before lifting it). Secondly, wrap the safe with straps securely with the dolly because you don’t want to drop it.

2. Remove all the Obstacles

You don’t want any obstacles on your way when moving a gun safe from one location to another in your home. Therefore, pay attention to all the obstacles, including door frames, stairwells, and large decoration pieces, and get rid of the ones that are causing hindrance.

If you are moving your gun safe from upstairs to downstairs, you need to invest in a heavy-duty stair climbing dolly or cart. It will make your job much easier. However, before your move, take the dimensions of your safe to know how much space you require to get past these obstacles.

3. Weigh Your Gun Safe

Before planning to move your gun safe, you need to find out its weight. This will help determine what tools and how many people you require to move it with ease. You don’t have to measure it on a scale. Just check out its model and make, and check online with this information.

If your gun safe weighs over 600 pounds, we recommend hiring a professional’s services because it will be much safer this way.

4. Take Help of Other People

If you don’t want to hire the services of professional movers, you should ask your friends or family members for help. They will come in handy, especially when moving the safe up or down the stairs.

5. Be Technical

A gun safe isn’t just another piece of furniture in your home. It is heavy and can cause a lot of damage if you drop it accidentally. Therefore, be technical and make all the plans beforehand to ensure your gun safe remains unscratched. If you are hiring a professional’s services, invite them for inspection so they can make a secure path to move the safe without any damage or injury to persons involved.

6. Protect Your Walls and Floors

Even if you take all the precautionary measures and plan a safe path to move your gun safe, chances are you might deface your walls and leave the floors with cracks. If you don’t want to deface your new home’s paint or damage the floors, wrap a furniture blanket around your gun safe, especially its corners, and secure it with tape or a wrapping sheet.

How to Move a Gun Safe Upstairs?


It is much more convenient to move a gun safe upstairs than moving it downstairs. You only need to have a climbing dolly, straps, and other securing mechanisms to move it upstairs. In addition to that, you require three to four people to move it. One person will lead the gun safe and dolly it up while the other two or more people will lift the dolly on the stairs, taking one step at a time.

How to Move a Gun Safe Downstairs?

The safe’s weight is acting downwards while you are also moving it in the same direction, which is why it gets challenging to move it downstairs. Following are some safety precautions that you need to adhere to be on the safe side:

  • Use a climbing dolly that is specially designated for stairs.
  • Have one or two persons holding the dolly’s handles when moving it downstairs while a person or two in the front handling it.
  • Make sure they take one step at a time and move synchronously to avoid any mishaps.

Safety Tips for Moving a Gun Safe

Personal safety is above everything. Check out these safety tips to remain safe during the relocation of your gun safe:

  • Ensure that the straps are fastened tightly. Doing this will help avoid the safe from tipping over or dislodge during the move.
  • Don’t rush, especially when moving the gun safe upstairs or downstairs. It is better to take things slow instead of rushing and getting injured.
  • If the safe is about to tip over, let it drop and hit the floor instead of risking your life by saving it.

Moving a Gun Safe Is Difficult but Not Impossible

If your gun safe is heavier (600 pounds or more) and you think you can’t move it, don’t worry and read our guide thoroughly to make its relocation convenient. However, you should never compromise on your safety and that of your friends when moving it from one location to another. If you are bringing the safe from upstairs to downstairs, it is better to seek professional help rather than getting injured during the process.