Guide to High Powered Slingshots

A slingshot is a small hand-powered projectile weapon. It is usually a Y-shaped frame held in the off hand, with two natural-rubber strips attached to its uprights. The other ends of the rubber strips lead back to a pocket that holds the projectile. Slingshots might have been around since biblical times, but the modern slingshots we have today have leveled up and are now considered legitimate weapons.

Slingshots can be one of the most effective weapons you can use for survival. However, not all kinds of slingshots can be used because when it comes to survival, you will need a high powered one. If you’re looking for the best slingshot to add to your bug out bag, then no worries because we’re here to help you. Here’s a guide for you to know the qualities to look for when choosing a high powered slingshot for survival.

Uses of Slingshots in Survival Situations


Before we discuss the qualities you should look for when choosing a slingshot, it’s important to know first the uses of slingshots in survival situations. There are two ways that you can use a slingshot, either as a hunting weapon or as a self-defense weapon.

  • As a Hunting Weapon

Some might find it difficult to imagine using a slingshot for hunting. But powerful slingshots are capable of killing small game such as rabbits, birds, and squirrels from 30 feet away. An advantage of using a slingshot for hunting is that it gives you a small profile, making it difficult for animals to spot danger. Aside from that, slingshots are easier to maneuver through brush and they are completely silent.

Aside from small game, you can also use it to hunt for larger game or fish because you can modify your slingshot to shoot arrows and take them down. There’s also a modified form of slingshot which is particularly used for fishing and requires adding a reel to the slingshot.

  • As a Self-Defense Weapon

A slingshot is a great self-defense weapon because of its small size, making it easy to conceal until you need it. It’s also easy to acquire ammo in the field which makes it a great choice for long-term survival. You also don’t have to worry about keeping it dry and it also fires silently, taking down targets stealthily without alerting any collaborators.

In fact, slingshots were used by various irregular forces in recent history including the Irish Republican Army and Ukrainian Anti-government protesters. This demonstrates that slingshots can also be effective in modern battles or conflicts.

Features to Consider in a Slingshot

After knowing the uses of slingshots in survival situations, it’s time to know the features you should look into when choosing the best slingshot. Not all slingshots are created equal and there are some distinct features that make some slingshots more suited to survival situations. Here are the different considerations to make when choosing one.

  • Frame Material

Slingshots are generally made from three materials which are metal, wood, and plastic and each of these have benefits and some drawbacks.

Metal slingshots are light and strong but they are generally the most expensive. Despite its price, it is more sturdy and can last longer compared to wood and plastic. If you will go for a metal slingshot, an aluminum or steel with a plastic or foam handle is a great choice.

Wooden is the classic slingshot design. This type of slingshot is usually engineered with a simple &-shape and a rubber band attached to each fork.

Plastic slingshots, on the other hand, are often more economical but different plastics can have very different qualities. For durability and weight, you can choose modern plastics like glass filled nylon.

  • Type of Band

There are two types of bands you will see in modern slingshots which are flat bands and rubber tubing. The bands you should choose will depend on what you intend to use the slingshot for. Rubber tubing is better for hunting while flat bands are better for a self-defense weapon.

Rubber tubes can last longer and they are the best choice if you plan to use your slingshot to hunt for food over an extended period of time. Flat bands, on the other hand, are easier to draw and they can produce a faster projectile speed. This is a great choice if you don’t plan on firing a lot but want better accuracy. Both of these band types are relatively cheap, therefore, you can try and experiment on both types for you to know what will best fit your needs.

  • Grip

Having a comfortable grip is an important factor for any slingshot because it will enable you to fire more shots and increase accuracy by reducing hand and wrist fatigue. Therefore, when choosing a slingshot, choose one that has a contoured handle that will fit your hand naturally.

  • Sight

A slingshot with a sight feature is also a great choice especially for those with little experience because it can help reduce the time you need to improve accuracy. This is also helpful when aiming small targets like small game. Most of the best high powered slingshots come with a sight attached to them.

  • Hollow Handle

This is not a necessary feature but it can also be quite useful because you can use a hollow handle to store survival gear just like the hollow handle of a survival knife. You can store in it some items to make fire, fishing kit, or a button compass.

The Best High Powered Slingshots

Where to Buy
The Scout Hunting Slingshot
TruMark Slingshot Without Wrist-brace
More Farther Superpower Stainless Hunting Slingshot
Wisdoman Professional Slingshot (Kit)
Outdoor Hunting Slingshot


Now that you know the features to look for when choosing a slingshot, here are some of the best high powered slingshots for survival that we can recommend.

1. The Scout Hunting Slingshot

This is a high powered slingshot inspired by the award-winning Axiom design. It represents precision, quality, and affordability in one package. It features an extremely strong and durable frame that can withstand heavy use. It includes Latex flat bands and the innovative and easy to use Flip Clips. This slingshot fits any shooter size or shooting style and it is capable of shooting any elastic available.

2. TruMark Slingshot Without Wrist-brace

This is the TruMark Slingshot Without Wrist-brace which is a 50-year old standard in slingshots. It has an aluminum frame that is flexible and rugged, and it is lightweight as well. Its pull is comfortable and it affords great velocity and accuracy. It’s one of the most accurate slingshots that can be shot using the intuitive method. This slingshot was designed to be used for users of all age brackets- from children to adults.

3. More Farther Superpower Stainless Hunting Slingshot

This slingshot is designed for professional and leisure hunting slingshot lovers. It features a multi-function laser and it is also a sling bow at the same time. Its laser support design will enable you to find all the targets at night for you to accurately and quickly hit the target. It also includes two rubber band, 200 pieces of ammo, and other parts.

4. Wisdoman Professional Slingshot (Kit)

This is a professional metal-framed slingshot that features comfortable handle grooves which makes it comfortable for your fingers when exerting force. It also has a magnetic design, making it portable when loading ammo, and wrist support for more comfort. It is high quality and durable slingshot you can use for survival situations. This Wisdoman Outdoor Professional Slingshot Kit includes the patented Wisdoman Powerful Wrist Support Slingshot, 50 Ammo Balls, and 2 Rubber Bands.

5. Outdoor Hunting Slingshot

This is a high-powered slingshot that is suitable for hunting, defense, shooting games, competitions and more. It has a top aluminum alloy frame, natural rubber latex, and leather wrapper. It is lightweight and has a compact size, making it very convenient to use outdoors.

If you’re a prepper who’s not comfortable in using firearms, then a high-powered slingshot might be the best weapon you can use for survival or when SHTF. We hope the guide and products we shared will be able to help you find the best high-powered slingshot that will best fit your needs.