Choosing a Commercial Flight School

In order to fly any type of aircraft, you must first attend an FAA accredited commercial flight school. These schools will offer classes in everything from Private and Commercial pilot training to Flight Instructor or Glass Cockpit Training courses. There are different levels of expertise and training involved with progressive exams, certifications and licensing required.

In order to fly a commercial aircraft, you will first need to be certified and licensed in Private Multi-engine and progress to Professional Multi Engine, Ground, Aircraft and Simulator training and finally receive an Airline Transport Pilot License. These courses are quite extensive in hours, both in lab work and actually air training, with exams and tests to become certified and licensed.

Since a commercial pilot can earn in excess of $100,000 and up per year, it is a good investment once you have completed the necessary training at an FAA accredited commercial flight school. Most commercial flight school courses may total around $100,000 for total completion and licensing, so it is not something to be taken lightly, but well worth the price upon completion and employment.

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As you gain experience and knowledge, you continue to expand your training and hours in class, as well as airtime to achieve the level of certification and licensing you need to go from piloting a private charter plane to a large commercial aircraft. Most commercial flight schools also will offer classes to become a licensed flight instructor.

There are several very lucrative career avenues you may choose by attending a commercial flight school. Depending on your time and financial commitment, it is possible to achieve several high-paying positions. One of the easier and higher paying jobs is as an Airline Dispatcher. There are flight schools that offer courses as short as six weeks for this occupation that pays in excess of $80,000. The courses cost around $5,000 and you can obtain you Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate as young as 23 years of age.

When choosing a commercial flight school, it is important that you find one that is FAA accredited and offers the courses necessary to complete the level of training, licensing and certification you desire for the employment avenue of your choice. Some students will progress to a certain level, gain employment and continue flight school as time and finances allow.

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Flight schools are offered in different parts of the country and are much more affordable in the United States, than in Europe. It is important to consider housing and travel when budgeting, as this is not included in the tuition costs. Many flight schools also offer employment placement programs, so it is advisable to check into this when selecting your school. For example, you can be an assistant airline dispatcher if you are under the age of 23 and pass your exams and licensing requirements.

Once you have decided your airline career path, it will make it easier for you to compare pricing and course availability. The important thing to remember is make sure that you attend an FAA accredited facility.