Beginner Tips for Budding Golfers

Golf is an entertaining sport that requires different skills, such as athleticism, poise, and techniques in order to hit long powerful drives. As well as that, a golfer needs strong mental health to hold it all together when the pressure is on. Meanwhile, for others, this game can be incredibly frustrating or difficult. It can get quite confusing, too, since the golf game has several shafts, clubs, and other options to choose from. Thus, picking the right choice can be quite a handful for a budding golfer.  

To those who know a little about golf, the main goal is to enlighten you before you decide to pick up a club and head to the golf course. With that, to help out beginner golfers, below are some of the essential tips you need to know that can help you boost your confidence as a beginner. 

Take Lessons from Professional

Nothing beats starting out with something positive in your direction. As a beginner, it is important to accept instructions from the experts. It is undeniable that teaching yourself through good instructional books could help a little. However, a professional golf player will teach more than books could offer. Also, it is not enough to seek instructions because it is as much crucial that you know what you are doing in the process of learning. 

Visit a Driving Range

Visiting a driving range helps a beginner to have a chance of hitting golf balls without the worry of finding them again. Also, the driving range is the best place to seek instructions and advice from professional golfers. In fact, some professional golfers are up for giving quick pointers to remember. Also, you can take advantage of the different ranges of clubs that are available for you to try for free. 

Practice Your Grip

The hands are the only part of the body that comes in contact with the golf club. With that, it is essential to practice the proper grip in holding the club. Interestingly, there are three main golf club grips, namely the baseball grip, interlocking grip, and overlap grip. 

Baseball grip is similar to how a baseball player holds the bat. In doing this, your left hand must rest right above the right hand (or vice-versa if the player is left-handed). However, several golfers dissuaded using this kind of grip since it doesn’t offer much control when playing golf. 

The second grip is the interlocking grip. In doing the interlocking grip, a player wraps the right hand’s little finger around the left hand’s index finger. The interlocking grip is said to be best for a female with smaller-sized hands since it provides more grip and strength when swinging the club. 

The third grip is the overlap grip, which is quite similar to the interlocking grip. However, in doing the overlap grip, the right hand’s little finger should lie on the top of the left hand’s index finger instead of wrapping around it. However, this type of grip is usually used by golfers who have stronger hands. 

Practice your Putting

Several people are quite obsessed with practicing their long-range shots. Although this is helpful, you still should not neglect your putting. It is worth remembering that Putts are accounted for about fifty percent of strokes in one round. However, far less than fifty percent of the time is spent in practicing putting. 

Know the Golfing Etiquettes

It is a must to know the Golfing Etiquettes. Golfing Etiquette is a set of practices and rules to make the golf game safe and enjoyable, as well as to minimize the possibility of damaging the course and the golf equipment. Although these rules were not usually applied as the formal rules of golf, the golfing etiquette is still expected to be observed in golfers. With that, it is essential to observe or listen to professional golfers. Without this knowledge, one will end up not realizing what they have done wrong while playing. 

Go back to Basics

Golf involves too much thinking. Plus, there are lots of information and instructions to remember. If you are a new golfer, you’ll usually feel burned out with too much thinking. When that happens, compose yourself and go back to basic. First, try to think about the ball position and your posture before making a swing all the way to a full finish. It is important to relax since overthinking could create more tension, making it so hard to focus on the game.