Best Hobby Ideas For Busy Moms

Finding time for hobbies can almost feel like an impossible task for a busy mom. Some moms may even think that hobbies would make their lives more lethargic and hectic. Fortunately, the truth is far from it! 

Hobbies are a great form of self-care. They are activities that become a routine part of your life, requiring little to no time commitments. If anything, they lighten up your mood and can make your day fresh. It will only help you do your job as a parent better as they help relieve mental stress. 

The trick here is to find the right hobby. A good one for busy moms will generally fit the following conditions:

  • Isn’t expensive: Having kids is already very expensive, and many moms do not have room for a stretch in their budget. However, if you can afford it, feel free to go for anything you wish!
  • Isn’t time-consuming: Unless you are willing to hire a babysitter, you might find it hard to manage your schedules with a baby and a time-consuming hobby.
  • Is accessible: Definitions of accessibility are subjective. So, go for a hobby that is more accessible to you in terms of location. If you are a working mom, you might want to join a hobby near your office or in your commute. However, if you’re a stay-at-home mom, we recommend choosing ones that are possible at home. 

With all these things in consideration, here are the best hobby ideas for busy moms!

Artistic Hobby Ideas For Busy Moms

Image of color crayons.


Image of water colors near sketching booklet.

With painting supplies available at many local stores, let your inner Picasso shine with all that creativity inside. There are multiple free resources on the internet to self-learn. You can also join free online communities. 

Drawing & Coloring

Picture of color pencils.

Who said color pencils are only for kids? This as a hobby will help you spend time with the kids and relax.


Image of a camera with polaroids lying around it.

As a mom of the 21st century, your camera roll might already have a thousand pictures of your little ones. So, why not take time to learn some professional tricks and go for photography? You may also start a blog or a family vlogging channel. Not only will you enjoy doing it, but make money with your hobby!

Calligraphy/Hand Lettering

Picture of a pen and ink pot with calligraphy on paper.

Calligraphy is one great way of channeling your creativity into something beautiful and productive. You can learn this skill for free on Youtube and make artsy quotes for your home. If interested, you can also put them up for a mini sale.

Crafting Hobbies


Picture of a woman knitting.

If you have always wanted to crochet blankets, knit scarves, or wear tapestries, this hobby might be the one for you. Get started with resources online. Don’t feel shy to contact your mom for help!  


Image of scattered beads.

If your children are old enough, jewelry making might be a good hobby for you. You can make your charms and chains with wires, clasps, and beads. However, make sure you keep them away from your little one’s reach. 


Picture of a candle near analog clock and book.

Who doesn’t love the soft glow of candles? But, with the skyrocketing prices, you might be missing out on them. Say no more as you can now make your own!


Picture of card with a heart and crayons.

In the era of social media, heartfelt letters and cards now stand as priceless. You can invest your time in making cute little cards. It can also be a family thing for a great evening! 

Outdoor/Physical Hobbies


Picture of a woman running.

You can run anywhere. It boosts heart health and lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So, put on your joggers and run down those miles! 

Hiking and Camping

Image of a woman hiking.

Hiking and camping let you connect with the nature around you. We recommend planning something at least once or twice a year. 


Image of a seedling growing in a gardening greenhouse.

As a busy mom, you can try gardening and let your green fingers free. You can also have your kids join.  You also get fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs with it. Check our guide for tips on cultivating Bonsai as a hobby!


Geocaching is a giant treasure hunt worldwide, and it costs nothing! All you need is the app and start hunting. 

Yoga and Meditation

Picture of a woman doing yoga near a lake.

With life as a busy mom, it is time for you to take a step back and do self-care. A great way of distressing is yoga and meditation. You can make it your hobby to unwind often. The real catch? You can learn it on the internet and do it anywhere. If there is a community around, make sure to sign up. You’ll love making new friends.

Road Trips

Image of an empty road with a clear sunny sky.

Road Trips may seem impossible when motherhood embraces you. However, you can always go for short road trips. Hit the road and jam to your favorite music often!

Expressive Hobbies

Online Gaming

Image of a lighted keyboard.

If you’re a fan of gaming, let yourself immerse in the online gaming realm. You can play multiple games for free on your computer or smartphone. It’s a great way of relaxing and making friends in the online community. 

Creative Writing

Picture of a desk with notebook and pen for an office outlook.

From story writing to poetry, essays to memoirs, and more, creative writing lets one explore themselves better. It helps unwind your brain. You do not have to be a perfect writer. Just pick up that pen and let your thoughts flow! 

Board Games

Picture of a board game called Ludo.

Board games have always been fun for everyone. They let everyone in the family collect at a table and enjoy wholesome moments. Try having one day for board games per week. Play different ones often.

Learn a Musical Instrument

Close-up shot of a musical sheet lying on a piano.

Learning a musical instrument is a popular hobby for many busy moms. You can use resources online or sign up for some classes.


Picture of a microphone.

If you are a beginner, step out of your comfort zone and go for some voice lessons. You can make friends in those classes and grow as a melodious voice!  

Educational Hobbies

Learn a Foreign Language

Image of a globe with all country flags.You can add to your vocabulary while doing your things on the go. There are several free resources on the internet to learn different languages. Go for the ones you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you will no longer need subtitles for your favorite foreign movies! 


Image of a person reading a book with tea and flowers.

Whether it’s fantasy novels, academic papers, or motivational books, reading helps one grow as an individual. It is a productive hobby for many. 

Personal Care Hobbies

Skin Care

Picture of essential oils and towels for massage therapy.

Many people enjoy skincare routines. You might want to pursue it as your hobby. It is a therapeutic form of self-care. However, make sure to consult with a dermatologist. 

The Takeaway

With our assortment of the best hobby ideas for busy moms, choose the ones that appeal and experiment. Pursuing what you like will make you mentally and physically healthier. You can also for other hobbies like origami, fishing, and juggling.

Happy Motherhood!