Hobbies That Can Encourage and Motivate Teens

Teens usually don’t spend their time doing something productive. As a result, they are not having any specific skill when they get to their twenties making their life difficult. However, if teens adopt certain hobbies, they will be able to learn some skills as well as have a balance in their lives through engaging in different activities. They also motivate you to stay active and fit in life by engaging in something other than work. 

Best Hobbies for Teens


Teenage is considered best for exercise and mostly to have a fit body. Once you get to the twenties, you regret not focusing on your body during the teenage years. Only a few do that and they look super hot in their twenties grabbing everyone’s attention. The motivation behind the exercise is the long-term benefit that you see in the form of physical fitness and attractiveness that emerges over time. 

Most teens are just busy going to school and coming back with no other physical activity throughout the day. Having a lazy schedule could be making your life dull and boring too. If you don’t have any concerns about height, simply join a gym today and start exercising. It will take about 2 to 3 years to get the ideal body if you go all-natural. Start from the age of 18 or 19 and see the results by 20 to 21. In case you don’t have a gym nearby or you simply have some concerns for height, we recommend having a daily walk or jog around the block. 

There are vital health benefits that will be gained including the improved respiratory system, better blood flow rate, improved metabolism, better activity, increased testosterone levels, and others too. Start exercising today because it will bring numerous benefits to your social life as well as physique. 

Sports and physical exercises are considered good for health and are a great hobby too.

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Although most girls are interested in cooking, it can be a great hobby for the guys too. Learn to cook at an early age so that when you move out of the house, you don’t find any difficulties at all in managing the food requirements. Cooking will also help you gain analytical skills as you will make a series of decisions and undergo new experiments while preparing a range of new dishes. 

Start cooking in your teens because you will make mistakes and blunders when you begin. It will take some time to practice and get yourself perfect. Moreover, who knows it could be a hidden skill in you. Learn cooking and see how it goes. Teens can start from small dishes or even from baking and then go on to the bigger ones. The family should be supporting such hobbies of teens because it is a fine hobby that is better than staying home and being lazy all day. If your young one cooks something, offer advice and appreciate the efforts to motivate further.  


It may sound odd for a teen because teens are usually not willing to do all the writing stuff but there are some who have the hidden talent of writing exceptionally well. Writing from a young age could also polish your skills and improve the flaws over time. In addition to that, teens can also be motivated with writing because some of the top authors of all times have begun their writing careers in their teens.

These include S.E. Hinton, Mary Shelley, Charlotte Brontë, Stephen Crane, Marissa Meyer, and many others as well. When their novels were published, they got extra fame for being young writers. Some teens are outstandingly creative and have the ability to match the dots together which means they can come up with creative ideas for stories and novels. Motivate them at writing and help them be better. Encourage your young one to get their first story published and celebrate. This could motivate the teen to do even better in the future. 

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The world that is coming ahead is the IT World which is why teenagers could engage in a certain hobby that is going to be more relevant for them in the future as well. Programming and learning coding at an early age is easy because teens do have spare time with them. Moreover, young people are swift learners which means that they can easily learn some basic programming. 

Different types of websites can be used to learn about programming and coding. If you see that your child has an added level of interest in computer science and technology, you should definitely consider making him learn to program. By the time he or she steps into their practical life, they will be able to have a full-scale experience and will be ready to take bigger challenges. If teens want to try coding with robotics, you can give them Codey Rocky, a robot that teaches the basics of coding in just a few simple steps.

Creative Arts

As we mentioned earlier, many teens have creative ability in them which means they think in a unique manner. For these teens, you can motivate the teens by encouraging them in creative arts including pottery, drawing, painting, drama, sculpture making, and other similar creative arts. These kinds of activities will help the teens in expressing themselves while having more fun in their lives. 

Moreover, they will be able to have extra skills among them. Being good at co-curricular activities is important in the long run because this is one of the things that employers look for when hiring for jobs. The best part about this hobby is that all you have to do to motivate the teen is to tell him to create / paint / draw whatever he prefers. This will encourage him to be more open. 

Creative arts are hobbies for all those with an out of box thinking. 

Volunteer Work

A great way to keep your son or daughter hooked is to encourage him to perform social work. Volunteer at the nearby orphanage, camps, or other important places. Motivating the teens for doing such volunteer work is easy. Explain to them that volunteer work is fun because there are many other age fellows that they can meet. 

Volunteering for others will help your child develop a sense of care and love for others. It will also motivate your child to be more responsible. He will learn the different do’s and don’ts of workplaces. Volunteer work also opens up the probability of learning team working skills. There are some camps where the teen can go and live for a few days. This will help in learning how to live an independent life while dealing with a range of problems. 

Volunteer work is good for moral reasons. 

New Language

Learning a new language may appear like a difficult task but it isn’t. For teens, it is the best opportunity to learn a new language because they have time and a few more years before they enter their practical life. Foreign languages such as Spanish, German, French, and Chinese have become increasingly important over the past few years which is why everyone should be able to learn one. 

The main reason why foreign language is important is that they open up potential job opportunities for the future. If the teen has plans to go to a foreign university in the future, he or she shall already know the language of the country. This will give the teen an edge over others who are not knowing a new language. You don’t know when an opportunity arises for the teen to visit a foreign country. Therefore, have him learn something different that is interesting too. 

New language has new benefits. 

Keeping a Pet

Last but one of the most enjoyable activities by the teens is to have a pet. Pets tend to be good companions and also teach responsibility to the owners. This is because the owners have to care for different aspects of a pet including their day-to-day habits, their eating schedule, doctor checkups, taking them out for a walk, and other important things too. 

Most teens are already up for having a pet so you won’t have any trouble convincing them. Pets can also motivate teens to work hard and work better as they will be taking the responsibility of a living being. We suggest you start with the smaller pets and then go on to the bigger ones. For example, if your teen is young, start with a fish such as a goldfish. If he is older, you can get him a cat or a dog too. Encourage your teen to have a sophisticated approach towards the pets to keep them healthy. Also, assist the teens in the beginning unless they are able to learn properly. 


Hobbies are important for all ages as they can help encourage and motivate teens towards learning the important responsibilities. Some hobbies help the teens in opening up more creatively. Encourage your son or daughter to engage in hobbies by explaining the benefits as well as the importance of these hobbies in their daily lives. However, make sure that your son or daughter does not waste his teenage staying free and lazy because some of these hobbies could turn quite beneficial in the future.