Benefits of Owning a Sewing Machine

Sewing is one of the valuable skills that anyone should learn. While many people can get by with simple stitches to mend their clothes, bags, and other stuff, others take the skill to new heights, creating elaborate and artistic works.

Sewing is an important life skill that you should learn for three reasons:

  1. Being able to sew enables you to make the most out of the existing items that need repairs for a longer useful life.
  2. Sewing can be seen as a budget-friendly alternative to buying new clothes. Not only it saves you money, but it also saves the environment.
  3. Sewing can bring out your creative side.

Although many people choose to sew by hand, a sewing machine’s benefits surpass hand sewing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to boast to your friends that “I made this” when they compliment the wardrobe you’re wearing? You can create a beautiful bed cover spread, chair covers, or pot holders from random scrap fabrics. A sewing machine can make all these creations possible while also serving as a fun hobby. You can even turn sewing into a viable source of income.

A sewing machine will be one of the essential appliances to have in your household. Investing in a good sewing machine to serve you for many years is necessary. In this article, we list the benefits of sewing machines and the important things you should consider before buying one.


Benefits of a sewing machine

From efficiency to artistry, there are several benefits of having your own sewing machine. The advantages listed below are sound reasons why a good-quality sewing machine should be a one-time investment:

Speed – Having a sewing machine at your disposal means a permanent break from the struggles of hand sewing, which can be exhausting. It can hurt your hand (such as causing spasms), which may further slow the sewing process. Meanwhile, a sewing machine increases your sewing pace with minimal chances of errors and a greater chance of accuracy.

Since the thread is already set, you only have to operate and guide the machine on the fabric. A lot of your time is saved. This is especially beneficial if you run a sewing business that requires speed and efficiency.

Sewing is not the limit – Owning a sewing machine means expanding horizons in terms of stitching. You can use a sewing machine for various purposes. For example, you can use the sewing machine to create various amazing products, from gowns to stuffed toys to table runners. You should only possess a good command over your sewing machine to make everything work.

Time savings – Sewing and stitching by hand can be extremely time-consuming. Not everyone has the willpower to spend long hours threading and re-threading the needle to do stitching by hand.

On the other hand, sewing tasks take significantly less time on a sewing machine. Your increased stitching speed gives you more time to sew other products or do other stuff.

Neat and precise stitching – It’s evident that stitches done by the sewing machine are much neater, more precise, and more detailed than stitches done by hand. All you have to do is to set and arrange the thread correctly, and your sewing machine will take care of the rest. Using a sewing machine also leaves less room for errors, especially with electronic sewing machines with LCD features.

Stitches various fabrics – Your hand does not have the strength necessary to push the needle through all types of fabrics. Hence, another one of the benefits of a sewing machine is that it enables you to work on all fabrics – yes, even wool, denim, and even non-woven fabrics like leather and vinyl, with great precision. 

Decorative stitching – A sewing machine gives you ample room for experimentation with fancy stitching. You can create unique stitches and use a lot of colorful haberdasheries to come up with beautiful and intricate designs on the fabric. A sewing machine makes it possible to turn your sewing creations into works of art. Your imagination is the limit!

Saves costs – Having a sewing machine at home also means being able to do minor repairs and quick fixes by yourself. You don’t have to run to the nearest tailor shop to get your stuff mended, as you can do it yourself instantly on your sewing machine.

The perfect one-time investment – A sewing machine will be one of your most valuable investments. You can buy a sewing machine and reap its benefits for a long time. These benefits include, but are not limited to, significant savings on money and time, designing your own clothes, etc.

sewing machine white

Things to consider before buying a sewing machine

A sewing machine provides you with an optimal sewing experience. You must find a good sewing machine that fulfills all your needs and wants. Take a look at the few things below to ensure that the sewing machine is worth your purchase:

1. Stitch options – In choosing a sewing machine, know that there are several stitch options in it. Some units include buttonholes, zigzags, blind hem, straight stretch, and more. Thus, it’s essential to buy a sewing machine with all stitch options, especially the basic ones or the ones you use most frequently.

2. Types of sewing machines – It’s also important to figure out which kind of machine suits you best and which you would be operating most comfortably. Explore the different types of sewing machines for home use:

Antique sewing machine

  • Mechanical or manual sewing machine – Although they’re not widely used anymore, mechanical sewing machines are still good, especially for beginners who want to learn the sewing basics. Many mechanical sewing machines are built into tables and designed to be a piece of furniture when the machine itself is tucked under and not in use.

electronic sewing machine

Electronic sewing machine – As the name implies, electronic sewing machines are run by electricity. Obviously, they sew faster than mechanical sewing machines and are designed for expert sewing. Their speed and efficiency allow you to create various DIY and decorative crafts.

 computerized sewing machine

  • Computerized or automated sewing machine – Computerized or automated sewing machines are high-tech iterations. You can connect your computerized sewing machine to the Internet, computer, or design-loaded cards. Many usually feature a convenient LCD panel and clearly labeled buttons. They automate specific tasks, including needle threading, bobbin winding, and tension control (which can be tedious sometimes). Some computerized sewing machines can do embroidery work using various proprietary designs or designs uploaded to the machine by the user.

 quilts made by a sewing machine

  • Quilting machine – If you love to make quilts, you’ve got to have this type of sewing machine. It’s also called a long-armed sewing machine because of its long table, providing a space for bigger swaths of fabric while they’re being worked on.

embroidery machine

  • Embroidery machine – An embroidery machine does not function like a regular sewing machine. True to its name, an embroidery machine is exclusively used for adding embroidered designs and accents to fabrics. Most embroidery machines feature various pre-loaded patterns but users can also upload their own patterns to the machine via USB. Embroidery machines can be used domestically or for commercial purposes.

3. Decide on the features you need – Features vary from one sewing machine to another. Thus, if you have specific features in mind, then it would help if you would make a list of them. As you go to the store – physically or online – ask the seller whether the sewing machine you want to purchase is equipped with your desired features.

4. Weight and size – A sewing machine’s weight and size are also essential considerations. For example, suppose you wish to buy a sewing machine you can use wherever you go. In that case, you should go with a portable variant, as portable sewing machines are made to be compact and lightweight compared to other types of sewing machines. Remember, though, that even portable sewing machines vary in weight and size.

5. Budget – Sewing machines are available at various price points. The more features a sewing machine has, the more expensive it is. Hence, know if you have the budget to buy a specific sewing machine (and if you are willing to spend on it) and then search for one.


Investing in a sewing machine can be one of your life’s most significant decisions. However, your decision depends on how easily and conveniently you can reap the advantages of the sewing machine.