Awesome Water Games To Play With Your Family

Playing with water rocket launchers is undoubtedly an exciting activity to play in your home’s backyard. Yet, the fun doesn’t end there! There are lots of other water games you can do to beat boredom, get soaked, cool down, and have fun with your family. Kids of all ages, even kids at heart, will have a blast with these exhilarating wet and wild activities. Plus, all they need are simple resources and equipment. So, crank up the hose, and use your creativity and skills! Here’s the list of the best water games you could play at home!

1. Water Cup Race

Races are thrilling, and this activity will keep everyone going! Get two buckets and fill them with water. Divide the kids into two even-numbered teams and have them line up across each other. Each team member gets a red cup, but only the first member on the line gets access to the bucket. That person fills the cup and carefully transfers the water, avoiding spilling any. Whichever team has the most water after a desired number of minutes wins!

2. Jump Rope with a Twist

Does your family love to play jump rope? Why not give it a wet and fun twist? Have each member hold a cup of water as he or she skips the rope ten times. Whoever keeps the most water from his or her cup wins!

3. Water Balloon Sports

Play your favorite sports with the family but make it more exciting by substituting the regular sports with water balloons. You can do water balloon basketball, volleyball, baseball, or mini golf! These riffs on famous sports will keep your family entertained for hours!

4. Glow in the Dark Pool Party

If your family can stay up late for one Friday or Saturday night, then you can certainly enjoy this glow-in-the-dark pool party! Simply gather glow sticks and glow balls. Toss them in the pool and have everyone jump in for a unique, colorful pool experience!

5. Water Balloon Relay

It’s another racing game but this time, even sillier – get ready to be in stitches! Prepare water balloons and fill up two buckets with an equal number. Place a chair at one end of your yard and set a starting line on the opposite point. Divide the teams into two. Each member will get a water balloon from the bucket and run towards the chair. That player will then have to sit down on the water balloon to make it pop. After popping it, he or she darts back towards the starting line, and the subsequent player will continue the process. In case a player pops or drops the balloon before even getting the chance to sit on it on the chair, he or she needs to go back to get a new balloon. Whichever team finishes all of their water balloons earns the victory!

6. Water Limbo

Snatch your water hose, hold the nozzle, and turn it into full blast to create a line. Presto! You now have a liquid stick, perfect for the traditional game of limbo. Gather everyone around and see who can limbo without touching the jet of water. Lower the water for each round, and who ends up dry in the end wins!

7. Water Balloon Catch

All you need for this game is a stockpile of colorful water balloons and a large bowl! Group players into pairs and assign a “thrower” and “catcher.” The former throws the water balloons while the latter tries to get as many water balloons into a bowl he or she is holding over their head. You know it – the pair with the most number of water balloons earns the “W!”

8. Water Tag Game

Start a water battle royale in your backyard! Divide the family into two teams with an even number of players. Have everyone wear white shirts and arm them with water guns or spray bottles. Add food coloring to the water to easily distinguish the two teams. Tag the opposing team by spraying on their shirts. The team with the drier sets of shirts, once all the water is used up, wins. 

9. Water Balloon Pinatas

Let your family use some excess energy while cooling off at the same time by playing water pinatas. Find anywhere you can hang water balloons, be it a tree branch, rope, or pole. Assign a small prize for each color and let your kids whack at the water balloons with a small stick! Everyone will undoubtedly be in sheer laughter of joy!

10. “Sink or Float” Experiment

While games are made to bring fun to the family, these activities can also be a great avenue to teach kids valuable concepts. For instance, you can teach density to kids by doing a “float or sink” activity. Get random items like paper clips, pebbles, leaves, cork, keys, popsicle sticks, and rubber balls. Educate them about the reason behind sinking or floating. Then, get a bucket or a bin and fill it with water. Next, take their understanding to a test by asking them whether the item will sink or float before throwing it into the container.

11. Toy Bath

You may not have noticed, but toddlers and preschoolers love to clean things – a habit parents wish their kids carry as they grow. While they’re still at it, seize the fun! Collect all their toys, such as their lego bricks, animal or soldier figures, cars, and plushies. Prepare a bucket of water, rags, sponge, and soap, then have the kids clean all their playthings – they’ll enjoy it!

12. Play In The Rain

If you’re lucky to have a slight summer storm, then don’t hesitate to go out and enjoy the rain. Feel every drop, hear them as they hit the ground, smell the unique smell of the rain, and splash away. It’s simply a memorable experience you can have with your family and with nature.

13. Slip ‘N Slide

Who doesn’t love slip ‘n slide? Just take a plastic tarp, add little soap, and set your sprinkler on to keep it nice and wet. Get everyone splashing and sliding and see who reaches the farthest!

14. Blind Taste Test

Most games on this list entail getting wet, but here’s one to keep you refreshed while being dry and just satisfying each of your loved ones’ palates. Prepare different flavored waters and other beverages. Blindfold the players and let them sip a small amount enough to give them a subtle taste of the liquid. See who identifies each taste. Every successful guess earns the player a point. The one with the highest score at the end of the games wins.

15. Water Obstacle Course

Do you want to multiply the fun a hundredfold? Do that by making a water obstacle course. Divide the family into two teams. Let them run through a series of water games and finish it with the least amount of time. You can start with water limbo followed by the water balloon catch. The next stage will require them to sit down on water balloons and whack pinatas. Place slip ‘n slide towards the finish line.

Final Words

These water game ideas are surefire to keep your family delighted and refreshed. There are lots of other ways you can have fun with water. Just be imaginative and unleash your creativity to bring more happy activities into your home!