What Is a Water Balloon Launcher, and What Can You Do With It?

Water balloons are incredibly fun toys that can make a sunny summer afternoon extremely fun. Although you can shoot water balloons at your friends and family using your hands, a water balloon launcher makes it even more fun and takes the game to a new level. Using a launcher, you can shoot a water balloon up to 100 feet away. Depending on the kind of water balloon launcher you purchase, you can sometimes shoot it even further.

Suppose you are looking to purchase a water balloon launcher. In that case, you will find that these gadgets come in a variety of different styles. You can find ones you can use on your own, while others require two to three people. To choose the perfect kind, you need to know which would suit your style and which would be the most comfortable and fun for you.

What Is a Water Balloon Launcher?

A water balloon launcher is sometimes called a water balloon slingshot and is used to shoot water balloons. Like other launchers, such as water rocket launchers, water balloon launchers are ballistic toy devices. They are designed to help you launch your balloons significantly further than if you were to throw them by hand.

These devices are available on the market, but you can also make them at home because they are simple enough to construct. Some water balloon launchers are designed to be stationary, while some are mobile. You can even find or build launchers that require three people to operate them.

Although water balloon launchers are marketed towards children, they can also be used by adults to launch their water balloons far and with much more speed. Some water balloon launchers are capable of throwing water balloons 300 yards away.

How To Make Your Own Water Balloon Launcher

Water balloons in a swimming pool ready for a water fight

Water balloon launchers are essential for a water balloon fight as they allow you to throw your water balloons much further. This means you can play in a large area easily. There are many water balloon launchers available online, but you can also make one at home. This is how to do it.

Gather Your Materials

To make a water balloon launcher, you will need a small roll of duct tape, two 8-inch vinyl tubing, and two 6-foot lengths of latex rubber surgical tubing. You can easily find these items online or in hardware stores.

Pouch Layout

The next step is to attach 5 pieces of duct tape that are 18 inches long. Then, fold over the top and bottom edge about 1 and a half inches. This will create a hem. Next, take 2 pieces of tape that are around 7 inches long and fold them over just like before to create a 1-and-a-half-inch hem. Place both of these pieces with the hems facing each other 3 inches apart across the five pieces of tape.

Add Tubing Channels

The next step is to add the two 8-inch pieces of tubing across the 5 pieces of tape. Keep the two pieces 8 inches apart. Then, fold the ends of the 5 pieces of tape over the vinyl tubing and adhere them to the back.

Make the Handle and Insert it.

You will also need a handle that you can make by attaching 2 pieces of tape that are 22 inches long in length. Fold or roll them lengthwise so that they are ½ inch wide. Then, cut a ½ inch slit that is 3 inches apart in the middle of the pouch. Ensure that you do not cut through the hemmed tape that is embedded in the pouch. Leave a loop of the handle sticking up, and it should be big enough so that your hand fits into it easily. Secure them by wrapping them with tape.

Attach the Surgical Tubing

The next step is to insert the surgical tubing through the vinyl tube channels. Once you have done so, you can tie each one with a square knot. Now your launcher is ready.

Types of Water Balloon Launchers

There are three different kinds of water balloon launchers that you can purchase. They differ based on their size and how many people are required to launch the balloons. The three types are handheld slingshot, hand launcher, and large slingshot.

Handheld Slingshot

A handheld slingshot is an easy-to-use launcher that you can operate by yourself. It makes use of the same principle as larger launchers, meaning that it has two to four rubber tubes that connect to a frame. This setup allows you to send water balloon flyings. They are a good option for younger children who have trouble throwing water balloons with a lot of power.

Hand Launcher

Hand launchers are one-person launchers that allow you to launch balls at high speed, but you won’t achieve the same speed with water balloons. This means that they are less efficient as compared to other launchers like the handheld slingshot.

Large Slingshot

Large slingshots are the best kind of launcher if you are serious about your water balloon fights and want your water balloons to go a long way. These launchers require at least three people to operate, given the size. Two people will hold the handles of the launcher, while the third will pull the cradle back and send the balloons flying in the air. Other kinds of large slingshots require a person to loop their feet through the handle as they lie on their back.

Such slingshots allow you to throw water balloons from 100 to 1500 feet. They can be a lot of fun for adults but can be difficult for young children to use.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Water Balloon Launcher

Water balloons in a bucket on grass

When purchasing a balloon launcher, there are many different things that you need to consider in order to purchase the right one. There are many different kinds and styles of water balloon launchers, so choosing one can be a little difficult. By focusing on the material, price, durability, and ease of use, you can purchase one that fits your budget and allows you to have plenty of fun with it.


The materials used to make a water balloon launcher are essential to consider. They determine how well the launcher will perform, how easy it will be to use and how long it will last. There are two parts whose material you need to ensure is good quality, including the tubing and the handles.

The tubing is the most critical part of a water balloon launcher. Ensure that the water balloon launcher you choose uses vinyl. Cheaper models often use rubber, but if you want your launcher to last long, you should purchase one that comes with vinyl handles. These are the strongest and will last the longest.

The material that the handle is made of is also an essential factor to consider. Plastic handles are generally uncomfortable to use and can break easily. Due to this, you should always purchase a balloon launcher with metal handles covered with foam or rubber. They are much more comfortable to hold and are unlikely to break.


Balloon launchers come in a large variety of price ranges. The more expensive the launcher is, the more durable and high-quality it will be. You can get a launcher anywhere between $5 to $30.

Price Range  Description
Inexpensive ($5 to $10) Inexpensive water balloon launchers are usually made from low-quality materials and do not come with accessories. They can be handheld or require three people to use them. Using these, you cannot throw your water balloon beyond 50 feet.
Mid-range ($10 to $20) Mid-range water balloon launchers come with various extra accessories like balloons and nozzles. They are usually made using high-quality material and can throw balloons up to 1500 feet.
Expensive ($20 to $30) Expensive water balloons are large launchers that require up to three people to operate. They are made using high-quality materials, including nylon or vinyl tubing. They can throw your water balloons at impressive distances. Young children may not be able to use these as they are large and require a lot of strength.


When purchasing a rocket launcher, you should ensure that the one you are buying will last a long time. The durability of your launcher depends significantly on the materials used to make it. Good quality materials will allow you to use the launcher without snapping or breaking. Always check the sturdiness before you make your purchase.

Balloon Size

The balloon size is also an important consideration. If you have larger water balloons, then you should purchase a balloon that has a large cradle. This will allow you to comfortably place your balloons without them bursting. Remember that the larger the balloons are, the heavier they will be. This will significantly reduce the distance that they can cover when launched.

On the other hand, if you have smaller balloons, you can easily shoot them long distances as they have less surface area and weight. This makes them a lot more aerodynamic.

Type of Product

Since a large variety of balloon launchers are available on the internet, you should choose a balloon launcher that fits your needs. You need to determine the kind of launcher you want based on who will be using it, the kind you prefer, and the size you feel comfortable with.

Easy To Use

One of the most important things when purchasing any device is to consider how easy it is to use. Since balloon launchers are designed to have fun, they should be easy to use. Try to purchase a launcher that is not too complicated and user-friendly. This means that even if you do not have a lot of experience using it, you can use it comfortably without any inconvenience.

Tips on Using a Water Balloon Launcher

A man carrying two water balloons

When playing with a water balloon launcher, you can have a lot of fun as they can catapult water balloons to great distances. If you want to have even more fun, you can follow some of these tips.

Be Prepared Beforehand

When playing with water balloons, no one would want to stop mid-battle to fill up more balloons. Thus, it is crucial that you fill a bunch of water balloons ahead of time and keep them with you so that you are never caught off-guard.

Place the Balloons in a Large Bucket

The best way to store your water balloons is in a water bucket. By doing so, you prevent them from accidentally popping, which can reduce your stash and waste balloons.

Be Careful

When using a water balloon launcher, you should be careful when pulling back your launcher because it often flies at high speed. If your target is standing very close, it can hit them very hard and possibly hurt them. To avoid such a situation, ensure that you only pull back fully when trying to target someone standing very far away.

Spread Out the Water Balloons on the Battlefield

When playing in an open area, keep water balloons all around so the players can find them and continue the fight. It can be fun to position secret stashes in bushes so that they can be a surprise for the players.


1. Can water balloon launchers be dangerous?

Yes. Water balloon launchers can be dangerous if you use them in full force, even if your target is near. You should always fire your water balloons gently unless the target is very far away.

2. Why do my water balloons pop before I even launch them?

If you are over-filling your balloons, the balloons may pop even before you launch them. Another reason could be that the material that the water balloon is made of is too thin. To avoid this issue, you should consider purchasing good-quality balloons.

3. How far can a water balloon launcher go?

Using a water balloon launcher, you can shoot a balloon up to 300 yards away.


Water balloon launchers are excellent devices for water fights in large spaces. Often you can’t throw a water balloon as far as you would like to because there is only so hard you can swing your hand. In such cases, a water balloon launcher enables you to catapult your water balloon to hit targets very far away. There are many types of water balloon launchers, and it is vital that you look into every kind before you make your purchase.