10 Fun Party Ideas that Include Your Drone

The UAV, better known as a drone, is a device that can perform various functions whenever it is piloted using a remote controller. Although it is typically used by people to record or capture videos or photos in the air, there are several applications for the drone that are probably more obscure than others, and one of these applications is by utilizing it for parties, specifically for entertainment purposes and to keep the guests engaged.

You can use the drone in any kind of party, whether it is a children’s party, a gathering of old high school friends, or an online casino party wherein the host will give Intertops casino bonus codes for lucky winners. Moreover, the drone can be used in different ways in the party, and here are ten of the best and most fun party ideas for the unmanned vehicle.

Play Simon Says with the Drone

If there are kids in the party and you have a small drone that has soft propellers that are safe for children, one of the best party games that the kids can play is Simon Says, wherein they would have to follow the drone around and mimic its actions every once in a while. The drone will make kids busy during the party to prevent them from being bored, and they will surely enjoy a game of Simon Says with a weird flying object as the leader.

Race with Other Drones

For those with friends who have drones, they can set up a proper drone race in their backyard. You can just set a circular course in the yard and indicate them by placing small traffic cones and sticking a long piece of yarn on each of them. However, do be sure that you made the course as wide as possible to avoid drone collisions in the air or even on the ground.

Set an Obstacle Course

A relatively safer alternative to the drone race, the obstacle course only requires one drone to fly through multiple rings and get to the finish line as fast as possible. You can compete with your friends and see whose drone is the fastest to finish the obstacle course. There are a few obstacle sets for drones that you can buy online, so you don’t have to worry about building a fully-functional course in your backyard.


Teach Others How to Fly a Drone

Although it looks boring on paper, teaching those who are really interested in learning how to fly a drone will be a fun experience for them and you if you love teaching. Flying a drone is quite easy to teach and to learn, and they will immediately know how to operate it in just 30 or 40 minutes. After teaching them, you can set an obstacle course in your backyard, like the previously stated party idea, and test their knowledge in drone piloting.

Host a Drone Photography Competition

If you and your friends’ drones have cameras, you may want to set a drone photography competition to see which pilot can take the best photos using their drone. You can specify a particular location to photograph, or you can set the competition not to have a location limit. After capturing photos, you can upload the files on a laptop and show it on a projector so that other people in the party can judge which one is the best photo.

Give Items or Food for Visitors

A fun way to incorporate a drone in the party is by using it as a robot waiter that will give food and other items to visitors on the table. Your drone must be equipped with a special pouch at the bottom of its body, and you must also be the one that places the food inside the pouch. Of course, the drone will be unable to deliver complex dishes, but it can give out candies, cookies, and smaller food items that are easier to carry.

Entertain Guests with Drone Tricks

If you have mastered the art of drone piloting and have a few drone tricks in your sleeve, then you may want to show these tricks and entertain the guests during a special performance in the middle of the party. Before performing the tricks, practice them well so that the drone won’t mess up and disappoint your guests. However, you can just perform easier drone tricks like figure 8 or drone flip.


Take Selfies with the Drone

Another engaging activity involving the guests and the drone, you can fly your drone to every guest at the party and take selfies of them in the air. You can either take a group selfie, or just a selfie featuring only one guest. After you’re done taking pictures, you can transfer the photos on your laptop and show them to guests or share their selfies on your social media page.

Play with Pets

For guests who brought their beloved pets with them, you can entertain these furry, or sometimes not furry, animals by flying a drone above them. Their curiosity may make them follow the drone, and the follow the leader game will truly be a fun experience for those pets. You can also place treats on a pouch at the bottom of the drone if you want to drop some treats for them.

Record a Video of the Party

The last fun activity that you can do with the drone is to record clips during the event and compile into one amazing montage video. You can ask guests to say hi or hello on the drone, and you can also record a video of the entire area to get a better view of the party. Once you have edited the montage, you can share first to guests and then upload it on social media apps to show other people how fun the party was.

These fun party ideas for drones will genuinely light up the mood of the party once it goes stale after the guests do a few activities. Before doing any of these things on your drone, make sure that you are knowledgeable enough on the movement and controls of the vehicle before flying it in front of people or above them.