Gift Ideas for a Drone Enthusiast

a flying quadcopter

As the drones are becoming more and more available to almost everyone, and as they keep getting cheaper, fans of the small flying contraption are also growing in numbers. Because of the drone’s popularity and abundance in the market, it is not that hard for friends or family members to gift a drone enthusiast with something to satisfy their hobby.

However, due to the oversaturation of drone-related products, most of the ones that you will find online or in physical stores are not that great in terms of their quality. But there are still some that are considered as the best products or devices that can suit the needs of a drone fanatic. Here are a few of the perfect gift ideas for your loved ones who are drone enthusiasts, from actual drones to parts and accessories that they can use on their favorite UAVs.

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Of course, the best thing to give to a drone fan is a drone, but only if you have the budget to buy at least one. These are some of the bets mid-range drones that you can buy as a gift.

Ruko F11 Pro Drone

First on the list is the Ruko F11 Pro, a quadcopter drone that is capable of capturing 4K Ultra HD picture quality using only an unbelievably small camera. The F11 Pro’s camera also comes with 120 degrees of FOV (field of view) so that you will be able to cover more areas in the location with only one shot.

The F11 Pro drone itself has a 2500mAh battery that enables the device to stay flying in the air for 30 minutes. In addition, the package also includes two more batteries that you can use as replacements once the main batteries run out of juice, giving you a total flight time of 60 minutes. For beginners in flying drones, the F11 Pro has multiple features that can help users control the drones properly, and these features include Auto Return, One Key or Button Take Off/Landing, and Headless Mode, which is a setting that allows the drone to align its movements relative to the controller without tilting.

DJI Mavic Mini

Next up is the DJI Mavic Mini, a much smaller drone than the Ruki F11 Pro, but has plenty of features that will surely make any drone enthusiast happy. The DJI Mavic Mini comes with a 12MP camera that is able to take 2.7K Quad HD videos on the fly. Also, the drone has up to 30 minutes of total flight time, but you can add 30 more minutes to that total if you buy the Mavic Mini Starters Bundle, which includes one more battery pack for the drone.

The total weight of the drone is 250 grams, making it one of the lightest drones that are compact and can be brought to trips and backyard gatherings easily. Because the Mavic Mini is lightweight, it can be flown in the air without the need to register it with the government if ever your country requires drones to be registered. The Mavic Mini also comes with a remote controller that should be partnered with the DJI Fly app on your smartphone so that you can use the drone’s camera.

HolyStone HS700D FPV Drone

The HolyStone HS700D FPV is great for beginners who already wanted to experience a mid-range drone, as it is quite easy to control, and its camera is good enough to capture high-quality video. Furthermore, the drone has a 2800mAh battery that can give it up to 22 minutes of total flight time, which is sufficient enough to capture long videos in its camera.

Speaking of its camera, the HS700D has a 2K FHD adjustable camera that can move up or down in 90 degrees while also have a 110 degrees field of view. The drone comes with a remote controller that you can attach to your smartphone for the complete drone flying experience, as your phone will be able to see where the drone is going and what it is capturing on its camera. However, the most impressive feature found in the HS700D is its brushless motors found at the bottom of its propellers, which provides a quiet flight at night.

Cheerwing W1PRO GPS Drone

The Cheering W1PRO GPD Drone is able to provide more photos or videos during its flight than any other mid-range drones, as it comes built with a 1080 HD front camera that you can utilize to capture videos or to see where the drone is going, and a 720P bottom camera so that you wouldn’t miss any spectacular views or moments happening beneath your drone.

Because of having two cameras, the W1PRO suffers from short flight time, as it can only fly in the air for up to 18 minutes, but this duration will suffice for those who just wanted a short drone video. If you cannot navigate the drone towards you or near you, you can activate its GPS mode so that it will follow you where you go, as long as you are holding the controller. Besides the GPS, the W1PRO also has a gesture control feature where you can assign several hand gestures for the drone to take selfies or videos automatically.

Where to Buy
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Parts and Accessories

If the one you will give a present to already have a lot of drones at his or her home, or if you are on a tight budget, you can just buy them these great parts and accessories specially made for drones.

KINBON Drone Landing Pads

The KINBON Drone Landing Pads ensure that drones will be able to lands safely on the ground because of its durable nylon material that supports the weight of the drone without getting damaged. It is 75 centimeters in size once it is opened, and it can accommodate all small to large drones that you can buy in the market.

The package comes with one landing pad, eight reflective strips so you can still see where the drone will be landing at night if the drone has lights, three landing nails to help the pad stay in place, and a carrying bag where you can put all the parts of the landing pad conveniently.

Eagle Pro Drone Racing Obstacle Course

Eagle Pro’s Drone Racing Obstacle Course is the perfect product to test a drone fan’s piloting skills, as the package includes three hoops where the drones must fly through in order to complete a part of the course.

The best setup for the Eagle Pro Obstacle course is by putting them in a straight line first to see if the drone pilot can manage to get through the hoops, then he or she can rearrange the hoops’ positions to build a more complicated obstacle course. The hoops can be assembled and dismantled easily if you want to use it or if you want to store it somewhere safe.

DJI Mavic Mini Propeller Holder

If the drone enthusiast already owns a DJI Mavic Mini drone, then the most suitable gift for him or her is the DJI Mavic Mini Propeller Holder, which has a simple role of keeping the propellers of the drone secured and protected while it is carried or if it is placed inside a bag.

The bottom part of the holder that goes underneath the drone is made of plastic, while the part that actually holds the propellers are made of soft artificial leather. To top it all off, the accessory comes with a short lanyard that can be worn on the wrist to prevent the holder and the drone from dropping out of the hands.


GetterBack is a unique accessory that allows pilots to retrieve their drones once it has fallen into a body of water. The GetterBack will automatically lift the drone up to the surface of the water to prevent it from sinking below. Drone pilots can put on the frame or on the body of the drone, and it will not add noticeable weight on the device. Because of its bright yellow color, pilots can see it easily no matter how vast the lake or the sea where the drone fell is.

These parts and accessories that can be installed or partnered with drones are surely interesting, and they usually add a bit of uniqueness to the drones because of their quirky features. If you are generous enough to give a full-size drone or if you are just looking for something to give without breaking the bank, you wouldn’t run out of options when in the drone market.